Movement Powerlifting Classic 2.0 Meet Report

The Movement Powerlifting Classic 2.0 kicked off in high spirits as the first spring event of the year!

After weigh-ins we had 39 Lifters in three flights, including 2 equipped lifters and 1 bench only competitor. We focused flight one on bringing light to the amazing lifters in our sub-junior and masters division, and our third and final flight consisted of our strong female lifters.

The Meet “Moved” smoothly and I was glad to watch portions of the meet through my own eyes.

Who knew powerlifting could be something enjoyed for the whole family? Well, the Woodwards can! Evan Woodward(M-SJ-74kg), Nathaniel Woodward(M-SJ-74kg) and David Woodward (M-M1-93KG), all put up fantastic performances and showed a lot of enthusiasm while at it. Nathaniel received the award for the best male in the Sub-Junior category, which is high praise considering not many people even pick up a barbell under the age of 18 years old.  We chose to highlight the young competitors because they will become the future of this sport and we are starting to see the numbers grow throughout the years and make a statement for newcomers that it is possible for them to join the community this early on in their lives.

Teresa Vanderzanden in the females-masters-2-84kg-weight class category nearly pulls off a perfect 9 for 9 finish with only one missed bench press attempt. She was cool, calm and collected in each discipline, granting her the win over 6 others in the masters division for the Best Masters Lifter Award.

Eric Tangtakoune is a new lifter and an up and comer in the sport.  He has a background in weightlifting which transfers really well into powerlifting. He finished each lift with ease and went 9 for 9 on his first meet, crediting his coach Russell Salada (retired).  He got to take home the crown for the Best Male Lifter as well. His best lifts were 225 kg squat, 137.5 kg bench, 242.5 kg deadlift and the highest IPF coefficient in the event with 653.52 IPF points in the 74kg division weight class. This is personally the weight class I compete in and boy am I glad I did not do this meet.  The man is a menace to society with his strength. Great Lifting Eric! We will meet on the platform someday *pinky promises*.

The Home Team “The Power Moves” had 6 lifters entered in the meet! Regine Tolentino, Joseph Dabu, Jowel Shuffler, Alvin Remetilla, Rey Abucot and Michael Tesarski – with three of them completing their first meet! Jowel competed in the 105kg weight division, weighing only 95 kg, earning himself his first place finish, alone in his class.  Alvin Remitilla competed in the stacked and biggest weight class arrangement in the whole meet – at 6 competitors in the 93 kg weight class. He managed to pull ahead of his competition by 15 kg earning him his 3rd place finish.

Joseph Dabu has the biggest quads that I know. The man had a mission with the new update on Qualifying totals: Joseph needed a 625 kg total in the junior 83kg division to qualify for nationals. He was coached by none other than Jonah Dabu and backed by his teammates in The Dabu System and Power Moves. He ended his day with 627.5 kg total and is 1 of only 3 lifters who finished with over 600 IPF points and earning his spot as the best junior of the meet (not awarded but surely still the strongest junior). Joseph has an unreal squat and shows perfect form and power in each discipline. We can’t wait to see more from him and his team in the future. Good luck at Nationals!

Rey and Michael were both in the 105kg open weight class division. The two never let up on each other only separating as much as 10 kg the whole meet. Rey was in the lead after the Squats and bench, and was still ahead by 5 kg after their second deadlifts.  Jonah Dabu who was coaching both spoke with them separately. Michael was left with the choice to go for the win but jumped 17.5 kg on his final deadlifts. Michael managed to pull it off the floor and past his knees but it got stuck and eventually lead to his defeat. Showcasing another great battle for the bronze coin. Unbelievable lifting guys!

Regine Tolentino was our best female lifter of the day putting up the second biggest IPF Points with 642.24! Like what?! She competed in the 63 kg division weighing in at 61 kg, and totaling 145kg in squat, 65 kg in bench, 155 kg in deadlift and a total of 365 kg. What. A. Beast. Regine is a hard worker training in Brickhouse gym with her Coach TheaPumpkin.  Regine also goes to Movement Fitness and Performance with the team Power Moves. This is her 5th meet in her first year of training with a 45kg increase in total strength since Westerns in September (yeah I did my research)! With her family on the sidelines cheering her on, she was the last lifter of the day to stand on the platform. She took her time to set up as the whole crowd got behind her to cheer her on.  Words of encouragement flew across the room as she lifted! She locked it out and notched a perfect 9 for 9. She just put an exclamation point to end off the meet properly!

A total of 11 records were broken today!

  • Teresa Vanderzanden (5)
  • Regine Tolentino (4)
  • Dean Smith (2)

Our Best Lifters for the meet were:

Nathaniel Woodward in the male 74 kg Sub-junior class with 506.42 IPF Points

Regine Mae Tolentino in the female 63kg open class with 642.24 IPF Points

Eric Tangtakoune in the male 74 kg open class with 653.52 IPF Points

Teresa Vanderzanden in the womens 84 kg masters class ending with 413.42 IPF Points

Movement Fitness and Performance offered an awesome open layout to give us freedom to set up the stage as we all saw it in our vision. We thank the volunteers who came out to help set up the day before: Devin Laferriere, Jannelle Van Den Bosch, Mat Bowen, Cody (Owner of Movement), Jeff Mabiling, Ken Au, Harold Nguy, and Cristalyn Bautista – thanks also To Chris Cadiz for providing the pizza afterwards!

We would like to specially thank the volunteers who offered their time Saturday meet day to  make our first meet directing as smooth as possible. Although it was a first time for most of them, they put their minds to it and made it a memorable meet.

Meet Day Volunteers: Marlon Schulman, Jillian Jones, Rajarshi Roy, Cristalyn Bautista, Michael Cooper, Joshua McCorriston, Jerico Caballero, Alistair Friesen, Jules Esteban, Jon Leung, Lisa Green, Mikal Thrones, Kuya Scott Soriano, Glynis Valguna, James Gomez, Ken Au, Amy Wiebe.  Special thanks to Kenora’s Shannon Mutch who stepped up to the plate to announce just a few days before the meet!

We would also like to thank our sponsors for helping to make this event happen: Red Ember Common, Winnipeg Deck and Rail, Integrative Movement, Advanced Massage Therapy, Bells of Steel, Apex Elite, White lion Aesthetic, Pulse system Inc, Action Physiotherapy, Juvian’s Restaurant, Pita Pit.

Also, we’re glad to announce that through admission fees we raised $350.00 for the Winnipeg Humane Society!

Finally, we’re thankful for Movement Fitness and Performance Gym; al the Powerlifting Community for showing up and putting on a great show; For the spectators being the greatest audience; and for the MPA Referees for officiating our meet! That’s it for us – until next time!

Jayson Palapuz & Nhan Nguyen

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  1. Good Report Jayson & Nhan! It was a very good second meet at Movement Gym. Don’t forget those dedicated Referees without whom the records would not count and the Meet Lifts would only be Gym Lifts. The Powerlifting Community in Manitoba is getting stronger and events like this help to showcase how much we have grown and where we are going. GREAT JOB and CONGRATULATIONS to the Meet Directors, Volunteers and lifters. Well done everyone!

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