2017 BrickHouse Meet Summary

2017 BrickHouse Meet Summary

This will not be my formerly long and detailed commentary about the meet highlighting the battles and achievements made by every competitor. The nice problem I find myself facing since last year is that our meets in Manitoba are growing and there are 40 – 50 competitors coming out now which makes my former more intimate style of commenting too labour intensive. However, it will still be my primary objective to acknowledge the Volunteers that are helping to make the MPA events successful. So without further ado here we go…

Meet Director – well it all starts here and for the third time overall and the second time at the Route 90 location Paul Taylor took on the responsibility of Meet Director with yours truly. Paul and his business partner JT Smith own and operate BrickHouse 24/7. Paul worked hard again to prepare his facility to host this event. Paul moved his equipment and shut down operations for a day to allow 48 MPA Powerlifters to descend upon the plates, bars and power racks in order to compete at this our first event of 2017. Paul did a lot of leg work to secure some sponsorship, T-shirts for the lifters and gift bags from Popeye’s Supplements; this on top of renting chairs and picking up the meet equipment. I would like to personally extend a hearty Thank you to Paul, JT and their staff for their hard work and generosity in opening up their business to the MPA and our lifters.

Volunteers – It is my intention to acknowledge all who helped out so when this is posted and you do not see your name by all means let us know. I would like to begin with our Vice President of the MPA and the Vice President (and founder) of the 17 Wing Strength Club Robert Snow. Rob and his son Liam met up with Paul at the 17 Wing and moved the weights from storage to the truck and on to the BrickHouse. Rob has done this numerous times over the years and although efforts were made to have a complete crew available to do this task it did not work out. Thank you Rob and Liam for the numerous trips you made up and down the stairs carrying the weights and racks.

I am not entirely sure who assisted with the set up at the gym on Friday night but I do know that Paul was working his butt off.

Saturday morning arrived and the curtains were up, the platform assembled, weight trees loaded and the ER rack was front and center awaiting the rack checks and then the first attempts of the day.

Susan Haywood our National Referee and MPA Athlete Liaison had organized the Referees and Weigh In officials and was running a tight ship. All Referees were present to do the Equipment Checks and Weigh Ins. Robert Snow, Krista Sanger, Mathew Bowen, and Shawn McCarthy. Sue had asked Amanda Burg and Hailey Kostynuik to assist with the weighing in of the women and this helped speed up the process.

On the Head Table were a game group of ladies handling the score sheet, timing, score cards, and announcing. Sarah Farr stepped in to run the computer and life’s responsibilities called her away. Brooklyn Kolesar was assisting on the cards. Amy Lauden was helping as well. Our very enthusiastic Speaker was Anastasia Iurovski. Anastasia was right into her duties and was eagerly calling out the attempts, “bar loaded” and letting the crowd know what was going on. Christa Sang was helping out as well but I am afraid I cannot comment on this as I was not introduced.

On the platform the spotting and loading responsibilities were handled by a very dedicated group of young men. As I have mentioned in previous reports this is THE HARDEST JOB AT A MEET. So, the cheers, thank yous and clapping when the speaker points out their efforts is all very much appreciated by them. The spotters and loaders were;
Jarett Myskiw Ace Gervacio
Dan Collette Sandor Arendse
David Gurvey Nick Thrones
Mikal Thrones Devin Laferriere
Gord Grimolfson Olimar Gutierrez

Bruce Markham was there assisting as the Technical controller and just like he always does Jim Sutherland (an old friend of the MPA and a former gym member at our former Provincial Training Facility) magically made an appearance to lend a hand.

I’m sure that there is someone who I may have missed for one reason or another but if I have just send me a message about what you were doing on Saturday and I will make a note of it.

There were 48 lifters who tested their collective mettle at this meet. Again, we were blessed with a lot of new lifters and some excellent lifting. Jessa Nguyen was the Best Female lifter and may have broken some Provincial Records. Off the top of my head I believe that Jennie Wilson, Amanda Moffitt and Jocelyn Blake all broke Provincial records at some point.

In the Men’s division there were some good position battles and some record attempts made. Nhan Nguyen completed the Husband/Wife sweep of the best lifter awards to join Jessa with a trophy. Nhan lifted in the 83kg class and had a 446 Wilks. Andrew Langelaar was really in “BEAST MODE” at this meet going 9/9 with a 275 SQ, 187.5 BE, and a 300 DE for a 762.5kg Total (largest at the meet) and a 432 Wilks which earned him the Best Junior Lifter Award. Patrick Cazeau was the Best Master’s Lifter with his return to the platform. I managed to eek out a record breaking bench and served as the oldest and greyest lifter of the event.

We had a gentleman from Atikokan Ontario come and show everyone how to Bench. Joe Lecuyer made the trip to lift and put on a benching clinic by easily opening up with 240kg, then going to 250kg for a second and just missing out on 260kg on his third when it stalled out about ¾ of the way up. Joe was the Best Benchpresser with a 139 Wilks! Jessica Antony was the Best Female Benchpresser at this event as well.

There were some 400+ Wilks achieved at this event. I mention this as it is a worthy achievement and especially significant for an Unequipped lifter. Below are a brief list of the 400 Wilks lifters and the top five female lifters and their coefficients:

Nhan Nguyen – 446.4 Jessa Nguyen – 374.16
Andrew Langelaar – 432.64 Angela Ramos – 353.92
Jayson Palapuz – 406.7 Jocelyn Blake – 345.15
Brent Wasylowski – 403.77 Jennie Wilson – 343.26
Kathryn Smith – 332.37

Overall, it was an excellent meet! Yes, we had some technical challenges with the computer and there were some miss loads but this does happen when we have fresh faces stepping up to help out with the running of a meet. We can improve on our knowledge and experience to minimize future errors. The important piece for me and the part that makes my powerlifting heart soar is that we actually had enough helpers on Saturday and it showed. The attitude was excellent! People were positive and it was a bubbling, noisy and fun place to be. Thank you to the volunteers, referees, the lifters and their family and friends that came out to cheer them on. I look forward to seeing most of you at the Brandon Meet in April.

Yours in Sport,
Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

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