2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Meet Report

The dust has settled following the 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge and what an event it was!

This was the first time MPA used an “independent meet director” in Paul Taylor for planning, hosting, funding, and operating an MPA meet – kudos to Paul Taylor, JT Smith and the staff at Brickhouse Gym for planning and hosting a packed event, full of sponsors, fans, food and even a closed circuit television system!  They took care of registration, paperwork, refreshments, supplies and setup and did an excellent job.

A shout out to our Volunteer Chairperson, Jannelle Van Den Bosch, for organizing another top notch crew of volunteers.  Gym members helped clear space ahead of time, but staying late into the night to setup we had a volunteer crew led by the sick and tired, MPA volunteer legend, and “Trailer General”, Devin Laferriere.  Nick Trann, Megan Swidnicki, Jessica Antony, and Margo Berry helped us unload the trailer and prepare the venue for the meet the night before.  Jessica was back in the morning handling attempts and score cards at the head table, alongside Russ(ty Seven) Salada on the scoresheet computer, and MPA Provincial Referee C.J. Stewart who acted as our Timekeeper.  We had the dynamic duo of Anastasia “Gena” Iurovski who mentored special guest MC, Alex Sannie, from the infamous Winnipeg Hip Hop Group “The Lytics”.  Thank you, Alex!  We await Ana’s feature on your new album.  I hear she spits fire.

We cannot run meets without a platform crew and our crew at Brickhouse was one of the finer teams in recent memory.  They got their act together quickly and provided safe, efficient protection for our athletes and kept the meet running quickly.  Mikal Thrones showed up for the second contest in a row as platform general.  Our back spotter on squats was Oliver Yoko who deserves a Golden Glove award for some of those catches.  First time father, (but long time lifter) Ryan Kolesar, took a break from his newborn duties in order to provide crisp handoffs on the bench press.  We had Shawn Obradovic-Mollons, Josh McCorriston, Liam Shaw, Ashleigh Wiebe, Paige Kernot, Matt Robertson, Jaydan Sisson, COACH JEFF Schirr, and Ironman Jordan Wolfman all step up to help spot and load.  Josh Japson took time from his studies and deadlift lockout practice in order to sling MPA merchandise and help setup the score sheet prior to the event.  Thank you all!

Our chief official was MPA Athlete Liaison Krista Sanger, who was head chair for two sessions and side chair for another.  I was head referee for flight A, and side referee for flight C.  Krista and I will be taking our National Referee Practical Examinations in two weeks time at CPU Nationals in Calgary.  Refereeing a meet with about 30 first time competitors was a fun and exciting challenge.  Gord Gimolfson and MPA Secretary Amanda Burg took their seats in the side chair for the first time, as well as being our Technical Controllers throughout the event.  MPA Officiating Chairperson Janet Sitar and MPA Vice President Susan Haywood each spent a flight in the chair and two flights at the jury table.  CPU Officiating Chairman and MPA Past President, Brock Haywood, oversaw the entire competition from the jury table, evaluating our referees and acting to assist athletes and coaches with no-lift interpretations and guidance throughout the event.

Onto the athletes~!  Let us start with the Best Lifter award winners – and new owners of massive Brickhouse Brick Award Trophies.  Led by his brother Jonah, Joseph Dabu and his ginormous thighs, made his competitive debut, scoring the highest Wilks coefficient score of the day with a 410 coefficient and 612.5kg total, winning the 83 junior class and Best Junior award.  Our Best Master and logo contest entrant “JJ”, Janie Jacobucci, scored a 346 wilks to take gold in the 57kg M1 class with a 290kg total.  A debut import from Ontario, Shannon Mutch missed weight by about half a kilo. Rather than making a last ditch attempt to weigh in at 63, Shannon made a wise choice in opting to focus on her performance and wound up winning Best Open Female, the 72 Open class, and earning a 370kg total and 395 Wilks score!  Adrian Theroux seemed to have made some technique changes – squatting lower, benching wider, and deadlifting perhaps even fiercer than ever – in a campaign to successfully win the Best Open Male award with a 582.5kg total, gold in the men’s 83 open class, and a 395 Wilks coefficient.  Congratulations to you four!

We had one subjunior entry at Brickhouse – Kenora’s own, Elliot Hayton.  At the ripe old age of 16, he came through on his third squat to stay in the competition and put up a 417.5kg total at 74 kg. Thea Olalia was our best and only female junior lifter of the day, scoring 372.5kg with a personal best deadlift.  Off the platform, she managed to beat insomnia and make weight, and saw several of her own athletes perform well alongside her in competition.  We’ll next see her in the referee chair in April – no pressure!  New mother Regine Tolentino earned herself a 285kg total and win in the female 63 open class.  The 72 Open Class had five total competitors.  Aside from the aforementioned Ms. Mutch, Johanna Theroux bettered herself once again in all three lifts, scoring 342.5 for silver in the 72 Open class.  Amy Louden took bronze with 275, Michelle Curry debuted strong with 232.5 and Kristin Pingatore finished with 192.5kg.  It’s always nice to see stacked classes at the local level!

Kelcey MacGillivray took a break from rugby training, successfully returning to powerlifting after a three year layoff with a 9 for 9, 387.5kg total, 357 Wilks, and gold in the 84 Open class.  Lisa Green looked confident in her debut, taking second with 287.5kg overall.  Randi Lee Chase came in third – Randi, as it turns out, was our first entrant for April’s Westman Rocked event – registering within the hour after the entry form went live! Audrey Mifflin broke the 300 Wilks mark, taking gold in the 84+ Open class with 385KG as her handler for the day, MPA Official Jenn Cruz, screamed at her with encouragement.  Sylvie Dube-Forslund came in second with 365kg and Tamra (not Tamara) Irwin took bronze.  Veteran Jocelyn Espenell showed up sharp, seeming to have honed her technique, and bested herself in the 84 kg master’s class.  Congratulations to all of our female competitors!

It seems like most of our MPA men are either 74kg or 83 kg.  Mark “I’m not a powerlifter” Dacanay led the first aid effort when I broke my toe recently – a first responder by trade, he was a first placer at Brickhouse with a 467.5kg total in the 74kg junior class.  Joshua Diato took second with 385 in a fine showing.  I look forward to watching these two duke it out in the future.  Nutrition expert, Hao-Yi Sim, overcame a couple of false starts due to loading concerns out of his control and managed to go 8 for 9, taking second to best Junior Joseph, in the 83kg class.  He must have been happy with his performance, as demonstrated by that dance after his third deadlift.

It’s always exciting seeing podium battles at the local level, and the 93kg Junior class saw our tightest battle of the day, as Alex Palmer and Daniel Mondor finished neck and neck with 570 and 567.5 KG respectively.  Silent but deadly, the A-Palm Bomb came back from a 20kg deficit following bench, pulling a quarter tonne deadlift for the win.  Kelvin Lai was up at 4am, sweating on the treadmill, in order to make 93.0 at weigh-in.  Despite this struggle, he literally reached for the sky before his final deadlift, and went nine for nine overall.   In fourth was Jerome Restar who weighed in just over 83kg at 83.22, making him our lightest 93 lifter of the day.

We had one 66kg lifter, and Jason Martin won his Open class with 455.  A 366kg wilks without belt sleeves, or wraps in meet #1 – very impressive, sir!

This paragraph is dedicated to Jonathan Leung.  He will not be left out of this meet report, no sir!  Not like last time!  His best lifts were 195, 117.5, and 185kg.  He took 2nd place in the 74 open class with a very MEMORABLE performance.  DON’T FORGET to follow Jon as he progresses further and further within the sport.

Three cheers for Jeff Ngyuen, everyone.  This man survived Smolov, a strained hip during the contest, bodyweight doubts, and a “Fried CNS” in preparation for his first meet; resulting in gold, 537.5kg and a 391 wilks.   Jeff Mabiling came in third, behind Jon by 2.5kg, finishing with 495.  He went nine for nine – always impressive.  Not far behind was Jose Cortes with 475.  These middleweights, I tell ya!  Bretton Nowrang had some technical difficulties and did not complete a bench press.  Not to be defeated, he came back out for deadlifts and went three for three.

Dan Colette reportedly has his sights set on Nationals 2019.  He went 5 for 9 on this day, good for a second place in 83kg open, 527.5kg total.  I think he has 570kg in him this year – time will tell.  Thomas Pachal (and business partner Matt Evans Sr.), are our hosts for the 2018 Provincials in Selkirk, Manitoba, on June 23rd at Iron Image Fitness.  Tom debuted in Powerlifting with a 9 for 9, 3rd place, 480kg total.  Big things to come from Tom and Iron Image.

Jordan Wiebe came up just 10kg short of Daniel Monteverde in the 93 kg open class.  Monty had a tough start but came back during deadlifts and took home the gold at 527.5kg.  Scott Soriano was the lone 120kg Open lifter of the day.  He struggled with bench press, but finished with a 517.5kg total.  We hope to see you back!

The Big Boy Battle was a spectacle.  Kody O’Blenis came back onto the grid, and back on the platform, finishing with 605.  He nearly missed his award because he was too busy helping clean up the event!  Kudos, sir.  Daniil Naumov bettered his previous bests and got himself a 655 total for second.  TaHa Hijazi came out of nowhere, making a golden debut with 677.5kg.  At just 24 years old, his open career has just begun.  If the speed of his thirds were any indicator, he has plenty of room for growth.

Brent Smith was our only M2 lifter.  It’s always inspiring seeing someone come back from 2 squat misses and hit a third.  He improved on that for a much more consistent finish, and got himself a 465kg total in the 83kg class.  Last but not least, we had but one Bench Press Only competitor: Daniel Sirski.  He may have only hit one attempt, but I’m sure we will see him again.  145kg is no small feat!

Thanks again, everyone who lifted, setup, volunteered, spectated, and followed this event.  Our next meet will be April 21st in Brandon at Crossfit Rocked – Wheat Meet 3, baby!  I can’t wait to see who wins the Cream Of Wheat this year!  Again, Provincials will be held June 23rd in Selkirk at Iron Image Fitness.  We also have a meet scheduled at Movement Fitness and Performance in Winnipeg on August 18th.

Lastly, a message from Records Chairman, Kurtis Tallaire: “At this most recent MPA powerlifting competition at Brickhouse many records have been broken. As of 2018 in order for your record to be official you must apply for it using the form provided on the main page titled “MPA RECORD APPLICATION FORM”. However the form provided needs to be slightly fine tuned before you can start applying for your record(s). I will have an updated application form as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at kurtis_t@icloud.com”.

See you next time on the platform,

Mathew Bowen

MPA President

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