2018 CPU Westerns: Team Manitoba Meet Report

Team Manitoba at 2018 CPU Western Canadian Championships

By Mark Oxer, Team Manitoba Head Coach


The 2018 Westerns in Edmonton Alberta; were the largest non-national event in Western Canadian history with over 260 lifters competing. There were two platforms with multiple sessions per day. Manitoba sent a team of 18 lifters to the event. The three day event had lifters from Manitoba lifting on each of the three days.

Friday was the busiest day at the event for Team Manitoba with 13 of our lifters participating; Friday morning the Juniors and Subjuniors participated in 3 lift and Friday afternoon/evening (after a bit of a delayed start) saw all of the bench only athletes lift. Saturday was the busiest day at the event as a whole as it was both male and female open lifters competing in 3 lift; Manitoba had 4 lifters competing on Saturday, 3 in the morning session and 1 in the afternoon. Sunday was the quietest day at the competition but still saw a lot of great lifting, Sunday was the day the Masters lifters competed in 3 lift; Manitoba had two lifters participating.

Regine Tolentino

  • Competed at a new body weight low of 56.8kg, and was successful in achieving a personal best deadlift of 135kg and in her first appearance at a Westerns Championship she earning a 705kg total, 372 Wilks, and third place in her class, in only her first year of powerlifting.


Mathieu Kuhn

  • Mat earned silver in the M1 120kg class and is on his way to Nationals. Mat will also be co-hosting the 2018 17 Wing Open meet on November 17th.


Matt Robertson M SJR U, 83

Nathaniel Woodward M SJR U, 74

  • Westerns was Matt’s 5th meet, and in addition to earning himself a gold medal with a 477.5 total, he also coached Nathaniel Woodward to a silver medal with a 432.5 total. These two young men did a great job representing Portage and we look forward to Matt hosting the Portage meet coming up. Matt enjoyed coaching and is looking forward to participating in the CPU Coaching Course.


David Hrynkow M M2 U, 83

  • David competed both in Bench only and in the full meet. In the full meet he finished second in M2 83 kilo class with a new PR in deadlift with 197.5kg, on his way to a personal best Wilks score. David also volunteered at the meet as spotter/loader on Friday morning.


Dean Smith

  • Dean competed in M2 Bench only on Friday evening after handling his Nephew Jordan in the JR class. Jordan then returned the favor and handled Dean.  Dean competed in bench only and had to overcome the adversity of being two hours delayed on starting on the platform. He decided to lower his planned opener to 122.5kg from 125kg so I had an easy lift to start. He then jumped up to 130kg and it seemed still relatively fast and easy for his 2nd attempt and this moved his MB bench record up from 127.5kg to 130kg (that was set a month earlier). Unfortunately his jump to 135kg for his 3rd attempt was a little too as he stalled out past the half way point and couldn’t complete the lift. Dean previous 2 lifts were still enough to earn Gold in the M2 83 kg class. Dean also hung around Sat and Sunday to volunteer and help out.


Kristie Mitchell F O U, 84+

  • Kristie went into the event with the goals of; earning a 377.5 Wilks and qualify for Nationals. She exceed her goal by pulling a 180kg deadlift (a 36lb deadlift PR) and earning herself a 405kg total and finished 4th in her weight category was awesome. I was hoping for at least 7th. She achieved these results of being at a regional event 8months after starting training.



Jared McIntyre M JR U, 66kg

Jayms Kornelsen M JR U, 66kg

  • The 66kg M JR U class was very closely contested. The MPA had two athletes competing in this tough class. Jared hit a 172.5 Squat on his first but then missed second and third attempts, opening the door for the others competitors. He went on to hit a 125.0 Bench, and pull personal best 240.0 Deadlift to secure; a 537.5 Total, a 430.108 Wilks, finish 1st at first westerns and qualify for Nationals.
  • Jayms Kornelsen was also in this tough 66kg class. He hit a 162.5 squat, and a 105 Bench. As with Jared Jayms need to pull a big deadlift to get a medal, and he hit a personal best 215.0 Deadlift, for a 482.5 Total which was just short of third place and Jayms earned 4th and at his first Westerns and qualified for Nationals.


Jordan Smith M JR U, 59kg

  • Got 2nd place in the 59kg Junior category. Achieved lifts of 140kg squat, 92.5kg bench (2.5kg comp and all time PR) and 160kg deadlift (failed 165kg on his 3rd attempt with slight downward motion at lockout, which would’ve been an all-time PR), which are all Manitoba records. Including a 392.5kg total.


Olimar M JR U, 83

  • Hit a 220.0 Squat, a 170.0 Bench, a 260.0 Deadlift for a massive 650.0 Total, and a 443.95 Wilks. With these impressive numbers Olimar not only won his class but he also won the Best Male Junior Lifter award by just 0.09 Wilks points!


Henry DeGuzman M O U, 83

Tom Pachal M O U, 83

  • Tightly contested 83kg MOU class (15 lifters in this class).
  • Henry hit a 210.0 Squat, and a 150.0 Bench. There was a lot of jostling that happened on the deadlift with several coaches submitting multiple changes seeking to earn a medal with a successful third pull. Henry his a 255.0 Deadlift, and a 615.0 Total and second in the very competitive class.
  • Tom hit a meet PR on the bench (135kg), a lifetime PR deadlift (200kg) and a new personal best total (517.5kg).


Janique Philippe F O U, 84

  • After a delayed start, she competed in Bench Only and achieved a 62.5kg bench which earned her third place.

Beth Thompson F M1 U, 72

  • Also having to overcome the adversity of a delayed start Beth participated in Bench only and hit a 70.0 Bench and earned a gold medal.

Thea Olalia F JR U, 84

  • Took openers to qualify for nationals, due to writing MCAT.

Nick Tran M JR U, 105

Jorrel Marasigan M JR U, 105

  • Nick hit a 237.5 Squat, 122.5 Bench, and 257.5 Deadlift on his way to a personal best total of 617.5 Total, which was good enough for 5th place.
  • Jorrel hit a 177.5 squat, 157.5 bench and a 232.5 deadlift, for a 567.5 total and 7th place in the class.


With our team of 18 lifters we were able to bring home 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 3 bronze medals as well some other top quality finishes with 3 4th place finishes and 1 5th place finish. In addition to the success we had on the platform we were happy with how Manitoba was represented with coaches, officials and volunteers helping out during the event.

The sport of powerlifting is alive and well in Canada, and Manitoba is showing lots of positive growth and we look forward to seeing more athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers participating in future events.


Mark Oxer

Team Manitoba Head Coach

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