2018 Movement Powerlifting Classic Meet Report

2018 Movement Powerlifting Classic Meet Report

By Alyssa Amanda Burg (Meet Director)

It has been over a week since the meet has concluded and as always here is the post-meet report.

I first and foremost would like to thank the owners of Movement for allowing the MPA to run a meet out of their gym.  The venue was an appropriate size for our 37 lifters, 6 officials, and numerous volunteers and spectators. Thank you Movement!

Just like every meet on this planet, it could not be possible without our volunteers.  Huge shout out to the MPA volunteer coordinator Jannelle Van Den Bosch for gathering volunteers for the set-up and day of the meet.

Our set-up crew consisted of:
Cody Dietrich (Co-owner of Movement)
Chris Cadiz (Co-owner of Movement)
Nhan Nguyen
Polo Marcalinas

Jericho Belmonte
Dave Ouellette
Mathew Bowen
Janet Sitar
Jordan Smith
Dean Smith

Our platform crew consisted of:
Kody O’Blenis (Platform General)
Teagan Friesen
David Hrynkow
David Ouellette
Janique Philippe
Russell Salada

Warm-up Room:
Jennifer-Grace Cruz
David Gurvey
Krissy Boyd

Score Table:
Anastasia Iurovski (Announcer)
Johanna Theroux (Computer)
Audrey Mifflin (Score Card)
Kristie Mitchell (Time Keeper)

Thank you all for helping!!!


Now onto the lifting!!  It was a great day of lifiting!!  I unfortunately missed part of it (due to food pick-up and other meet director duties) so I will only go over the records that were broken.  However, if you want a play-by-play here is the link to the full results of the meet:


Here are the records that were broken:


Dean Smith M1 83kg Bench, M2 83kg Bench (Raw & Equipped) 127.5 kg
Kevin Le Open 66kg Bench(Raw & Equipped) 135 kg
Kevin Le Open 66kg Deadlift(Raw & Equipped) 257.5 kg
Kevin Le Open 66kg Total (Raw & Equipped) 557.5KG
Samantha Ang 57kg Squat (Raw&Equipped); (Junior&Open) 135 kg
Samantha Ang 57kg Deadlift(Raw & Equipped Junior); (Raw Open) 145.5 kg
Samantha Ang 57kg Total (Junior Raw & Equipped) 330.5kg
Madeline Livingstone Junior 63kg Deadlift 135.5 kg
Jared McIntyre Junior 66kg Squat 180.5kg
Jared McIntrye Junior 66kg Bench (Raw & Equipped) 123 kg
Jared McIntrye Junior 66kg Deadlift (Raw & Equipped) 230 kg
Jared McIntyre Junior 66kg Total (Raw & Equipped) 533.5kg
Matthew Boux Sub-Junior 93kg Squat 200 kg
Matthew Boux Sub-Junior 93kg Bench 105 kg
Matthew Boux Sub-Junior 93kg Deadlift 210 kg
Matthew Boux Sub-Junior 93kg Total 515 kg


The following awards were handed out as well:


Best Sub-Junior Matthew Boux
Best Female Junior Madeline Livingstone
Best Male Junior Jared McIntyre
Best Female Open Samantha Ang
Best Male Open Kevin Le
Best Female Master Lifter Jocelyn Espenell
Best Male Master Lifter Josh Seeland
Best Bench Dean Smith


A special thank you to our sponsors:
Popeyes Supplements
Advanced Massage Therapy
Action Physiotherapy and Wellness
Kyu Grill
Norwood Chiropractic
Pulse Fitness Systems
Integrative Movement
White Lion Athletics

Bells of Steel

Finally, good luck to all the athletes who qualified to go to Edmonton to represent our province at the 2018 Western Championships!  You all will do amazing!!

Thank you,

Amanda Burg
MPA Secretary


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