2019 MPA Provincial Championships Meet Report

Mathew Bowen, MPA President and Meet Director, reporting for duty.  What a whirlwind weekend we had! 

Provincials now being prerequisite to higher level competitions, in combination with the ever deepening pool of athletes we have, made this year’s installment of Provincials much more spectacular than ever before.  These Championships felt prestigious, eventful and special.  Our Best Club battle was tighter than last year with a newly renovated rubric.  There were some pretty significant battles for medals, and the lifters vying for best lifter awards (and rewards) added another level of prestige. 

Whenever we begin to mention names of humans, I always like to give credit to our volunteers – ALL of our volunteers. 

Firstly, while it was my name on the entry form – Randi Lee Chase can definitely be marked down as a co-meet director.  She was essential in securing the Holiday Inn venue, making sponsorship deals, preparing our scoresheets, designing the event banner, helping lead setup and teardown, and quite frankly helping keep yours truly alive and well during this planning process.

I would like to mention our “Marathon” volunteers: Mikal Thrones (platform manager), Andrew McPherson (announcer, spotter/loader), and Lisa Smith (volunteer coordinator/marshall/registration desk).  These three individuals were present for all four sessions, as well as setup/teardown over the weekend.  Your efforts are recognized and commended. 

Spotters and Loaders put their bodies on the line for the benefit of the lifters and they need all be recognized for their efforts. Kurtis Tallaire, Kurt Kornelsen, Nathan Eisenbrenner, Reece Pattyn, Thea Olalia, Marlon Schulman, Rey Abucot, Jennie Wilson, Eric Tangtakoune, Darryl Conrad, Andy Richens, and Ryan Kolesar.  

At the head table we had Sara Gregory, Olimar Gutierrez, Jordan Dulay, Thomas Crandall, Andrew McPherson and Adrian Johnson help run the scoreboard and score sheets.  Thank you to Michelle Curry and Anastasia Iurovski for showing up to announce for us, and to Paolo Salas, Sylvie Dube-Forslund, Adrian Johnson, Jocelyn Johnson and Lisa Smith for working the registration desk.  Thank you to Olimar Gutierrez, Dave Ouellette and Jennifer-Grace Cruz for securing a safe, controlled warmup area. 

Congratulations to Krista Sanger for taking 5th Place at the 2019 IPF Classic World Championships in Sweden and then coming out to help setup and referee this weekend. 

Setup itself was a two session process.  I want to thank Olimar Gutierrez, Nhan Nguyen, Daniel Mondor and Michael Cooper for their assistance on short notice in helping out building the warmup area on Friday afternoon.  Cheers to Kurt Kornelsen, Dave Ouellette, Susan/Brock Haywood, Sara Gregory, Randi Chase, and Nathan Eisenbrenner for showing up bright and early Saturday to help us setup. 

I want to thank Kevin Le, Michael Cooper, Daniel Mondor, Mark Oxer, Kurt Kornelsen and Brickhouse Gym for lending us your lifting equipment.  We were able to host four fully operational warmup platforms in our warmup area thanks to your generous lendings!

Thank you to Andrew Langelaar for helping obtain carpets and platform plywood, and for hauling the equipment trailer and podium to and from the event.

To Lexie and Nathan Elias: THANK YOU for developing the new attempt cards.  Our athletes seemed to universally love them. 

Janique Philippe from Revolution Rehab was kind enough to put together Athletic Therapy services and constructed us an abundant first aid kit!

Thank you to Jonah Dabu and Ashleigh Wiebe for helping us run Session Two weigh-ins on top of their other Session Two obligations. 

Thank you to David Gurvey, Susan/Brock Haywood, Randi Chase, Mikal Thrones, Mark Oxer, Jorrel Marasigan, Dean Smith, Thea Olalia, Ryan Kolesar, and Lisa Smith for hanging back and helping us clear out the venue. 

If I have missed any volunteers, please let me know.

I want to recognize the support and contributions of all of our sponsors! 

Event Sponsor #1 – Inner Strength Products.  Inner Strength donated $1000 in gift cards to our best lifters. 

Event Sponsor #2 – Pita Pit (North Main) – Owner Carson graciously provided our volunteers with food for the duration of the weekend.  YUM!

Gold Sponsor #1 – Apex Elite – Donated t-shirts and Fanny Packs to Best Lifters, and sponsored our media package team:

A special recognition to Chris Ngo of Ngo Photography for capturing our media package photos, and to Quang Nguyen for recording video packages.  They look fantastic.  The public Podium Images may be found at: https://chrisngophotography.pixieset.com/mpaprovincials2019/?fbclid=IwAR1eW0O5ClSA731RUSgLHfXs9gPpBaakuNCSWVk0HnUWvjXfhN76FEuR0jk 

Photos are still available for order!  Get yours at thecbstudios.com 

Our Silver Tier Sponsors provided donations, services, or vendor outlets.  I want to thank Crocus Tattoo, One Family Fitness Centre, Clear Springs Ice Rentals, Arbonne International, Brickhouse Gym 24/7.

Thank you to our sessional and bronze prize sponsors: Rumors Comedy Club, Canoe Club Golf Course, Academy Lanes West, Power Belly Lifting Co., Peak Powerhouse and Revolution Rehab. 

Where was I?  So how about Powerlifting, huh?!

I spent the duration of the competition itself either coaching or refereeing.  As such, I did not see most of the action.  There won’t be much of a play by play, as a result

Session number one was our Open Female powerlifters.  This session was sponsored by MPA Club Peak Powerhouse from Brandon, MB.  Thank you, Peak! 

We had 17 lifters kick off Provincials, competing in just five weight classes.  This led to a number of battles for podium spots.  I would like to give special distinction to our gold medal winners:

Brittany Swanson 57 KG

Regine Mae Tolentino 63 KG.  Regine broke the 63 KG Open Squat and Total Records!

Aricelle Taylor 72 KG

Sylvie Dube-Forslund 84 KG

Hailey Kostynuik 84+ KG 

Overall, our Best Open Female was Hailey Kostynuik.  Hailey had the single highest IPF Score of the entire weekend.  She won a handful of prizes and awards, including a $200 gift card to Inner Strength Products. 

Though she could not place as she was a guest lifter from Ontario, Shannon Mutch scored an impressive 677 IPF Points to take second overall lifter in this session.  Regine Mae Tolentino (650 IPF Points) and Aricelle Taylor (648 IPF Points) were second and third overall Manitoban Female Open Lifters.  Congratulations, Open Women!

We had 30 lifters in three flights during our Open Male session, sponsored by Power Belly Lifting Co. and its special limited edition MPA stamp shirt.  Our Male Open session was the largest of all four sessions – any of the top five overall could have taken Best Male. 

Our gold medal winners:

Ryan Kolesar 66KG

Eric Tangtakoune 74 KG

Darryl Conrad 83 KG

Devan Normandin 93 KG

Steve Vivier 105 KG

Devin Laferriere 120 KG

Drew Simpson   120+ KG

Guy Page 120+ KG (Equipped)

Overall, we had two best lifters in this session.  Guy Page took home a $100 Inner Strength Products Gift Card, title of Best Equipped Powerlifter, and one point for Acceleration Performance club with 489 IPF Points.  Guy lifted in wraps and bench shirt only.

The top five open male unequipped powerlifters by IPF Points was very tight:

1. Darryl Conrad (675 IPF Points)

2. Henry de Guzman (663 IPF Points)

3. Kevin Le (662 IPF Points)

4. Eric Tangtakoune (658 IPF Points)

5. Ryan Kolesar (648 IPF Points)

Darryl Conrad was able to win the 83 KG class and was named best Male Open Powerlifter, earning a Club Point for Bowen Method and a $200 gift card to Inner Strength Products.  He also set a new Provincial Open Squat record with 257.5 KG.

Session Three was once again sponsored by Peak Powerhouse Club of the Peak Performance Gym in Brandon.  Five of our six competitors in the Bench Press Only session earned themselves a gold medal:

Jannelle Van Den Bosch 63 KG Open

Christine McGorman 72 KG Open

Mark Oxer 83 KG Open

Andy Richens 120 KG M1

David Hrynkow 24 KG M2

This was a hodge-podge group of styles, sexes and ages.  Our best male raw bench presser was Andy Richens with 455 IPF Points.  Our Best Equipped Male Bench Presser was David Hrynkow with an IPF Score of 417.  David was our only double event lifter of the weekend, competing equipped in the bench press and then several hours later unequipped in full powerlifting.  He was also the first person to sign up for our next meet, Wheat Meet IV, taking place in Brandon on August 10TH!  The best Best Bench Press overall, and best female bench press, belonged to Jannelle Van Den Bosch of Brickhouse Barbell Club.  Amongst her other winnings, Jannelle earned a $100 gift card to Inner Strength Products and a point for the best club award with an IPF Score of 551. 

Our most diverse session of the competition was our fourth and final session featuring our subjunior, junior, M1, M2, and M3 lifters.  Special thanks to our Event Sponsor Inner Strength Products, sending IPF/SBD Canada spotter shirts and sponsoring this session.

There were 28 competitors in 2 flights.  First up: our male subjuniors. 

Andrew Allden took gold in the 83 KG class.  Nathaniel Woodward bested his cousin Evan in the 74 KG Subjunior class, and took the title of Best Subjunior and $100 to Inner Strength Products with an IPF score of 504 Points.  Nathaniel also broke the Manitoba 74 KG SJ Bench Press Record!

The male junior class had some big battles and some big lifts.  Congratulations to our gold medal winners:

Jayms Kornelsen 66 KG Junior

Adam Salsi 74 KG Junior.  Adam also bested his previous Provincial Bench Press record with a 148.5KG Bench!

Riley Bertrand 83 KG Junior

Daniel Mondor 93 KG Junior

Alistair Friesen 105 KG Junior

Several records were set in this grouping. 

Riley Bertrand ended up having the second best IPF Score of the weekend at 681 Points, and the best of all male lifters.  He was our Best Junior overall, earning a Club Point for Peak Powerhouse and $100 to Inner Strength Products.   He broke the Junior and Open Squat records for the 83 KG class with 262.5KG and broke the Junior 83 KG Total record with 672.5KG.  What a day!

Female Juniors!  Our two gold medals:

Vicky Bui 57 KG Junior

Ashleigh Wiebe 72 KG Junior.

Ashleigh Wiebe took home the award of Best Female Junior with the devilish score of 666 IPF points – which was the third best female IPF score of the entire weekend!  This is very impressive for a junior lifter to hang with her older cohorts.  Ashleigh also broke her previous record, scoring 90 KG in the bench press for a new provincial record.  She also broke the provincial Junior deadlift record with 175 KG and the junior total record with 405 KG.   Her bench press and total also became new Open Records for the 72 KG unequipped class as well.  Well done!

Masters Men Gold Medalists:

Joshua Seeland  120 KG M1

David Gurvey 74 KG M2

Brent Smith 83 KG M2 – Brent also broke the M2 Squat record with 185 KG, deadlift record with 200 KG and total record with 517.5 KG.  Excellent!

Roger Girard  105 KG M2

Dave Ouellette 93 KG M3 –  Dave smashed his previous age class records with a 145KG squat, 177.5 KG deadlift and 412.5 KG total!

The Best Male Master was Joshua Seeland with an IPF score of 491. 

Last but not least, our Masters Women!  They broke a slew of records and helped close the show in style.  Our gold medalists:

Janet Loesel Sitar 72 KG M1

Rebecca Melnyk 84 KG M1

Margo M Berry 72 KG M2.  – Margo broke all the records in the 72 KG Women’s Class with an 87.5 KG Squat, 57.5 KG Bench Press, 122.5 KG Deadlift and 267.5 KG Total. 

Teresa Vanderzanden 84 KG M2  – Teresa broke all the records in the 84 KG M2 Class with a squat of 97.5 KG, Bench Press of 62.5 KG, Deadlift of 125 KG and Total of 285 KG. 

Janet broke the M1 72 KG squat record with 112.5 KG and Total record with 345 KG.  She was the best M1 Woman and Best Master lifter of the weekend with an IPF score of 564!  She scored Brickhouse Barbell Club a second point and won $100 from Inner Strength Products!

2019 MPA Provincial Awards Recap

MPA has 10 Registered Clubs in 2019.  They include: Acceleration Performance, Barbenders, Brickhouse Barbell Club, Bowen Method, Iron Image, Peak Powerhouse, Power Moves, Starke Powerlifting, Stronghold Titan, and Team Wild Wind. 

We had representation from 9 clubs for Provincials.  Representative lifters from clubs were able to earn a Team Point for each best lifter in the following Best Lifter categories:

Open Female Unequipped: Hailey Kostynuik (Unaffiliated)

Open Male Unequipped: Darryl Conrad (Bowen Method)

Equipped Powerlifter: Guy Page (Acceleration Performance)

Subjunior: Nathaniel Woodward (Unaffiliated)

Junior: Riley Bertrand (Peak Powerhouse)

Master [M1-M4]: Janet Loesel Sitar (Brickhouse Barbell Club)

Unequipped Bench Press: Jannelle Van Den Bosch (Brickhouse Barbell Club)

Equipped Bench Press: David Hrynkow (Starke Powerlifting)

Best Club Awards

1st Place – Brickhouse Barbell Club.  Prizes included 1st Place banner, 8 tickets to Rumors Comedy Club and 12 passes to Academy Lanes West Bowling Alley.

2nd Place – Peak Powerhouse – Prizes included 2nd place banner and 8 Free passes to Canoe Club golf course.

3rd Place – Bowen Method – Prize included 3rd place banner.          

Thanks to Jannelle Van Den Bosch (Best Unequipped Bench Press) and Janet Loesel Sitar (Best Master Powerlifter), Brickhouse Barbell Club was able to secure the most Team Points and for the second year in a row, earned BHBC the title of Best MPA Club! 

Top Five IPF Scores

Hailey Kostynuik (709)

Riley Bertrand (681)

Shannon Mutch (677)

Darryl Conrad (675)

Ashleigh Wiebe (666)


1. Wheat Meet IV (August 10th, North End Community Centre, Brandon)

2. CPU Westerns 2019 (September 7-9, Saskatoon)

3. Shake the Interlake (October 5th, Iron Image, Selkirk)

4. 2019 MPA AGM (October 17th or 18th – TBA, Winnipeg)

5. 2019 MPA Bench Press Championships (November 2nd, Acceleration Performance, Winnipeg)


7. 2020 Brickhouse Power Challenge (Feb 1, 2020 – Brickhouse Gym 24/7 King Edward, Winnipeg)

8. CPU National Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships (Mar 3-7, 2020)

Susan and I are excited to report that 2020 Nationals Planning is coming along swiftly.  We are thrilled for the opportunity to host this event and for MPA to display similar levels of volunteerism, sportsmanship and the enthusiasm that were on display this weekend. 

Our next event is Wheat Meet IV August 10th in Brandon, Manitoba.  Some say it is the most fun event of the year.  Wheat Meet IV is your last chance to qualify for CPU Regionals!  The CPU Westerns Registration Deadline is August 11th

The night before, August 9th, is our 2019 IPF Referee Clinic to be hosted by Peak Powerhouse, to be held at Peak Performance gym in Brandon. 

Your meet directors for Wheat Meet IV are the Westman Famous Amanda Moffitt and MPA Acting Secretary Thea Olalia.  We hope to see you in Wheat City!

Wrapping it Up

To the MPA Executive: the past year we have come SO FAR.  This event, as with all events, was a combined effort and I want to thank you all. 

To Vice President Susan Haywood: for awards management, layout planning and for being both the angel and devil on my shoulder, you are invaluable and you’ll get ‘em next time; 

To Treasurer David Gurvey: without your knowledge of regulations, finance and life experience, we would be much further behind; 

To Registration Chairperson Henry de Guzman: for your management of MPA Clubs, exhaustive checks of membership numbers and CCES completions, thank you for chugging through the mundane for the good of the athletes; 

To Officiating Chairperson Janet Sitar: for developing and managing the expansion of our referees, and for coordinating the referees for these events; 

To former Secretary Amanda Burg: for your tireless service and best of luck with your new family;

To Acting Secretary Thea Olalia: for stepping up to a point of leadership on short notice and for being the memory bank of the MPA;

To Media Coordinator Jessica Antony: for your takeover as voice of the MPA through social media.  Your vision, design skills, and promotional tactics are ever impressive;

 To Volunteer Chairperson Jannelle Van Den Bosch: I wonder if the MPA membership at large is aware of how many hundreds of volunteers this woman has to track throughout the year?  For being a quiet hero;

To Records Chairperson Kurtis Tallaire: for being the fastest wire brusher in the CPU, and for keeping our records and rankings up to date;


And finally, to Past President Brock Haywood: for being my mentor and the soul of sportsmanship and professionalism in the MPA;


Until next time,

Mathew Bowen
MPA President
CPU National Referee

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