2019 Provincials Sponsorship Options

2019 MPA Provincial Championships Sponsorship Package

To whom it may concern,

Attached is the sponsorship package for the 2019 MPA Provincial Championships. Please review and consider partnering with Manitoba Powerlifting Association for the biggest Manitoba powerlifting of the year.

For all sponsorship inquiries, please contact MPA President Mathew Bowen at manitobapowerlifting@gmail.com

Thank you very much,

Mathew Bowen
MPA President

2 thoughts on “2019 Provincials Sponsorship Options”

  1. My name is Dawson, I’m located in Winnipeg MB and am looking to start competing in lifting but don’t know how to get into that world. My Instagram is @the.third.franco if you’d care to take a look at my lifts. Thanks for your time

  2. Dawson, if you are interested in Powerlifting the best way is to come to a competition. Our next contest is our Provincial Championships (links on the front page of this website). There you can see what transpires over the course of a meet and what to expect. You can also reach out to members of our executive and gather information to assist you with a direction to your training goals.

    Brock Haywood
    IPF Cat I Referee
    CPU Officiating Chair
    Past President MPA

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