Applications for Team Manitoba Head Coach

MPA is now accepting applications to be Team Manitoba Head Coach at the 2019 CPU National Championships in Ottawa, Ontario occurring March 4 to 9.

Head Coach will be resonsible for:

• Ensuring each team member is prepared for their competition(s) e.g. confirming game plans and supplies are sufficient; aiding in preparation for athletes in need.
• Overseeing meet day assignments of coaches/handlers prior to the contest to ensure all athletes have coaches on day of their competition(s).
• Providing coaching services on meet day or assigning delegate assistant coaches to handle athletes on meet day when personal handlers are not available for Manitoba athletes.
• Liaising with Manitoba athletes regarding information on the event, team activities, competition updates, etc.
• Representing Manitoba as team leader and manager on the national stage.

Head Coach will be reimbursed with a stipend at a value relative to their availability and attendance, for their time and efforts, and to help cover costs of travel.

Please submit a cover letter and coaching resume to applications will be accepted until December 15th, 2018.

Mathew Bowen
MPA President

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