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Starke Benchpress Meet Report

The MPA’s fist Benchpress single lift meet is in the books.  It was held at Starke Fitness which turned out to be a great venue!  In usual Manitoba fashion our MPA volunteers stepped up.  We had more than enough volunteers to unload and set up the platform in 30 minutes!  What a crew!

There were eleven (11) competitors and three of them were competing for the first time.  Zena Van Rooyen was back after starting her family and did her self proud with a 60 kg Bench!  Our own MPA Referee Chair, Janet Loesel Sitar managed to go 1/3 but this was good enough for the Best Female Benchpresser with a 75 kg Bench.  Last but not least was Susan Haywood who was in the “Gear” and finally managed to touch the bar to her chest.  She managed a 62.5 kg Bench which was a new Provincial Record and an Unofficial Canadian Record for an Equipped Woman of the tender age of 70 years old!

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CPU Coaching Certification Opportunity

Save the date December 15 – 16, 2018 Fort Rouge Leisure Centre will be the location for the CPU Coaching Certification Course. Please Register here Winnipeg CPU Coaching Certification

12 Spaces are available. First come first served. As per the feedback from the course last year I will make an attempt to mail you the workbook and study materials prior to the course dates.

For those of you not familiar with me I have been involved in Powerlifting in Manitoba and the CPU for 31 years. I have been a National Referee since 1993, an International Referee since 1996. I have coached at the local, National and International level as well as participating as a member of the CPU Coaching Committee since it’s inception. I am the Past President of the MPA and a former CPU Vice President. I look forward to meeting you as we continue to grow the pool of qualified Coaches within Manitoba.

Brock Haywood
IPF Cat I Referee
CPU Referee Chairman
CPU Certified Coaching Instructor

MPA has a new IPF Cat II Referee

Please join the MPA in congratulating Susan Haywood who successfully passed her IPF Cat II Referee Exam and practical test two weeks ago at the 2018 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championship in Calgary, Alberta. In doing so Susan became the FIRST Internationally certified Female Referee in Canada. We are very proud of Susan’s accomplishments. Please stop by the 2018 MPA Provincial Powerlifting Championships in Selkirk MB. on Saturday to watch the event and congratulate Susan in person.

Brock Haywood
IPF Cat I Referee
CPU Referee Chairman
Past President MPA

Notice to ALL 17 Wing Lifters

Attention All 17 Wing Competitors:

When you come to the 17 Wing on Saturday morning (before the 08:00 Weigh In time) please be prepared. This means the following:

2. Check your Rack Heights and enter your starting weigh in Kilos on this form
3. Have your CPU Card, CCES Certificate and Photo ID out and ready to be
verified by the Referees doing both the Equipment Check and the Weigh In.
4. Have all the equipment you wish to wear on the platform ready for inspection.
That includes your powerlifting gear, socks, shoes, and yes your underwear
(briefs only no leg allowed, bras must be non-supportive)
5. When weighing in, hand your Athlete Weigh In Document, CPU card, CCES
Certificate and Photo ID to Referee. Now strip to your socks & underwear or
nude and step on the scale. Once your weight is agreed upon get dressed, get
your attempt cards and go and eat.
6. Re hydrate, eat, warm up and have some fun lifting heavy stuff.

Changes to Bylaws from AGM

There is a lot that happened this Saturday at the annual MPA AGM.

  • We elected a new Executive (see the “Contacts page”)
  • New standards to qualify for Provincials (this will be posted very soon and the Bylaws updated
  • The addition of a new position to the Directors of the MPA in the form of Past President (please see the Bylaws when uploaded)

We are at the beginning of a new era in the MPA.  This is exciting and also a little intimidating.  Our sport is growing and on Saturday the MPA took a step into the future with the next generation taking the reins.  We are in good hands and it is my ongoing hope that our sport will continue to grow in popularity and the MPA will continue with the attributes that have made us who we are today.  That is, we will continue to help eachother grow and learn in our chosen sport, represent ourselves well in the  larger sporting community and remain open and welcoming to all those interested in powerlifting and getting stronger through consistent planned drug free training practices.

Brock Haywood

MPA Past President

IPF Cat I Referee


2017 Presidents Report from AGM

2017 MPA President’s Report


2017 has been a very busy year for the MPA.  We successfully put forth a bid to host the 2017 CPU Western Powerlifting Championships at the CPU AGM in February.  This effort was taken on by our Meet Directors Susan Haywood and Amanda Burg.  There were many details that were discussed, decided upon and implemented which served to make the event a success.  This was not accomplished without the traditional support of the MPA membership at large.  We had excellent participation and work ethic from our members.  Many of you not only volunteered but lifted at the Westerns and contributed in some way to the success of the event.  Thank you all for this!

The MPA membership has consistently been over 100+ members throughout the year.  The present membership stands at 124 members.  Although we are not the largest of provinces by membership we have demonstrated steady growth and an increase in our competitive membership not only locally but on the National and International stage.

The MPA has invested in the future during 2017.  We purchased a trailer to house and transport the competition equipment, we also purchased another ER Rack for the Westerns.  Another investment was made in an Elieko Competition bar and collars, 2 x 25kg plates, 2 x 10 kg plates and new record plates.  This was done to accommodate larger weights on the competition platform and to replace some older plates that had fallen outside of the acceptable parameters for competition purposes.

We are presently pursuing the purchase a new set of competition lights.  These are the DSL units that we had borrowed from the CPU to run the Westerns.

The MPA did make a modest amount of money from hosting the Westerns.  Our bank balance is presently at $10,392.05.  It is important moving forward that the MPA remains fiscally responsible to our members so we can continue to invest in promoting the sport within the province.

The future is bright!  We have been pursuing and encouraging our Meet Directors to assume control of their events and to operate independently.  We have also increased our Officiating base by running Referee’s Clinics.  We have some new Provincial Referees and some who are ready to step up and write the National Referee test.

The CPU has implemented the Coaching Certification program and the first class will be run in Winnipeg in December.  The CPU has also made a significant investment in drug free sport over the past few years.  Unfortunately, a MPA member did test positive for PEDs at our Provincials.  The good news is that our entire membership has complied with the online clean sport training.  This promotes knowledge and prepares our athletes for participation in this wonderful sport of Powerlifting.

As many of you know I am stepping down as MPA President.  I have served as part of the MPA Executive for over 20 years.  It has been a privilege to witness the growth of our sport throughout this time.  This does not mean I am “riding off into the sunset” however, it does mean that I feel I have accomplished the goal of preparing you, the next generation of lifters, executive members, coaches and referees to step up and assume control of the MPA for the future.  I’ll see you on the wood.

Yours in Sport,

Brock Haywood

MPA President

IPF Category I Referee

CPU Referee Chairman