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MPA Lifter Rankings

I have been delaying this for quite some time now but finally i have started making solid progress towards getting lifter rankings done for the MPA. Currently I have completed the Top 50 M/F All time lifters. Over time i will incorporate many more top 50s.

I will include:

Top 50 M/F Junior all time

Top 50 M/F Masters all time

Top 50 M/F Bench- only all time

Yearly top 50s

Any questions about this topic feel free to contact me, or if I had made any errors in the top 50 lifter ranking so far please let me know.

Kurtis Tallaire,


Records – Brickhouse 2018

After this most recent competition a total of 27 records have been broken/Set! With more than half of them being new lifter Brent Smith with a total of 15 Records his 1st competition! Updates to the records will be done shortly as I am still waiting on a couple of lifters to submit their records through the application form.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Sincerly, Kurtis Tallaire                                                                                      Records Chairman

Records Applications Update

The records application has officially been “fine tuned” and is now up to date. If you have broken records this past weekend and would like to apply for your records to make them official you may now do so. On the main page there will be a tab saying “MPA RECORD APPLICATION FORM”. Please click that tab and click the link to get started. Going forward with records if you have broken a record and would like to make it an official record you will have to go through this process within 7 days following the competition. This is also where you will need to go to request a certificate of your record(s).

Any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me at

Application For Records

At this most recent MPA powerlifting competition at Brickhouse many records have been broken. As of 2018 in order for your record to be official you must apply for it using the form provided on the main page titled “MPA RECORD APPLICATION FORM”. However the form provided needs to be slightly fine tuned before you can start applying for your record(s). I will have an updated application form as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Sincerly, Kurtis Tallaire

Records Chairman

Records Certificates

If you have broken a record in any competition and have not received a certificate and would like to receive one please contact me before December 31,2017. As of 2018 it will cost $5 to have your records printed.

Please email :

Please provide your: Name, Records you have broken, as well as what contest you broke the records in.

Kurtis Tallaire,

Records Chairman


Records Update – 17 Wing November 25, 2017

As of now all records have been updated from this past weekends 17 Wing competition. A total of 45+ records were broken! As our sport is growing so is the strength of our lifters. We are now breaking records that are 30 + years old! A record to make mention of is the 66 Kg Equipped total record of 495kg by lifter Dwayne Feakes which has not been broken since April 1987. It was broken by lifter Jayson Palapuz with his 517.5kg total this past weekend. I will imagine more of this older records will be broken in the future.