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MPA Team/Club System Registration in Effect!

Hello, all. MPA is proud to announce official commencement of a registered team or club system. For the 2018 calendar year, there will be a $75 registration fee (via etransfer to A set annual feel will be decided on at the 2018 AGM. Perks include being able to represent your team/club at meets (including wearing an IPF spec team logo on the platform), being able to compete for best team/club at our Provincial Championships, being listed on the MPA website, and having a sense of team competition within our great sport.
Please contact our Registration Chairperson, Henry, at with a list of team members and logo images to be approved by the MPA Executive for your apparel. Definition per MPA bylaws below:
9.1 The club must be registered with the MPA.
a) Registration is on an annual basis as per the MPA By-Laws. A list of eligible Clubs will be maintained on the MPA website
9.2 In order to represent a club, the lifter must train with that club on a regular basis (at least once a week)
9.3 If for any reason the lifter wishes to change clubs, or he/she is unable to follow the above recommendations, he/she must send a written explanation to his/her provincial registration chairman.

Westman Rocked Flights and Lot Numbers

Corrected Flight List: Weigh-ins to be ordered by lot numbers within flights. Flights subject to change based on weigh-in results.

Westman Rocked (Wheat Meet 3) Flights:

Flight A 
63 F-SJ-U Sophia Morberg Berry 26
63 F-O-U Chantal Ramos 33
72 F-O-U Jiness Gyselinck 36
72 F-O-U Kristin Pingatore 11
72 F-M1-U BP Beth Thompson 41
84 F-J-U Leanne Cutler 8
84 F-O-U Randi Lee Chase 35
84 F-O-U Janique Phillippe 15
84 F-O-U Jessica Bullen 34
84 F-O-U Tasnim Banuga 23
84 F-M1-U Sandra Epp 40
84 F-M1-U Jennifer Kolarz 9
84+ F-O-U Janelle Poshenrieder 19
84+ F-O-U Kristie Mitchell 43
84+ F-O-U Tamra Irwin 27

Flight B
59 M-J-U Jordan Smith 30
66 M-SJ-U Nathaniel Woodward 5
66 M-J-U Jared McIntyre 13
66 M-O-U Kevin Le 28
66 M-O-U Julius Dizon 35
66 M-O-U Cale Lewis 6
74 M-J-U Joshua McCorriston 21
74 M-O-U Jayson Palapuz 31
83 M-J-U Jaydan Sisson 20
83 M-J-U Steven Gates 10
83 M-J-U Daniel Habtegebreal 37
83 M-O-U BP Victor Aguilar-Barajas 25
93 M-SJ-U Austin White 7

Flight C
83 M-O-U Kurt Kornelson 14
83 M-O-U Quin Furguson 18
83 M-M1-U Mark Oxer 4
93 M-J-U Nolan Novotny 29
93 M-J-U Morgan Yarish 12
93 M-O-U Jordan Klann 38
93 M-M2-U David Hrynkow 3
105 M-O-U Jessie Pouteau 24
105 M-O-U Cameron Chorney 39
105 M-O-U Jeff Arica 44
120 M-O-U Warren Zarichanski 42
120 M-M1-U Josh Seeland 32
120+M-O-U Drew Simpson 17

Reminder….You will not be eligible to lift if payment is not received, CCES has not been completed, do not have a valid CPU card and ID. Bring your CCES certificate and CPU card and ID with or have them easily accessible on your phone.


CPU Western Championships Scheduled tentatively September 7-9 in Edmonton.

Registration Deadline is August 5th .
***MPA members may qualify at our August 11th Movement Meet***
Regional Qualifying Total Required per CPU Bylaws.

Entry Fees:
$160 Powerlifting
$130 Bench Only
$185 Double Event (Powerlifting and Bench Only)

See link to register, and for contact and hotel information.

2018 MPA Provincials Entry Form

Entry Deadline: 2018-June-10 @ 2359hrs CST

Entry Form:

All lifters must have successfully qualified at a previous contest. Qualifying standards (values in KG) may be found at:

Event: MPA Provincial Championships
Date: June 23rd, 2018
Location: Iron Image Fitness
Address: 511 Robinson Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 1E5

Entry Fees:
$100 Powerlifting (3 lift)
$80 Bench Press Only
$150 Double Event (3 Lift and Bench Only)
(Optional) $10 for MPA “Ollie” shirt

Tentative Schedule:
Bench Press Only Session 1 Weigh-In: 0700hrs. Lifting: 0900hrs.
Powerlifting Session 1 Weigh-In: 0830hrs. Lifting: 1030hrs.
Powerlifting Session 2 Weigh-In: 1200hrs. Lifting: 1400hrs.

All times are subject to change based on registration. Multiple sessions expected, not guaranteed.

Meet fees to be submitted to Manitoba Powerlifting Association by eTransfer: please send to and set the password as “deadlift”.

Sanctioned by: Manitoba Powerlifting Association as representatives of the Canadian Powerlifting Union and IPF.

Rules: Subject to IPF rules, WADA/CCES drug testing compliance
Technical rule book
CCES announcement
Approved equipment

2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Meet Report

The dust has settled following the 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge and what an event it was!

This was the first time MPA used an “independent meet director” in Paul Taylor for planning, hosting, funding, and operating an MPA meet – kudos to Paul Taylor, JT Smith and the staff at Brickhouse Gym for planning and hosting a packed event, full of sponsors, fans, food and even a closed circuit television system!  They took care of registration, paperwork, refreshments, supplies and setup and did an excellent job.

Continue reading 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Meet Report

Westman Rocked Entry Form

Event: Westman Rocked Powerlifting Meet
Date: April 21, 2018
Location: 215 6th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Entry Fees:
$85 Powerlifting (3 lift)
$75 Bench Only

Meet fees to be submitted to Amanda Moffitt by cheque, or etransfer.
E-Transfers will be accepted please send to and set the password as “Rocked”

All entrants will receive a meet t-shirt.

Entry Deadline: 7 April 2018

Meet Directors:

Amanda Moffitt

Event page:

Corrected Final Weigh In Order & Info for Brickhouse Power Challenge 2018

 Weigh-Ins begin at 0900hrs sharp!

You must have 1. Valid Photo ID 2. CPU Card 3. CCES True Clean Module Certificate 4. Athlete Weigh In Document (complete with heights, openers, etc.) at weigh in Or you will not be eligible to compete.  Electronic screenshots will suffice for #2 &#3 if you are unable to print your certificates or cards. The weigh in order is as follows:


Lot# Flight A Name Class Entered
8 Kelcey MacGillivray 84 F-O-U
9 Shannon Mutch 63 63 F-O-U
10 Thea Olalia 72 F-J-U
12 Michelle Curry 72 F-O-U
15 Amy Louden 84 F-O-U
16 Johanna Theroux 72 F-O-U
20 Tamra Irwin 84 F-O-U
25 Regine Mae Tolentino 63 F-O-U
27 Randi Lee Chase 72 F-O-U
29 Janie Jacobucci 57 F-M1-U
34 Kristin Pingatore 72 F-O-U
37 Lisa Green 84 F-O-U
39 Jocelyn Espenell 84 F-M1-U
31 Elliot Hayton 83 M-SJ-U

Lot# Flight B Name Class Entered
4 Sylvie Dube-Forslund 84+ F-O-U
44 Audrey Mifflin 84+ F-O-U
3 Joshua Diato 74 M-J-U
2 Steven Yaschuk 83 M-J-U
5 Mark Anthony Dacanay 74 M-J-U
18 Daniel Mondor 83 M-J-U
22 Hao-Yi Sim 83 M-J-U
26 Bretton Nowrang 74 M-O-U
30 Jerome Restar 83 M-J-U
32 Jeff Mabiling 74 M-O-U
33 Jeffrey Nguyen 74 M-O-U
35 Jose Vincent Laud Cortes 74 M-O-U
36 Joseph Dabu 83 M-J-U
38 Jonathan Leung 74 M-O-U

Lot# Flight C Name Class Entered
6 TaHa Hijazi 120 M-O-U
7 Kelvin Lai 93 M-J-U
11 Jason Martin 66 M-O-U
13 Alexander Palmer 93 M-J-U
14 Daniel Sirski 105 M-O-U-BP
17 Daniel Monteverde 93 M-O-U
19 Thomas Pachal 83 M-O-U
21 Daniel Collette 83 M-O-U
23 Adrian Theroux 83 M-O-U
24 Jordan Wiebe 93 M-O-U
28 Scott Glenn Jordan Soriano 120+ M-O-U
41 Dakota O’Blenis 120 M-O-U
42 Daniil Naumov 120+ M-O-U
43 Brent Smith 83 M-M2-U