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Applications for Team Manitoba Head Coach

MPA is now accepting applications to be Team Manitoba Head Coach at the 2019 CPU National Championships in Ottawa, Ontario occurring March 4 to 9.

Head Coach will be resonsible for:

• Ensuring each team member is prepared for their competition(s) e.g. confirming game plans and supplies are sufficient; aiding in preparation for athletes in need.
• Overseeing meet day assignments of coaches/handlers prior to the contest to ensure all athletes have coaches on day of their competition(s).
• Providing coaching services on meet day or assigning delegate assistant coaches to handle athletes on meet day when personal handlers are not available for Manitoba athletes.
• Liaising with Manitoba athletes regarding information on the event, team activities, competition updates, etc.
• Representing Manitoba as team leader and manager on the national stage.

Head Coach will be reimbursed with a stipend at a value relative to their availability and attendance, for their time and efforts, and to help cover costs of travel.

Please submit a cover letter and coaching resume to applications will be accepted until December 15th, 2018.

Mathew Bowen
MPA President

Starke Bench Press Championship (Jan 19, 2019)


Weigh-In: 1330hrs
Lifting: 1530hrs

Meet Director: Susan Haywood
Details TBD

Event: Starke Bench Press Championship
Date: January 19, 2019
Location: Starke Strength & Conditioning
Address: 781 Kapelus Dr Unit 1, West Saint Paul, MB R4A 5A4

Tentative Schedule:
Weigh-In: 1330hrs
Lifting: 1530 hrs

Entry Fees:
$50 Bench Press Only

Meet fees must be submitted by E-Transfer to and set the password as “deadlift”

Entry Deadline: 2019 Jan 06th @ 2359hrs CST. Continue reading Starke Bench Press Championship (Jan 19, 2019)

2018 Portage Strength Classic Meet Report

2018 Portage Strength Classic Meet Report

The reincarnation of the once lost Portage Strength Classic was recently brought back by myself (Matt Robertson) alongside Paige Kernot and Janet Loesel Sitar. MPA President Mathew Bowen was very helpful leading some brand new meet directors. Thank you Mat, we could not have done it without your guidance.

Continue reading 2018 Portage Strength Classic Meet Report

2018 17 Wing Open Schedule

2018 17 Wing Open
Weigh-In: 0700hrs
Lifting: 0900hrs
All entrants lifting Classic 3-lift except where indicated
A Van Den Bosch, Jannelle F-O-63
A Livingstone, Madeline F-J-63
A Florence, Leanne F-O-63
A Roska, Lara Abegail L. F-O-72
A MacLean, Kristine F-O-72
A Aisaican, Apryl F-O-72
A Morberg-Berry, Margo F-M2-72 (Bench Only)
A Dubé-Forslund, Sylvie F-O-84
A Sanger, Krista F-M1-84+
A Irwin, Tamra F-O-84+
A Blanchard, Carrie F-M1-84+
B Smith, Jordan M-J-59
B Estrella, Patrick M-J-66
B Martin, Jeremy M-SJ-74
B Mabiling, Jeff M-O-74
B Thrones, Mikal M-J-83
B Herrera, Mark M-O-83
B Statz, Kyle M-J-83
B Japson, Joshua M-J-83
B Barbaro, Patrick M-J-83
B Conrad, Darryl M-O-83
C Duncan, Burton M-M1-93
C Pattyn, Reece M-J-93
C Marasigan, Jorrel M-J-93
C Restar, Jerome M-J-93
C Palmer, Alexander M-J-93
C Drummond, Boone M-J-93
C Welton, Timothy M-M2-93 (Equipped Bench Only)
C Vivier, Steve M-O-105
C Tallaire, Kurtis M-J-105
C Hrynkow, David M-M2-74
C Gurvey, David Aaron M-M2-74


To the MPA Membership,

The 2018 AGM is to be held Saturday, October 27th begininning at noon in the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre.  The Agenda for the AGM may be found in the links below.  Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 are found in the original Agenda File as indicated, but are posted seperately in this post due to file formatting.

Mathew Bowen

MPA President

AGM 2018


Appendix 4 MPA Event Medical Staffing Requirements 2018

Mark Oxer, Canada Head Coach in Costa Rica

The MPA wishes good luck and congratulations to coach Mark Oxer for representing his country and home province at the NAPF Bench Press Championships this weekend!

“This Tuesday (Oct 23), I leave for Costa Rica where I will be the head coach for Team Canada at the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Benchpress Championships (Oct 25-27).

I am proud and excited to represent our community and country at an international event.