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2018 17 Wing Open Schedule

2018 17 Wing Open
Weigh-In: 0700hrs
Lifting: 0900hrs
All entrants lifting Classic 3-lift except where indicated
A Van Den Bosch, Jannelle F-O-63
A Livingstone, Madeline F-J-63
A Florence, Leanne F-O-63
A Roska, Lara Abegail L. F-O-72
A MacLean, Kristine F-O-72
A Aisaican, Apryl F-O-72
A Morberg-Berry, Margo F-M2-72 (Bench Only)
A Dubé-Forslund, Sylvie F-O-84
A Sanger, Krista F-M1-84+
A Irwin, Tamra F-O-84+
A Blanchard, Carrie F-M1-84+
B Smith, Jordan M-J-59
B Estrella, Patrick M-J-66
B Martin, Jeremy M-SJ-74
B Mabiling, Jeff M-O-74
B Thrones, Mikal M-J-83
B Herrera, Mark M-O-83
B Statz, Kyle M-J-83
B Japson, Joshua M-J-83
B Barbaro, Patrick M-J-83
B Conrad, Darryl M-O-83
C Duncan, Burton M-M1-93
C Pattyn, Reece M-J-93
C Marasigan, Jorrel M-J-93
C Restar, Jerome M-J-93
C Palmer, Alexander M-J-93
C Drummond, Boone M-J-93
C Welton, Timothy M-M2-93 (Equipped Bench Only)
C Vivier, Steve M-O-105
C Tallaire, Kurtis M-J-105
C Hrynkow, David M-M2-74
C Gurvey, David Aaron M-M2-74


To the MPA Membership,

The 2018 AGM is to be held Saturday, October 27th begininning at noon in the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre.  The Agenda for the AGM may be found in the links below.  Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 are found in the original Agenda File as indicated, but are posted seperately in this post due to file formatting.

Mathew Bowen

MPA President

AGM 2018


Appendix 4 MPA Event Medical Staffing Requirements 2018

Mark Oxer, Canada Head Coach in Costa Rica

The MPA wishes good luck and congratulations to coach Mark Oxer for representing his country and home province at the NAPF Bench Press Championships this weekend!

“This Tuesday (Oct 23), I leave for Costa Rica where I will be the head coach for Team Canada at the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Benchpress Championships (Oct 25-27).

I am proud and excited to represent our community and country at an international event.


AGM Submissions Due Oct 19

Reminder: Agenda Item Submissions for the 2018 Annual General Meeting are due October 19th (details below)!

DATE: Saturday October 27th, 2018
LOCATION: Fort Rouge Leisure Centre 625 Osborne St.
TIME: 12pm to 5pm

•There will be refreshments!
•All MPA members welcome!
•Please review the current MPA Bylaws on the MPA website ahead of time regarding proposal changes.
•Please submit any proposals and agenda items to:

Amanda Burg
MPA Secretary

2018 CPU Scholarship: Oct 20 Deadline Approaches

Link to PDF Application: 2018 CPU Scholarships

The CPU will award up to a maximum of 7 annual student scholarships of $250 each.


To be eligible, applicants must be CPU members in good standing and must be either entering their first year of post-secondary education, in a full-time post-secondary program at an educational institution which includes cégeps or enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program at an educational institution which includes cégeps

Previous Scholarship winners may not re-apply.

Application Procedure

A complete application must include the following:

  • A copy of an official transcript of marks from the learning institution most recently attended (an electronic photocopy of a transcript of or a screen shot of the most recent marks is sufficient).
  • A statement about your involvement in powerlifting, including but not limited to your accomplishments as an athlete in powerlifting, volunteerism, future goals and any significant contributions you have made. A statement about why you should receive the scholarship and your future education and career goals and what powerlifting means to you.
  • Applicants may submit letters of reference.

Please submit the application by email with your supporting documents by October 20, 2018 to:

Payment of Scholarship

All applicants, successful or otherwise, will be notified by the Evaluation Committee. Awards will be applicable to the academic year commencing in September 2018. The successful candidates will be notified by mid-November 2018. A cheque will be forwarded to the successful applicant once confirmation of enrollment in a post-secondary institution is received.

The CPU may use photos and names of recipients in promotional material.

Basis for Selection

Awards will be granted by an impartial selection panel.

2018 Portage Strength Classic Roster

2018 Portage Strength Classic Flights:

Weigh-In: 0900hrs
Lifting: 1100hrs

(All entrants lifting Classic 3-Lift)

A Swanson, Brittany F-O-57
A Jacobucci, Janie F-M1-57
A McGorman, Christine F-O-63
A Moffitt, Amanda F-M1-63
A Aisacan, Apryl F-O-72
A Mateo, Aricelle F-O-72
A Gyselink, Jiness F-O-72
A Florence, Leanne F-O-72
A Cutler, Leanne F-J-84
A Martin, Jeremy M-J-66
A Woodward, Evan M-SJ-74
A Woodward, Nathaniel M-SJ-74
A Ouellette, David M-M3-93

B Poschen, Janelle F-O-84+
B Irwin, Tamra F-O-84+
B Kolesar, Ryan M-O-66
B Barajas, Victor M-O-74
B Caissie, Aaron M-J-83
B Barth, Christopher M-M1-83
B Duncan, Burton M-M1-93
B Seeland, Josh M-M1-120
B Girard, Roger M-M2-120
B Simpson, Drew M-O-120+
B Naumov, Daniil M-O-120+
B Eisbrenner, Nathan M-M1-120+

Head: Amanda Burg
Side: Jennifer-Grace Cruz
Side: Thea Olalia
Technical Controller: Gord Grimolfson
Jury 1: Susan Haywood
Jury 2: Krista Sanger

Volunteers Needed for Portage Stength Classic

Callout for Volunteers for the Portage Strength Classic on October 13th (and setup 7-10pm the night before)! Let’s continue the Manitoba Manitoba tradition of volunteer oversaturation and make our lifters proud! Fill out the form link if willing to assist in Portage!

A Reminder that Nationals competitors must volunteer once per year between National contests and that this sport only runs with helping hands. – Mathew

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2018 CPU Westerns: Team Manitoba Meet Report

Team Manitoba at 2018 CPU Western Canadian Championships

By Mark Oxer, Team Manitoba Head Coach


The 2018 Westerns in Edmonton Alberta; were the largest non-national event in Western Canadian history with over 260 lifters competing. There were two platforms with multiple sessions per day. Manitoba sent a team of 18 lifters to the event. The three day event had lifters from Manitoba lifting on each of the three days.

Friday was the busiest day at the event for Team Manitoba with 13 of our lifters participating; Friday morning the Juniors and Subjuniors participated in 3 lift and Friday afternoon/evening (after a bit of a delayed start) saw all of the bench only athletes lift. Saturday was the busiest day at the event as a whole as it was both male and female open lifters competing in 3 lift; Manitoba had 4 lifters competing on Saturday, 3 in the morning session and 1 in the afternoon. Sunday was the quietest day at the competition but still saw a lot of great lifting, Sunday was the day the Masters lifters competed in 3 lift; Manitoba had two lifters participating.

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