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2018 Provincials Final Schedule

2018 MPA Provincials Final Schedule

Weigh In: 0900hrs-1030hrs
Lifting: 1100hrs

Fight A

Open F 63 KG Regine Mae Tolentino
Open F 72 KG Jennifer-Grace Cruz
Open F 72 KG Tasnim Banuga
Open F 72 KG Johanna Theroux
Open F 84 KG Kelcey MacGillivray
Masters 1 (40-49) F 84 KG Janet Loesel Sitar
Open F 84+ KG Kristie Mitchell
Open F 84+ KG Audrey Mifflin
Open F 84+ KG Lexie Elias
Open F 84+ KG Sylvie Dubé-Forslund
Junior M 59 KG Jordan Smith
Subjunior M 74 KG Elliott Hayton

Bench Only: Junior F 72 KG Ashleigh Wiebe

Flight B

Junior M 74 KG Joshua Japson
Open M 74 KG Jose Vincent Laud Cortes
Junior M 83 KG Michael Lamothe
Junior M 83 KG Daniel Mondor
Junior M 83 KG Patrick Barbaro
Open M 83 KG Daniel Collette
Open M 83 KG Henry de Guzman
Open M 83 KG Adrian Theroux
Open M 83 KG Russell Salada
Open M 83 KG Thomas Pachal
Masters 2 (50-59) M 83 KG David Hrynkow
Masters 1 (40-49) M 93 KG Brennan Padraic McIntyre
Bench Only: Open M 105 KG Cameron Chorney

Flight C

Junior M 93 KG Kelvin Lai
Junior M 93 KG Olimar Gutierrez
Junior M 93 KG Alexander Palmer
Open M 93 KG Devan Normandin
Open M 93 KG Stephen Sulik
Open M 105 KG Vince Green
Open M 105 KG Taylor Abolade
Open M 105 KG Daniel Monteverde
Open M 105 KG Andrew McPherson
Open M 120 KG Warren Zarichanski
Open M 120+ KG Tyler Macinnis
Open M 120+ KG Daniil Naumov
Masters 1 (40-49) M 120 KG Jean-Mathieu Kuhn

MPA Team/Club System Registration in Effect!

Hello, all. MPA is proud to announce official commencement of a registered team or club system. For the 2018 calendar year, there will be a $75 registration fee (via etransfer to A set annual feel will be decided on at the 2018 AGM. Perks include being able to represent your team/club at meets (including wearing an IPF spec team logo on the platform), being able to compete for best team/club at our Provincial Championships, being listed on the MPA website, and having a sense of team competition within our great sport.
Please contact our Registration Chairperson, Henry, at with a list of team members and logo images to be approved by the MPA Executive for your apparel. Definition per MPA bylaws below:
9.1 The club must be registered with the MPA.
a) Registration is on an annual basis as per the MPA By-Laws. A list of eligible Clubs will be maintained on the MPA website
9.2 In order to represent a club, the lifter must train with that club on a regular basis (at least once a week)
9.3 If for any reason the lifter wishes to change clubs, or he/she is unable to follow the above recommendations, he/she must send a written explanation to his/her provincial registration chairman.

Westman Rocked Flights and Lot Numbers

Corrected Flight List: Weigh-ins to be ordered by lot numbers within flights. Flights subject to change based on weigh-in results.

Westman Rocked (Wheat Meet 3) Flights:

Flight A 
63 F-SJ-U Sophia Morberg Berry 26
63 F-O-U Chantal Ramos 33
72 F-O-U Jiness Gyselinck 36
72 F-O-U Kristin Pingatore 11
72 F-M1-U BP Beth Thompson 41
84 F-J-U Leanne Cutler 8
84 F-O-U Randi Lee Chase 35
84 F-O-U Janique Phillippe 15
84 F-O-U Jessica Bullen 34
84 F-O-U Tasnim Banuga 23
84 F-M1-U Sandra Epp 40
84 F-M1-U Jennifer Kolarz 9
84+ F-O-U Janelle Poshenrieder 19
84+ F-O-U Kristie Mitchell 43
84+ F-O-U Tamra Irwin 27

Flight B
59 M-J-U Jordan Smith 30
66 M-SJ-U Nathaniel Woodward 5
66 M-J-U Jared McIntyre 13
66 M-O-U Kevin Le 28
66 M-O-U Julius Dizon 35
66 M-O-U Cale Lewis 6
74 M-J-U Joshua McCorriston 21
74 M-O-U Jayson Palapuz 31
83 M-J-U Jaydan Sisson 20
83 M-J-U Steven Gates 10
83 M-J-U Daniel Habtegebreal 37
83 M-O-U BP Victor Aguilar-Barajas 25
93 M-SJ-U Austin White 7

Flight C
83 M-O-U Kurt Kornelson 14
83 M-O-U Quin Furguson 18
83 M-M1-U Mark Oxer 4
93 M-J-U Nolan Novotny 29
93 M-J-U Morgan Yarish 12
93 M-O-U Jordan Klann 38
93 M-M2-U David Hrynkow 3
105 M-O-U Jessie Pouteau 24
105 M-O-U Cameron Chorney 39
105 M-O-U Jeff Arica 44
120 M-O-U Warren Zarichanski 42
120 M-M1-U Josh Seeland 32
120+M-O-U Drew Simpson 17

Reminder….You will not be eligible to lift if payment is not received, CCES has not been completed, do not have a valid CPU card and ID. Bring your CCES certificate and CPU card and ID with or have them easily accessible on your phone.


CPU Western Championships Scheduled tentatively September 7-9 in Edmonton.

Registration Deadline is August 5th .
***MPA members may qualify at our August 11th Movement Meet***
Regional Qualifying Total Required per CPU Bylaws.

Entry Fees:
$160 Powerlifting
$130 Bench Only
$185 Double Event (Powerlifting and Bench Only)

See link to register, and for contact and hotel information.

2018 MPA Provincials Entry Form

Entry Deadline: 2018-June-10 @ 2359hrs CST

Entry Form:

All lifters must have successfully qualified at a previous contest. Qualifying standards (values in KG) may be found at:

Event: MPA Provincial Championships
Date: June 23rd, 2018
Location: Iron Image Fitness
Address: 511 Robinson Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 1E5

Entry Fees:
$100 Powerlifting (3 lift)
$80 Bench Press Only
$150 Double Event (3 Lift and Bench Only)
(Optional) $10 for MPA “Ollie” shirt

Tentative Schedule:
Bench Press Only Session 1 Weigh-In: 0700hrs. Lifting: 0900hrs.
Powerlifting Session 1 Weigh-In: 0830hrs. Lifting: 1030hrs.
Powerlifting Session 2 Weigh-In: 1200hrs. Lifting: 1400hrs.

All times are subject to change based on registration. Multiple sessions expected, not guaranteed.

Meet fees to be submitted to Manitoba Powerlifting Association by eTransfer: please send to and set the password as “deadlift”.

Sanctioned by: Manitoba Powerlifting Association as representatives of the Canadian Powerlifting Union and IPF.

Rules: Subject to IPF rules, WADA/CCES drug testing compliance
Technical rule book
CCES announcement
Approved equipment