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2018 Nationals/Brickhouse Roster Updates

The following athletes have been approved as our first batch of MPA representatives at the 2018 CPU National Championships:

Krista Sanger
Brennan McIntyre
Lexie Elias
Mathew Bowen
Kristy Fisher
Alyssa Amanda Burg
Jennifer-Grace Cruz
Ashleigh Wiebe
Hailey Kostynuik

Registration Link:


The 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge roster has already grown to 16 competitors! Keep in mind the entry deadline is January 22nd OR 42 entrants.

Current entries:

Janie Jacobucci 57 F-M1-U
Shannon Mutch 63 F-O-U
Jason Martin 66 M-O-U
Sylvie Dube-Forslund 84+ F-O-U
Hayo-Yi Sim 83 M-J-U
Kelvin Lai 93 M-J-U
Audrey Mifflin 84+ F-O-U
Jordan Wiebe 93 M-O-U
TaHa Hijazi 120 M-O-U
Lisa Green 84 F-O-U
Randi Lee Chase 72 F-J
Jerome Restar 83 M-J-U
Regine Mae Tolentino 63 F-O-U
Joseph Dabu 83 M-J-U
Jeff Mabiling 74 M-O
Thomas Pachal 83 M-O-U

You may register here:

– Mathew

MPA is Recruiting CPU Nationals 2018 Coaches/Handlers!

MPA is Recruiting CPU Nationals 2018 Coaches/Handlers!

1. As the sport expands and coaching continues to be formalized, MPA is in the process of developing a Team Manitoba Nationals coaching system. For the 2018 National Championships, we are looking for coaches to handle Manitoba athletes for full sessions and/or days. Compensation will be provided based on contribution. Interested parties may apply at .

2. We are composing a list of athletes who would benefit from this service i.e. those who are attending Nationals without a designated coach/handler. If you fall within this category, please contact MPA via

– Mathew

2018 CPU National Championships Entry Form

The 2018 CPU National Championships Entry Form is Live!

See the link below for the entry form.

Remember that you need to have secured at a total at a Regional Meet, as well as a Nationals qualifying total within the past two years of this event in order to be eligible. You must also be in “good standing” with the MPA in order to be approved. The MPA President must check to see if you meet the qualifying standards before approving your entry. Qualifying totals per each event and weight class can be found at