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2018 Movement Powerlifting Classic

A Livingstone, Madeline F-J-U 63
A Kornelsen, Jayms M-J-U 66
A McIntyre, Jared M-J-U 66
A McCorriston, Joshua M-J-U 66
A Cooper, Michael M-J-U 83
A Sim, Hao-Yi M-J-U 83
A Matthew Boux M-SJ-U 93
A Restar, Jerome M-J-U 93
A Jeremy McCorriston M-J-U 93

B Ang Samantha F-O-U 57
B Tolentino, Regine Mae O-U-F 57
B Lam, Courtney O-U-F 57
B Ramos, Chantal O-U-F 57
B Mateo, Aricelle O-U-F 63
B Curry, Michelle O-U-F 72
B Roska, Lara Abegail L O-E-F 72
B Kirby-Peloquin, Crystal O-U-F 72
B Chase, Randi O-U-F 84
B Green, Lisa O-U-F 84
B Irwin, Tamra O-U-F 84
B Toews, Lianne O-U-F 84
B Le, Kevin O-U-M 66
B Palapuz, Jayson O-U-M 66

C Jonathan Leung O-U-M 74
C Mabiling, Jeff O-U-M 74
C Hernandez Franz Adrian O-U-M 83
C Andrew John Putaro O-U-M 83
C Tesarski, Michael O-U-M 93
C Elgar, Stephen O-U-M 93
C Arica, Jeff O-U-M 105
C Chorney, Cameron O-U-M 105
C Soriano, Scott O-U-M 105
C Blad, Troy O-U-M 120
C Espenell, Jocelyn Jennifer M1-U-F 84
C Smith Dean M2-U-M 83
C Josh Seeland M1-U-M 120
C Girard, Roger M2-U-M 120

See you all on the platform!
Amanda Burg
MPA Secretary

Seeking Westerns MPA Head Coach

Team Manitoba is looking for a head coach to handle and take care of our athletes competing at this year’s Westerns in Edmonton!

If you or anyone you may know is interested, please e-mail to apply.  The closing date for this position will be August 1st, 2018.  Please attach resumes and a cover letter.

– Henry

2018 AGM: October 27, 2018

The 2018 Manitoba Annual General Meeting will be held on October 27th. All MPA Members are invited to attend. Location and Time to be announced. You may submit all agenda items to A formal agenda is to be posted but a couple things to be announced in advance:

1. We will be taking bids and awarding the 2019 Provincial Championships (*to be MPA Funded*) at the AGM.
2. Positions of Volunteer Coordinator, Athlete Liaison, Registration Chairperson will be up for election.

Bylaw proposals shall include point placement within current bylaws, proposed change or addition, and written rationale.


2018 MPA Provincials Best Club Award Info

MPA Provincials Best Club Award Formula

  • For the 2018 Provincials, we have 5 MPA Clubs registered and vying for the inaugural “Best MPA Club” award:
    • Starke Powerlifting
    • Brickhouse Barbell Club
    • Iron Image
    • The Power Moves
    • Team Wild Wind

The Formula is as follows:

  • For each event category (i.e. Classic PL, Classic BP, Equipped PL, Equipped BP), the Top 5 Highest Wilks Coefficient Scores will be utilized.
  • The sum of these scores will then be multiplied by the percent of total eligible lists scores.
  • Example: If there were 48 Total Eligible Scores, made up of 10 Equipped PL, 15 Classic PL, 25 Classic PL, 8 Equipped BP eligible top 5 Wilks scores, the formula may look as follows for a team that entered 5 lifters in each category:
  • (top 5 Equipped PL Scores Sum) x (10/48) + (Top 5 Raw PL Scores Sum) x (15/48) + (Top 5 Classic BP Scores Sum)  x (25/38) + (Top 5 Equipped BP Scores Sum) x (8/48)

Good Luck to everyone! 

Mathew Bowen

MPA President

MPA has a new IPF Cat II Referee

Please join the MPA in congratulating Susan Haywood who successfully passed her IPF Cat II Referee Exam and practical test two weeks ago at the 2018 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championship in Calgary, Alberta. In doing so Susan became the FIRST Internationally certified Female Referee in Canada. We are very proud of Susan’s accomplishments. Please stop by the 2018 MPA Provincial Powerlifting Championships in Selkirk MB. on Saturday to watch the event and congratulate Susan in person.

Brock Haywood
IPF Cat I Referee
CPU Referee Chairman
Past President MPA

2018 Provincials Final Schedule

2018 MPA Provincials Final Schedule

Weigh In: 0900hrs-1030hrs
Lifting: 1100hrs

Fight A

Open F 63 KG Regine Mae Tolentino
Open F 72 KG Jennifer-Grace Cruz
Open F 72 KG Tasnim Banuga
Open F 72 KG Johanna Theroux
Open F 84 KG Kelcey MacGillivray
Masters 1 (40-49) F 84 KG Janet Loesel Sitar
Open F 84+ KG Kristie Mitchell
Open F 84+ KG Audrey Mifflin
Open F 84+ KG Lexie Elias
Open F 84+ KG Sylvie Dubé-Forslund
Junior M 59 KG Jordan Smith
Subjunior M 74 KG Elliott Hayton

Bench Only: Junior F 72 KG Ashleigh Wiebe

Flight B

Junior M 74 KG Joshua Japson
Open M 74 KG Jose Vincent Laud Cortes
Junior M 83 KG Michael Lamothe
Junior M 83 KG Daniel Mondor
Junior M 83 KG Patrick Barbaro
Open M 83 KG Daniel Collette
Open M 83 KG Henry de Guzman
Open M 83 KG Adrian Theroux
Open M 83 KG Russell Salada
Open M 83 KG Thomas Pachal
Masters 2 (50-59) M 83 KG David Hrynkow
Masters 1 (40-49) M 93 KG Brennan Padraic McIntyre
Bench Only: Open M 105 KG Cameron Chorney

Flight C

Junior M 93 KG Kelvin Lai
Junior M 93 KG Olimar Gutierrez
Junior M 93 KG Alexander Palmer
Open M 93 KG Devan Normandin
Open M 93 KG Stephen Sulik
Open M 105 KG Vince Green
Open M 105 KG Taylor Abolade
Open M 105 KG Daniel Monteverde
Open M 105 KG Andrew McPherson
Open M 120 KG Warren Zarichanski
Open M 120+ KG Tyler Macinnis
Open M 120+ KG Daniil Naumov
Masters 1 (40-49) M 120 KG Jean-Mathieu Kuhn