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The CPU Needs some new volunteers

Hello MPA members, there are some positions becoming available within the CPU. If you are interested in taking on some responsibility and supporting the sport we all love please see below. I have copied this from an e-mail from the CPU President Mark Giffin.

The CPU is in need of:

• Records Chair
• Registration Chair
• Director of Public Relations

Scope and responsibilities for these roles can be found in the CPU Policies and Procedures, Articles 2.7, 2.8, 2.9

Also, we need someone to manage Women’s CPU Ranking.

Finally, the CPU Board intends to move forward with an RFP Committee. Their first task will be to pull together the scope and details related to upgrade and maintenance of the CPU Website.
Resumes should be directed to the CPU President Mark Giffin. Cut off for submission is September 15, 2017.
The CPU is a growing organization and we need volunteers at every level (not just schlepping plates at a contest). If you are interested in this opportunity it will look good on a resume and you are applying and acquiring skills that can serve you in other aspects of your life.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

Erinview Closed Meet Results added

There was a closed meet held today (Sunday June 11, 2017) for two individuals who were unable to compete at last week’s Provincial Championships. The results have been posted here and sent to the CPU webmaster.

Thank you to Krista Sanger, Amanda Burg, Marc Bergen, Devin Laferriere, Jannelle Van Den Bosch, Margo Morberg – Berry, a tall gentleman from Brickhouse, my lovely wife Susan Haywood for the help.

Congratulations to Paul Taylor and Jesse Jamison for achieving their qualifying totals for the Westerns.


2017 Provincial Meet Summary

2017 Provincial Summary

First and foremost this will not be a detailed accounting of the day of lifting. I have too many duties and responsibilities that prevent me from going into my overly detailed accounting of the meet. Let me make note though that this year’s MPA Provincial Championships was a success. We had fewer competitors from last year but I had predicted that. It was a calculated risk when the decision was made to move the Provincials to June. This has several purposes that were highlighted by the MPA successfully winning the bid to host the CPU Western Powerlifting Championships. Our competitions should progress and provide a stepping stone for the members to move up the competitive ladder as they gain experience, strength and increase their totals. Local competitions first, succeeded by more events and perhaps travelling to our sister provinces for experience, then qualifying for the Provincials which are now scheduled with enough time for a newly qualified lifter to complete another training cycle and progress to the Regional Championships i.e. Westerns, Centrals or Easterns. Once a lifter has obtained a qualifying total for the Nationals and have fulfilled the expectation of competing at a Regional championships they can plan and train to test themselves against the best in the country at Nationals the following year.
I do feel quite proud of our membership today, and after having a good sleep from yesterday’s competition I’ll share the reasons why. Well, the MPA is demonstrating a wonderful sense of community that has been fostered by the members and executive since I first became involved back in 1987. What I mean by that is that after going through a period of time where we were the smallest provincial association in the CPU by numbers our membership has increased (as has the overall membership of the CPU) but we have not lost our sense of community. That is, the sense of helping each other with spotting or loading, loaning a newbie your belt or sharing training ideas and talking powerlifting until the wee hours over some burnt coffee at our favourite restaurant of the day.
In particular yesterday I was very happy and proud of the number and quality of volunteers that were there to help make the meet a success. Rob Snow and I made arrangements to pick up the MPA equipment before he had surgery over a week ago. Mathew Bowen took on the task of organizing volunteers for the set up and the day of the meet including recruiting some tired but happy lifters to assist with the tear down and loading of our new trailer. Believe me this made my post meet workload a lot lighter. Rob Snow and Sue will gladly tell you of the numerous occasions in the not too distant past where Rob and I or Bruce Markham and I would load the gear, take it to the venue, set up, lift or officiate the next day and then tear it all down with only a couple of extra hands for help only to unload and carry the gear to its’ resting place until the next meet.
Friday we had the aforementioned MPA Vice President Robert Snow and Liam Snow along with Susan Haywood, David Gurvey and his daughter, Shawn McCarthy, Alyssa Burg, Janet Loesel Sitar, Mathieu Kuhn, Mike Armstrong, and two MPA members who happen to work at the Victoria Inn but whose names escape me (sorry gentlemen). Now I may have missed someone but this was a huge help for the set up.
On Saturday, Mathew was well organized and he provided me with the following list of members who helped out throughout the competition:
Russell Salada Nhan Nguyen Jessa Nguyen Krista Sanger
Alyssa Burg Hailey Kostynuik Ace Gervacio Janet Loesel Sitar
Shawn McCarthy Margo Morberg-Berry Sophia Morberg-Berry Vince Green
Kurtis Tallaire Nolan Novotny Christian Palapuz Christian Lozano
Tyler MacInnis Mathieu Kuhn Han Tang Robert Snow
Susan Haywood Mike Armstrong

Now this is a fantastic list of help and as I’ve stated before a successful powerlifting meet cannot be done well without a solid core of volunteers. Thank you to you all for taking some time out of your Saturday to help with the various tasks that you did. There were also numerous competitors who picked up weights and helped to load the trailer and clean up the venue before we all went our separate ways. Thank you to all of you as well.
The event was a test run for when we host the Westerns in September. I think we can work together to make this another fine MPA hosted event. I realize many people who helped yesterday may be lifting in September but you can still find ways to assist the MPA in hosting this very important Regional event. I look forward to working with you all again.
At Provincials our lifters can make an attempt to break a CPU National Record. That is the reason why we brought in our good friend the Secretary of the CPU Mike Armstrong. Mike also generously allowed us to use the new light system he purchased for the IPF Classic World Championships that he is the Meet Director for next year in Calgary. These lights worked very well indeed! They have a built in clock that counts down for the lifter’s attempt as well as programming for getting in subsequent attempts. It eliminates the use of the card system by having coloured lights to indicate the infraction when a red light is chosen for a “No Lift”. A fine piece of equipment.
Now back to the National Records….two of our lifters attempted and were successful at breaking National Records yesterday. Olimar Gutierrez broke the Junior 93kg Men’s Bench press record with a huge 183kg on his third attempt. Trevor Winfield decimated the previous Master’s 2 120+ Benchpress record on his opening attempt with a 240 kg press. Trevor was successful on his second with 242.5kg for a 32.5kg increase over the previous record. Congratulations to Olimar and Trevor on their success!
I am sure that there were some Provincial Records broken yesterday as well. With our Records Chairman Shawn McCarthy heading west for an employment opportunity we have an opening for somebody to take this on. We will update the records and get the certificates prepared.
If I have missed anyone or misspelled your name please let me know. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event happen.
Yours in sport,
Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

Message from the CPU President regarding the CPU Coaching Certificate Program

I have copied a message below from the President of the CPU Mark Giffin. This will be posted on the CPU website as well. I believe it is a well worded description of the purpose of the Coaching Certification Program. This is helping us to grow the infrastructure of our sport for you the lifters and the future of Powerlifting in Canada. There is a plan and I will make every effort to communicate this with you the members of the MPA.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

Dear Members and Friends of the CPU,
The CPU Coaching Certification has been twenty years in the making. You read that correctly; two decades. Hard to believe that people are somehow surprised by its launch.
On April 10, 2014, I reported to the membership that the new CPU Board was working toward NSO recognition and the development of a national coaching certification. As has been communicated many times since, these two initiatives are inextricably linked. NSO recognition opens many doors to the CPU including opportunities for funding at the national and provincial level. Launching the coaching certification is a necessary and strategic step for the CPU.

Open letter to the members of the CPUDear Members,My name is Mark Giffin and I was recently elected President of the…

Posted by Canadian Powerlifting Union on Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yes, there is an enrollment fee for the coaching certification. Considerable time and energy was invested in the certification’s development. The course material is excellent. In my humble opinion, it is the best powerlifting specific certification available anywhere. The course material was developed by some of our best people who contributed (read unpaid) many, many hundreds of hours to its development. Given what is being provided, it is a bargain.
Yes, the coaching certification is a revenue stream for the CPU. Allow me the opportunity to elaborate. We are a self-funded organization. To protect the health and rights of our members, the CPU’s investment in our Anti-Doping Program is near six figures. We invest 10’s of thousands of dollars on supporting our lifters with referees as well as providing coaches for our international teams. However, these expenditures do not reflect the true costs. If we assigned true costs to running this organization, membership fees would double.
No, there will be no grandfathering clause. However, anyone may challenge the exam. What will be required of all is the completion of the NCCP training Making Ethical Decisions (MED). To complete the certification, the in-competition evaluation will also apply.
The process for selecting facilitators has been open to all. An invitation for applications for coaching certification facilitators was posted December 16, 2016. Based on the low number of applications received, the application deadline was extended. The total number of applications we received was disappointing however this was offset by the high levels of education and experience of those that did apply. We have very good people teaching this course.
There has been NO SET DATE for the roll-out of the requirement of completion of the coaching certification for access to the warm-up room at CPU Nationals or CPU Regional Championships. Any information saying otherwise is wrong. However, I ask you to consider the “coach” who appeared on our National’s live feed attired in a dirty muscle shirt sporting a backwards baseball cap OR the three stooges busily taking selfies on the bench press in the warm-up room at Nationals while the women of the next flight were attempting to warm-up OR the person who dodged two out-of-meet tests, retired from the CPU two weeks before Nationals but somehow found his way into the warm-up room to coach his brother at Nationals. I also invite you to attempt to wander into the warm-up area or onto the field of play at Nationals for weightlifting or judo, basketball or any other legitimate sport without having completed the appropriate training, a background check and without credentials. Things will change at CPU Nationals and Regionals because they must.
In reading the comments regarding the CPU Coaching Certification, I’m reminded of the hue and cry that went up when people learned that team members for 2015 Commonwealth Championships would be selected based upon accomplishments rather than a sense of entitlement or lucky home address. This was a big shift in the way things had been done. Unfortunately, some people still carry the opinion that what’s good for them and what’s good for the organization are somehow the same.
People, It’s way past time for a shift in thinking. We are no longer an organization of some 500 members barely registering on the international stage. Accept this and move on. We are a world class organization counting among our membership some of the best powerlifters on the planet. It’s time to think about what a future of 5000 members looks like. It’s time to put away the microscopes and start using our binoculars.
Simply put, we’ve done what was promised to the CPU membership in 2014. The CPU, our members and powerlifting will be better for it. My heartfelt gratitude to all who made this possible. I’m very proud of this initiative.
Mark Giffin, CPU President

Provincial Entry list with flights and declared weight classes

A Courtney Laing F-O-U 19 PL 63
A Jennifer Grace Cruz F-O-U 15 PL 72
A Thea Olalia F-J-U 2 PL 72
A Paige R. Kernot F-J-U 16 PL 72
A Jessica Everett F-O-U 10 PL 72
A Megan Swidnicki F-O-U 4 PL 84
A Rebeca Deslauriers F-O-U 8 PL 84
A Melissa Penner F-J-U 24 PL 84
A Anastasia Iurovski F-J-U 18 PL 84
A Jo-Anne Clark-Gillespie F-M1-U 21 PL 84+
A Jocelyn Espenell F-M1-U 17 PL 84
A Jessica Antony F-O-U 13 BP 84
B Olimar Gutierrez M-J-U 12 BP 93
B Trevor Winfield M-M2-U 7 BP 120+
B Joey Simms M-J-U 5 PL 74
B Patrick Barbaro M-J-U 27 PL 74
B Marc Bergen M-O-U 23 PL 74
B Jaydan Sisson M-J-U 11 PL 83
B Brandon Espiritu M-J-U 22 PL 83
B Mathew Delaurier M-J-U 1 PL 83
B Dan Collette M-O-U 26 PL 83
B Kurt Kornelsen M-O-U 9 PL 83
B Darius Martens M-J-U 6 PL 93
B Matthew (Dany)Davis M-O-U 20 PL 93
B Devin Laferriere M-O-U 14 PL 105
B Nick Tran M-J-U 25 PL 105
B Gord Grimolfson M-O-U 3 PL 105

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR WESTMAN LIFTERS RE – True Sport online Training through the CCES

The following list of people have not completed the CCES cumpolsory online training.

Beth Thompson
Samantha Ang
Christopher Chee-A-Tow
Thea Olalia
Steven Gates
Andrew Roncadin
Jordan Wiebe
Nhut (Nick) Tran
Kristian Centina
Connor Smith
Matt Robertson
Jonah Dabu


You should have been cued to do this when you obtained your CPU membership. Please visit the following link, read the page click on the link to the training and complete it. When done print off your Certificate and bring it with you to the Weigh Ins on Saturday morning.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

used gear

I will be selling some gear at the meet 1st come first served,well used but good if you want to give gear a try 1 in zer hard core sqt suitsz34… 2 inzer blast shirts dont know what sz prob for a 74k and83k one very used sqt suitsz38 devil knee wraps onesinglet not ipf approved good for training $15.00 each if you want to put dibs on anything facebook me…Susan Haywood

Next MPA Competition

Prairie CrossFit is going to host a Powerlifting Competition on August 24th here in Winnipeg. I will be posting up the Entry Form and Poster soon.

Following the return of the “Snowdaddy” to Winnipeg, the 17 Wing may play host to another Powerlifting competition in the Fall.


Entries to date for the Power in the Parkland

Mathew Sedor 120 Unequipped M-O-U
Amy Sedor 84+ Unequipped W-O-U
Drew Sedor 105 Unequipped M-J-U
John McGrath 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Janenelle Van Den Bosch 57 Unequipped W-O-U
Devin Laferriere 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Savanna Zebrasky 72 Unequipped W-O-U

As you can see we have virtually an entire generation of the Sedor family. I heard a rumour last November that all of the male members of the Downs family were going to lift together at a meet…………………Family Feud?

Mathew Sedor 120 Unequipped M-O-U
Amy Sedor 84+ Unequipped W-O-U
Drew Sedor 105 Unequipped M-J-U
John McGrath 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Janenelle Van Den Bosch 57 Unequipped W-O-U
Devin Laferriere 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Savanna Zebrasky 72 Unequipped W-O-U
Quin Ferguson 83 Unequipped M-O-U
Travis Mattice 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Terri Fordham 84+ Unequipped W-M1-U
Hailey Kostynuik 84+ Unequipped W-J-U
Caitlyn Clement 57 Unequipped W-O-U (Mil)

A few more to the list now. 12 in total and I’m sure there will be some local Dauphin flavour that has yet to enter as well as some lifters from Acceleration.

Here are the entries up to Friday May 30/14

Mathew Sedor 120 Unequipped M-O-U
Amy Sedor 84+ Unequipped W-O-U
Drew Sedor 105 Unequipped M-J-U
John McGrath 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Janenelle Van Den Bosch 57 Unequipped W-O-U
Devin Laferriere 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Savanna Zebrasky 72 Unequipped W-O-U
Quin Ferguson 83 Unequipped M-O-U
Travis Mattice 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Terri Fordham 84+ Unequipped W-M1-U
Hailey Kostynuik 84+ Unequipped W-J-U
Caitlyn Clement 57 Unequipped W-O-U (Mil)
Jordan Guilford 93 Unequipped M-O-U
Rakvinder Hayer 74 Unequipped M-O-U
Brennan McIntyre 83 Unequipped M-O-U
Victor Aguilar Barajas 83 Unequipped M-O-U
Trevor Winfield 120+ Unequipped M-M1-U
Vince Green 105 Unequipped M-M1-U
Shawn McCarthy 83 Unequipped M-O-U
Mathew Bowen 105 Unequipped M-O-U
Maria Schigol 72 Unequipped W-J-U
Jeremy Lundgren 120+ Unequipped M-O-U
So there are now 21 entries! According to the Forum and some messages there may still be a few entries in the mail. It is looking like a stellar competition in Dauphin in two weeks!