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2018 17 Wing Open Meet Report

2018 17 Wing Strength Club Meet Report

First off, let me give a special thank you for everyone who volunteered, lifted, sponsored the event, or even just came to spectate. Without those willing to take the
time and effort to participate in these meets they wouldn’t be possible.

Secondly, I’d like to personally thank some people who helped me run this meet smoothly, as this was my first time doing so:
-Robert Snow
-Mathieu Kuhn
-Jake Buddingh
-Mathew Bowen
-John Bowen

Thank you to our sponsors:
– Brickhouse Gym
-Black Rifle Coffee
– Apex Elite

also the volunteers:
-Randi-Lee Chase
-Liam Snow
-Andrew McPherson
-Michael Chan
-Anastasi Iurovski
-Tyler MacInnis
-Jose Vincent Cortes
-Emilya Snow

-Hailey Kostynuik

Also, a very special thank you to all the athletes and coaches for all your hard work.

We are very excited to see you next year !

Michael Lamothe and Mathieu Kuhn
Meet Directors
2018 17 Wing Open

Starke Bench Press Championship: Volunteers Needed!

Sign up at:

January 19th’s Starke Bench Press Championship needs your help! Please register at the link above. We need at least 5 to 10 more people to assist with this event. Setup begins at 1PM, weigh-ins begin at 1:30 PMand lifting begins at 3:30 PM. We need people to help setup, and volunteers to help during the event. Spotters, loaders, timekeepers, computer workers, attempts takers. MPA appreciates all assistance. Thank you very much.

Applications for Team Manitoba Head Coach

MPA is now accepting applications to be Team Manitoba Head Coach at the 2019 CPU National Championships in Ottawa, Ontario occurring March 4 to 9.

Head Coach will be resonsible for:

• Ensuring each team member is prepared for their competition(s) e.g. confirming game plans and supplies are sufficient; aiding in preparation for athletes in need.
• Overseeing meet day assignments of coaches/handlers prior to the contest to ensure all athletes have coaches on day of their competition(s).
• Providing coaching services on meet day or assigning delegate assistant coaches to handle athletes on meet day when personal handlers are not available for Manitoba athletes.
• Liaising with Manitoba athletes regarding information on the event, team activities, competition updates, etc.
• Representing Manitoba as team leader and manager on the national stage.

Head Coach will be reimbursed with a stipend at a value relative to their availability and attendance, for their time and efforts, and to help cover costs of travel.

Please submit a cover letter and coaching resume to applications will be accepted until December 15th, 2018.

Mathew Bowen
MPA President

Starke Bench Press Championship (Jan 19, 2019)


Weigh-In: 1330hrs
Lifting: 1530hrs

Meet Director: Susan Haywood
Details TBD

Event: Starke Bench Press Championship
Date: January 19, 2019
Location: Starke Strength & Conditioning
Address: 781 Kapelus Dr Unit 1, West Saint Paul, MB R4A 5A4

Tentative Schedule:
Weigh-In: 1330hrs
Lifting: 1530 hrs

Entry Fees:
$50 Bench Press Only

Meet fees must be submitted by E-Transfer to and set the password as “deadlift”

Entry Deadline: 2019 Jan 06th @ 2359hrs CST. Continue reading Starke Bench Press Championship (Jan 19, 2019)