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MPA is Recruiting CPU Nationals 2018 Coaches/Handlers!

MPA is Recruiting CPU Nationals 2018 Coaches/Handlers!

1. As the sport expands and coaching continues to be formalized, MPA is in the process of developing a Team Manitoba Nationals coaching system. For the 2018 National Championships, we are looking for coaches to handle Manitoba athletes for full sessions and/or days. Compensation will be provided based on contribution. Interested parties may apply at .

2. We are composing a list of athletes who would benefit from this service i.e. those who are attending Nationals without a designated coach/handler. If you fall within this category, please contact MPA via

– Mathew

2018 CPU National Championships Entry Form

The 2018 CPU National Championships Entry Form is Live!

See the link below for the entry form.

Remember that you need to have secured at a total at a Regional Meet, as well as a Nationals qualifying total within the past two years of this event in order to be eligible. You must also be in “good standing” with the MPA in order to be approved. The MPA President must check to see if you meet the qualifying standards before approving your entry. Qualifying totals per each event and weight class can be found at


Records Certificates

If you have broken a record in any competition and have not received a certificate and would like to receive one please contact me before December 31,2017. As of 2018 it will cost $5 to have your records printed.

Please email :

Please provide your: Name, Records you have broken, as well as what contest you broke the records in.

Kurtis Tallaire,

Records Chairman


Records Update – 17 Wing November 25, 2017

As of now all records have been updated from this past weekends 17 Wing competition. A total of 45+ records were broken! As our sport is growing so is the strength of our lifters. We are now breaking records that are 30 + years old! A record to make mention of is the 66 Kg Equipped total record of 495kg by lifter Dwayne Feakes which has not been broken since April 1987. It was broken by lifter Jayson Palapuz with his 517.5kg total this past weekend. I will imagine more of this older records will be broken in the future.

CPU Discipline Committee Position Posting

CPU Volunteer Position Available:
Candidates are being recruited to be members of a new CPU Discipline Committee. MPA is looking to forward two candidates *without conflicts of interest* i.e. those in good standing without existing CPU/MPA positions. Please message Manitoba Powerlifting Association or email if you are interested in being a candidate for this position

– Mathew

2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Entry Form

2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Entry Form

Our next contest, and first of our 2018 calendar, is the 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge, to be held February 3rd, 2018 at the Brickhouse Gym: King Edward location. There is a 42 person cap so get your entries in quickly! You must have proof of having completed your CCES online course, bring proof of active CPU Membership, and present valid photo ID on meet day in order to compete. Contact the meet directors Paul Taylor or Amanda Burg if you wish to volunteer on meet day and/or setup, or for further details (contact information on the entry form link: ).

See you on the platform,



Event: Brickhouse Gym Power Challenge Powerlifting Meet
Date: February 3, 2018

Continue reading 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Entry Form

17 Wing Weigh-In Order

The Weigh-In Time for tomorrow’s 2017 17 Wing Championship is 0800hrs.
The Weigh-In Order will be as follows:
Flight A
Lot# Name Class Entered
10 Susan Haywood 84
14 Thea Olalia 63
16 Amanda Moffitt 72
20 Amanda Burg 84+
24 Janet Loesel-Sitar 72
25 Johanna Theroux 72
26 Jessica Antony 84
29 Jessica Everett 72
35 Audrey Mifflin 84+
2 Jayson Plapuz 66
9 Joshua Japson 74
28 Nathaniel Woodward 74
30 Johathan Leung 74
33 Jordan Smith 59
Flight B
Lot# Name Class Entered
1 Patrick Barbaro 83
11 Mathew Delaurier 83
13 Jonah Dabu 83
17 Alexander Palmer 83
27 Adrian Theroux 83
36 Thomas Crandall 83
37 Olimar Guiterrez 83
38 Nhan Nguyen 83
39 Dereck Illarde 83
40 Victor Aguilar-Barajas 83
42 Russel Salada 83
43 Skyler Lanting 83
Flight C
Lot# Name Class Entered
4 Daniel Monteverde 93
5 Jorrel Marasigan 93
8 David Ouellette 93
12 Brett Coulter 120+
15 Andrew McPherson 105
18 Burton Duncan 93
19 Vince Green 105
21 Nolan Novotny 93
22 Gord Grimolfson 105
31 Josh Seeland 120
32 Tyler MacInnis 120+
41 Justin Foy 120

Before weighing in, remember to:
2. Check your Rack Heights and enter your starting weigh in Kilos on this form
3. Have your CPU Card, CCES Certificate and Photo ID out and ready to be verified by the Referees doing both the Equipment Check and the Weigh In.
4. Have all the equipment you wish to wear on the platform ready for inspection.
That includes your powerlifting gear, socks, shoes, and yes your underwear (briefs only no leg allowed, bras must be non-supportive).
5. When weighing in, hand your Athlete Weigh In Document, CPU card, CCES Certificate and Photo ID to Referee.

We will see you bright and early. Good luck to all of our competitors.
– Mathew