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2017 Presidents Report from AGM

2017 MPA President’s Report


2017 has been a very busy year for the MPA.  We successfully put forth a bid to host the 2017 CPU Western Powerlifting Championships at the CPU AGM in February.  This effort was taken on by our Meet Directors Susan Haywood and Amanda Burg.  There were many details that were discussed, decided upon and implemented which served to make the event a success.  This was not accomplished without the traditional support of the MPA membership at large.  We had excellent participation and work ethic from our members.  Many of you not only volunteered but lifted at the Westerns and contributed in some way to the success of the event.  Thank you all for this!

The MPA membership has consistently been over 100+ members throughout the year.  The present membership stands at 124 members.  Although we are not the largest of provinces by membership we have demonstrated steady growth and an increase in our competitive membership not only locally but on the National and International stage.

The MPA has invested in the future during 2017.  We purchased a trailer to house and transport the competition equipment, we also purchased another ER Rack for the Westerns.  Another investment was made in an Elieko Competition bar and collars, 2 x 25kg plates, 2 x 10 kg plates and new record plates.  This was done to accommodate larger weights on the competition platform and to replace some older plates that had fallen outside of the acceptable parameters for competition purposes.

We are presently pursuing the purchase a new set of competition lights.  These are the DSL units that we had borrowed from the CPU to run the Westerns.

The MPA did make a modest amount of money from hosting the Westerns.  Our bank balance is presently at $10,392.05.  It is important moving forward that the MPA remains fiscally responsible to our members so we can continue to invest in promoting the sport within the province.

The future is bright!  We have been pursuing and encouraging our Meet Directors to assume control of their events and to operate independently.  We have also increased our Officiating base by running Referee’s Clinics.  We have some new Provincial Referees and some who are ready to step up and write the National Referee test.

The CPU has implemented the Coaching Certification program and the first class will be run in Winnipeg in December.  The CPU has also made a significant investment in drug free sport over the past few years.  Unfortunately, a MPA member did test positive for PEDs at our Provincials.  The good news is that our entire membership has complied with the online clean sport training.  This promotes knowledge and prepares our athletes for participation in this wonderful sport of Powerlifting.

As many of you know I am stepping down as MPA President.  I have served as part of the MPA Executive for over 20 years.  It has been a privilege to witness the growth of our sport throughout this time.  This does not mean I am “riding off into the sunset” however, it does mean that I feel I have accomplished the goal of preparing you, the next generation of lifters, executive members, coaches and referees to step up and assume control of the MPA for the future.  I’ll see you on the wood.

Yours in Sport,

Brock Haywood

MPA President

IPF Category I Referee

CPU Referee Chairman


Global Survey

Hi All,

I just received the following information and request from CCES for input from our members on a proposed Charter of Athlete Rights. Not mandatory, but an opportunity to voice opinions on thr rights of athletes in the world of anti-doping.

I’m wondering if you all would be willing to have this added to your Facebook pages, or otherwise communicate this to your members.

Thanks very much,



Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:46:11 AM
Subject: IMPORTANT: Global Charter of Athlete Rights / une charte mondiale des droits des athletes

Hi Chris,

Could you kindly forward the below information to your athletes – the intention being to get as many responses as possible from all levels of athletes by October 31st, 2017.

Should you have questions about the survey or the Charter of Athlete Rights, please

Thank you in advance for your support in this important initiative.

Dear Canadian Athlete,

This email presents an opportunity to shape a global Charter of Athlete Rights which can impact you and/or the next generation of athletes around the world. Please read and act immediately.

As you might be aware, the WADA Athletes’ Committee began work on a Charter of Athlete Rights (“C.O.A.R”) during the March 2017 WADA Anti-Doping Symposium in Lausanne. They have since invited several organizations, including FairSport, a number of athlete committees including the IOC AC, National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) including the CCES, and now AthletesCAN to discuss this Charter, quickly identifying that the Charter required a mandate beyond doping in sport. As such, an international working group is being created to provide a collaborative platform from which the Charter will be developed, overseen, and delivered.

Motivated by the many athletes who reached out to express their disillusionment with the current state of sport, this project will take concrete action for change, creating something that clearly outlines and defines the rights of athletes.

The goal of this Charter is to effect positive change for the betterment of sport through creation of a tangible legal document that will have the potential to be adopted and endorsed by all sport governing bodies, nationally and internationally. We believe this has the potential to provide all athletes with a greater opportunity to participate in a fair sport system to reach their full potential on the field of play and beyond.

To accomplish this, we need to hear your voice directly. Please take a few minutes to answer this survey and help forward and encourage other athletes to answer as well. The more voices we can get, the more credibility we can achieve – remember, #TheCollective is strongest when we come together.

This survey will only take 10 minutes, but can help to shape a document that may change the sport landscape forever. When you have completed the survey, please tweet a message to@fairsportorg, @EthicsinSport and @AthletesCAN and include any of #CDNAthleteLeaders #AthleteVoice #CharterofAthleteRights and challenge your teammates to do the same! The results of this survey will help to inform the first draft of the Charter for a broader review.

We believe this global Charter of Athlete Rights will be a game changer for athletes but we need your help. In the best spirit and interest of athletes around the world, we hope you will participate in this exciting opportunity to use your voice. Let’s show the world that #CDNAthleteLeaders have a strong voice and can answer a call to action when needed!

Survey closes October 31, 2017.

All the very best,

Dasha Peregoudova
President of AthletesCAN
2-time Pan American Champion

Johann Koss
Co-founder of FairSport
4-time Olympic Champion
Speed Skating

Paul Melia
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

FairSport UK and FairSport US will process data submitted through this survey fairly and lawfully only for the creation of the Charter of Athletes Rights, to promote FairSport in the international athlete community and to enable FairSport to assess athletes’ support for the provision of anti-doping whistleblower protection and support. Survey responses will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of your individual responses. By submitting your information you consent to the use of that information as set out in the FairSport Privacy Policy.

FairSport is an independent foundation striving to eradicate cheating in sport. They support confidential sources who speak up to unmask doping, and educate the global public on the value of honesty and integrity in sport.

AthletesCAN, the association of Canada’s national team athletes, is the only fully independent and most inclusive athlete organization in the country and the first organization of its kind in the world. As the collective voice of Canadian national team athletes, AthletesCAN ensures an athlete centered sport system by developing athlete leaders who influence sport policy and, as role models, inspire a strong sport culture.

The CCES is an independent, national, not-for profit organization with a responsibility to administer the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP). We recognize that true sport can make a great difference for individuals, communities and our country. We are committed to working collaboratively to activate a values-based and principle-driven sport system; protecting the integrity of sport from the negative forces of doping and other unethical threats; and advocating for sport that is fair, safe and open to everyone.

Cher (chère) athlète du Canada,

Ce courriel vous donne la chance de façonner une charte mondiale des droits des athlètes qui pourra avoir une incidence sur vous-même et/ou la prochaine génération d’athlètes du monde entier. Veuillez le lire et agir immédiatement.

Comme vous le savez peut-être, le Comité des athlètes de l’AMA a commencé à élaborer uneCharte des droits des sportifs (« CDS ») lors du Symposium antidopage de l’AMA tenu à Lausanne en mars dernier. Depuis, le Comité a invité plusieurs organisations dont FairSport, un certain nombre de comités d’athlètes dont la CA du CIO, des organisations nationales antidopage (ONAD) dont le CCES ainsi qu’AthlètesCAN tout dernièrement pour discuter de la Charte et a rapidement conclu que celle-ci requérait un mandat allant au-delà de la question du dopage en sport. C’est pourquoi on s’affaire actuellement à créer un groupe de travail international qui servira de plateforme collaborative par laquelle la Charte sera élaborée, supervisée et livrée.

Ce projet, inspiré par les nombreux athlètes qui ont exprimé ouvertement leur déception relativement à l’état actuel du sport, établira des mesures concrètes de changement en créant un document qui décrira et définira clairement les droits des athlètes.

Cette Charte veut apporter des changements qui amélioreront le sport en proposant un cadre juridique concret que pourront adopter et promouvoir tous les organismes directeurs de sport aux niveaux national et international. Nous croyons qu’un tel projet pourra accorder à tous les athlètes une meilleure chance de participer à un système sportif équitable en vue d’atteindre leur plein potentiel dans les stades et au-delà des stades.

Pour y arriver, il nous faut obtenir votre point de vue d’une manière directe. Veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour répondre à ce sondage, aider à le transmettre à d’autres athlètes et les encourager à y répondre aussi. Plus nombreuses sont les réponses que nous obtiendrons, plus grande sera notre crédibilité; rappelez-vous, #lecollectif est à son plus fort quand nous nous rassemblons.

Vous n’aurez besoin que de 10 minutes pour compléter ce sondage mais celui-ci aidera à créer un document qui pourra changer à tout jamais le paysage sportif. Quand vous l’aurez complété, nous vous prions de publier un message sur Twitter à @fairsportorg, à @EthicsinSport et à@AthlètesCAN, d’y inclure l’un ou l’autre des mots-clics #AthlètesLeadersCDN, #VoixdelAthlèteou #ChartedesDroitsdesSportifs et de défier vos coéquipières ou coéquipiers d’en faire autant! Les résultats du sondage aideront à inspirer la première ébauche de la Charte qui sera examinée plus largement.

Nous estimons que cette Charte mondiale des droits des sportifs marquera un temps nouveau pour les athlètes mais nous avons besoin de votre aide. Dans le plus grand esprit sportif et dans l’intérêt supérieur des athlètes de partout, nous espérons que vous profiterez de cette chance emballante de faire entendre votre voix. Prouvons au monde entier que les #AthlètesLeadersCDN ont une voix forte et qu’ils peuvent répondre à un appel à l’action quand c’est nécessaire!

Le sondage prendra fin le 31 octobre 2017.

Agréez l’expression de nos sentiments les meilleurs.

Dasha Peregoudova
présidente d’AthlètesCAN
double championne panaméricaine

Johann Koss
fondateur de FairSport
quadruple champion olympique
(patinage de vitesse)

Paul Melia
président et directeur general
Centre canadien pour l’éthique dans le sport

FairSport UK et FairSport US traiteront les données fournies par ce sondage d’une manière équitable et légale dans le seul but de créer la Charte des droits des sportifs, de promouvoir FairSport auprès de la communauté internationale des athlètes et de permettre à FairSport de jauger l’appui des athlètes en faveur de mesures protégeant et soutenant les dénonciateurs en matière d’antidopage. Les réponses au sondage ne seront pas utilisées d’une manière qui permettrait de distinguer vos réponses individuelles. En fournissant vos renseignements, vous consentez à ce qu’ils soient utilisés conformément à la Politique de confidentialité de FairSport.

FairSport est une fondation indépendante qui cherche à éradiquer la tricherie en sport. Elle soutient les sources confidentielles qui s’expriment ouvertement pour dénoncer le dopage et instruit le public mondial sur la valeur de l’honnêteté et de l’intégrité en sport.

AthlètesCAN, l’association des athlètes des équipes nationales canadiennes, est le seul regroupement d’athlètes au pays qui soit totalement indépendant et aussi le plus inclusif, en plus d’être le premier organisme en son genre dans le monde. En tant que porte-parole collectif des athlètes des équipes nationales du Canada, AthlètesCAN s’assure que le système sportif est centré sur l’athlète en formant des athlètes leaders qui influencent les politiques du sport et qui, en tant que modèles de comportement, inspirent une solide culture sportive.

Le CCES est l’organisme national indépendant et à but non lucratif responsable de l’administration du Programme canadien antidopage (PCA). Nous reconnaissons que le sport sain peut faire une grande différence pour les individus, les collectivités et notre pays. Nous avons pris l’engagement de travailler en collaboration à activer un système sportif basé sur des valeurs et animé par des principes; à protéger l’intégrité du sport des forces négatives du dopage et d’autres menaces non éthiques; et à défendre le sport juste, sécuritaire et ouvert à tous.

Contact Us | 17 Johanna Street, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0
Phone (613) 526-4025 | Toll-Free 1-888-832-4222 |
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Mylene Lee
Testing Supervisor
Superviseure des contrôles
+1 613 521 3340 x3248 (t) | |

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Reminder on Nominations for MPA Executive Positions

Below is copied from the Constitution. I have received some nominations but they are missing the communication from the Nominee (4.4 a) which would make it official so I can post it here and on the MPA Website. Please see below if you have nominated someone or intend to nominate someone to sit for election at our AGM.

Election of Directors
4.3 Nominations Committee – The Board will appoint a Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee will be responsible to solicit nominations for the election of the Directors.

4.4 Nomination – Any nomination of an individual for election as a Director will:
a) Include the written consent of the nominee by signed or electronic signature;
b) Comply with the procedures established by the Nominations Committee; and
c) Be submitted to the Registered Office of the Corporation seven (7) days prior to the Annual Meeting. This timeline may be extended by Ordinary Resolution of the Board.

4.5 Nominations from the Floor – Nominations for elections of a Director will only be accepted from the floor if there is not a candidate meeting the requirements defined in Section 4.4.

4.6 Incumbents – Individuals currently on the Board of Directors wishing to be re-elected are not subject to nomination.

Brock Haywood
MPA President

Descriptions of MPA Executive Positions

Below I have copied the descriptions of the Executive positions within the MPA. These are open for nominations for all positions as this is an election year. I am doing this for clarity so the potential candidates understand what the expectation and responsibilities are.

2.1.0 President
2.1.1 The President is the primary point of contact for any outside agencies currently working in association with the MPA or that wish to form an association with the MPA.

2.1.2 The President is the only Director who, with approval from the Board of Directors, can enter into agreements with outside agencies.

2.1.3 The President is responsible for the following:
a) Directing the debate and keeping order at meetings of the Members according to the traditions and rules of parliamentary procedure
b) Presenting all awards at Provincial competitions. This duty may be delegated to other officials provided that all presenters are dressed in a manner appropriate to the occasion and to their office
c) Producing an informational column, to be written three times per year and distributed to each Member for newspaper publishing and for posting on the MPA website
d) Organizing all Provincial Teams
e) Appointing an interim Secretary at a meeting of the Members or a meeting of the Board in the event that the Secretary is absent

2.1.4 In the case of equal voting on a motion at a meeting of the Board, the President, as Chair, will vote a second time to break the tie.

2.2.0 Vice President
2.2.1 The Vice President, is responsible for the following:
a) Supporting Provincial Team members by addressing questions concerns and providing guidance before and after National Events
b) Interfacing between Members and the MPA
c) Distributing grassroots programs to clubs designed to increase participation and capacity
d) Developing and implementing team selection criteria, for consideration by the Technical Committee, for athlete participation in Regional and National level competitions and training camps
e) Acting as the “social media face and voice” of the MPA by liaising and communicating with the public, funding partners, and other parties within and outside of the powerlifting community
f) Performing all the duties of the President, including presiding at meetings of the Board or meetings of the Members, the absence of President.
g) Other duties assigned by the Board

2.3.0 Athlete Liaison
2.3.1 The Athlete Liaison is responsible for the following:
a) Liaising with all provincial level athletes in support of their individual competitive goals
b) Assisting athletes in learning the rules of competition and assisting in the interpretation of the MPA Constitution

2.4.0 Secretary
2.4.1 The Secretary is responsible for the following:
a) Assisting the President in carrying out and conveying the wishes of the Board to the Secretary of the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)
b) Taking and keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Board and meetings of the Members
c) Handling all official MPA correspondence
d) Giving due notice to all Members of a meeting of the Members
e) Updating the MPA Bylaws following any amendments and forwarding a copy to the MPA webmaster for posting on the MPA website within 30 days of the amendments being approved
f) Maintaining and updating the MPA’s policies and procedures as required

2.5.0 Treasurer
2.5.1 The Treasurer is responsible for the following:
a) Supervising the management and the disbursement of funds of the MPA
b) Keeping proper accounting records which will be annually verified by an independent auditor
c) Providing the Board of Directors, monthly bank reconciliations including itemized monthly cash disbursements and deposits along with quarterly financial statements (that include an income statement and balance sheet) to be provided to the Board of Directors within the following month end.
d) Presenting an audited report at the Annual Meeting

2.6.0 Officiating Chairman
2.6.1 The Officiating Chairman may attend meetings of the Board of Directors but is not a Director and may not vote at meetings of the Board.

2.6.2 The Officiating Chairman is responsible for the following:
a) Testing of Provincial Referees
b) Maintaining constant communication with the CPU Officiating Chairmen concerning developments which involve referees and changes to the technical rules
c) Submitting an annual report at the Annual Meeting
d) Conducting an annual Provincial Officiating Clinic for all potential and current referees.
e) Approving the Provincial Referee’s Written Examinations that are being used by all Members
f) Having the final authority on matters involving interpretation of the Technical Rules, with the option of contacting the CPU Technical Committee for clarification when necessary

2.7.0 Records Chairman
2.7.1 The Record Chairman is responsible for the following:
a) The Records Chairman shall maintain communication with the MPA Webmaster to keep online MPA Provincial Records up-to date.
b) The Records Chairman shall be responsible for receiving record applications.

2.8.0 Registration Chairman
2.8.1 The Registration Chairman is responsible the following:
a) The Registration Chairman shall maintain an up-to date list of all provincially-registered members with current contact information.
d) The registration chairman shall liaison with the providers of the electronic membership system and the National Registration Chairman to resolve any registration issues.

Brock Haywood
MPA President


I posted the MPA Constitution as well as updating the MPA records after the Provincials and another file with the Westerns results of Manitobans entered.

Some interesting observations:
A 30 year old Provincial Standard fell to Paige R. Kernot. She replaced Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame member Theresa Brick with her efforts in the Junior 72kg class.

Lot #s pay off as two members beat their fellow lifters by lifting the record first due to lot #.

Congratulations to everyone for your efforts. The Certificates are going to take a little longer.


Western’s Thoughts

Western’s thoughts:

The 2017 CPU Westerns Powerlifting Championships is now in the record books. It was a long process to prepare for this meet. We needed to decide as a Province to submit a bid. When we did that people stepped up and we were connected with Tourism Manitoba who helped us put together a wonderful proposal that was well received. This past February, once the CPU Executive Council decided to award the bid to Manitoba the logistics of meet planning began.
There is now a certain amount of responsibility to host a top notch, first class event for the CPU. We are a growing sport with very competitive athletes. It is our duty as the Provincial affiliate of the CPU and as Meet Directors and Referees to ensure that the highest standard of quality is established and maintained. In that way our athletes will be better prepared as they progress through the ranks and represent Canada on the International stage.
Some of you may have heard me say throughout this process that hosting a meet is a community effort. In Manitoba the MPA has a tradition of working by committee. What that means is that no one person is solely responsible for the success or failure of the event. We get together, work to our strengths and delegate duties to make our powerlifting events happen. I am proud to say that the MPA and her members stepped up in a big way this year.
Susan Haywood and Amanda Burg were the meet directors but it was an effort by more than these two ladies. Amanda did an amazing job of exploring and securing the Victoria Inn as our venue. She also worked very hard to recruit an amazing collection of sponsors to help support our event. Susan used her experience and vision to guide the process and to craft a lifter friendly environment.
Devin Laferriere volunteered to design and make the trophies. He also worked to make the banner that hung behind the platform visually appealing. His work was amazing and I feel that the athletes that won the best lifter awards will have a memento worthy of their trophy case.
Mathew Bowen again stepped up as Volunteer Coordinator to arrange an amazing platoon of spotters and loaders, score table, speaker and sales volunteers that really made the meet flow. I have never seen such a consistent group of volunteers and your help and hard work were very much appreciated. Well done Mathew!
Our Vice President Rob Snow used his creativity and savvy to ensure we had a memorable lifting platform. Rob coordinated the set up and the tear down of the venue and was an eager participant in our organizing meetings while bouncing ideas off of each other out here in the Interlake. He also was acting in an official capacity as Referee or Technical Controller throughout the weekend.
David Gurvey connected us with Tourism Manitoba, he then secured Winnipeg Pins from the city for the lifter bags and used his connections to get Winnipeg’s own Mayor the Honorable Brian Bowman to come to our opening ceremonies and welcome the lifters, coaches and out of province vendors to our city and event.
There were some real work horses on the platform throughout the weekend. Ben Langley helped out for two solid days before flying out to South Africa to compete for Canada in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships. Ryan Kolesar withdrew from the competition due to injury and then worked harder that he would have lifting by spotting for several days. Brooklyn, Anastasia, Thea, Jennifer, Jenny, and the list goes on all worked very hard to cover the various volunteer positions we had available.
Andrew Langelaar built some new Chalk Boxes worthy of powerlifters to use in the back room. Then he lifted on Sunday and was the best overall Junior Male Powerlifter!
We had 207 entries and when the chalk dust settled I believe I counted 185 competitors. There some withdrawals due to sickness or injury and some lifters had conflicts which prevented them from travelling. There were others that did not show but that is the norm for larger meets.
How about those MPA member performances? Amanda Moffitt won her class in the M1 women. CJ Stewart broke the 47kg Women’s Open Benchpress record and had the second highest Wilks Total. She was second only to Hailey Kostynuik who had a massive 456 Wilks and her own National Record. Nhan Nguyen had the second highest Wilks for the men and won Gold in a stacked 83kg weigh class. In fact I believe that Manitoba swept the medals in this class. Jannelle Van Den Bosch not only won her class she secured her first ever 400 Wilks. Kristy Fisher won the 63kg Open Women’s class. Dave Gurvey won the M2 74kg class. Paige Kernot destroyed the competition in the 72kg Junior Women’s class. Megan Swidnicki won Gold and Jocelyn Blake took Silver in the Open Women’s 84kg class. As mentioned Hailey won Gold in the Open 84+ and Lexie Elias took the Bronze in the same class.
In the Junior Men’s division Mathew Roberts took Silver in the 74kg Sub Junior category. Liam Shaw won Gold in the 105 Junior class. Jaydan Sisson took Silver in the 83kg Junior category with Michael Lamothe and Christian Lozano taking the Bronze and fourth respectively in the same class. Phuoc Nhut Tran took Silver in the Junior 105 class and Andrew Langelaar as mentioned won the 120+ Junior Men’s class and the overall best Junior lifter.
The top six places in the Men’s 83kg class belonged to Manitobans. Nhan Nguyen – Gold, Michael Chan – Silver, Henry de Guzman Bronze and Kurt Kornelsen just missing Bronze and finishing fourth. Brian Duaqui was sixth! It was a big class. Devan Normandin tied for third but took fourth on bodyweight in the 93kg class. Devin Laferriere took the Bronze in the Open 120kg class and Daniil Naumov took the Bronze in the Open Men’s 120+ class.
In the Benchpress Jessica Antony took the Gold in the Open Women’s 84kg class. Olimar Gutierrez won the Gold in the Junior Men’s 93kg Bench and Mathew Bowen (puking all the way on his third attempt ) took Silver in the Men’s 83kg Bench.
We got to see Ryan Stinn conquer his long time goal of a 400kg Squat! Also, our friend and neighbour from Atikokan, ON Joe Lecuyer benched a monstrous 255kg and just miss 265kg on his third in the Classic 120+ Open Men’s class.
We had two new National Referees pass their tests. Congratulations to Angelina Van Ryswyk from Alberta and Linda McFeeters from Ontario on accomplishing this feat. Thank you to Bette Festing (BC), Lucas Tetreault (SK), Rhaea Stinn (SK), Shantelle Szuch (SK), Ryan Fowler (SK), and President Mark Giffin for coming to assist Sue, myself, Robert Snow, Krista Sanger, Mathew Bowen and Janet Loesel Sitar in handling the officiating duties.
The sport of Powerlifting can offer us many things. It makes us stronger, improves our self-worth, connects us with the community, and is just darned fun to do. I am very proud to be connected to such a wonderful group of people. I think the future looks bright for our sport overall and our sport within Manitoba.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a success. We will see you on the wood.