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2017 17 Wing Open Meet Report

2017 17 Wing Open Meet Report
The 12th Annual 17 Wing Open Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship have concluded and oh, what a day of lifting we saw! 36 competitors competed over three flights and it took a lot of effort from many people to make that happen.
First and foremost, thank you to our meet directors, Robert Snow and Mathieu Kuhn, members of the 17th Wing Strength Club. They spent their afternoon retrieving the meet equipment before setting up the venue’s stage and warmup area with assistance from but a few personal helpers. The venue looked beautiful. Our directors coordinated with the venue, provided refreshments for our volunteers and referees, ran the day-of operations smoothly throughout the competition, and led the clean-up efforts thereafter. The warm-up room had been disassembled before the end of the awards ceremony! Thank you both very much.
Secondly, to our thank you to all of our volunteers. Without volunteers, our competitions simply cannot take place. Without our platform crew, lifting itself cannot occur. Almost entirely comprised of inexperienced members, our crew was running like a well-oiled machine in no time.
Mikal Thrones showed up unannounced and took on the vacant role of Platform General. Mikal led a team that had ZERO misloads for the day – very impressive. Taha Hijazi handled back spotting duties for the day and did a fantastic job. Brennan McIntyre, Kelvin Lai, Jeff Nguyen, Shawn Obradovic-Mollons and Justin Puffalt worked tirelessly; some without a single break, in order to safely protect our lifters throughout the day. Nearly 300 attempts took place and there was not a single misload, nor did they miss “catching” any failed lift. Outstanding work, gentlemen!
At the head table, Hao-Yi Sim operated our computer and electronic scoresheet without error, Jarett Myskiw managed and recorded the attempts submitted by lifters, Megan Poirer was drafted in as timekeeper, and the combination of Anastasia “Gena” Iurovski, Joey Simms, and Amanda Burg stepped up to the task of announcing. Michael Chan was our relay man from, and coordinator from within, the warm-up area. He helped oversee a safe, fair, efficient warmup space, as well as helping lifters time their journeys from the warmup room to the stage.
A third thank you to our sponsors. Apex Elite (@apexelite_wpg) was on hand taking photographs of the competition and selling merchandise. Lifters will be able to purchase photo packages after those packages have been developed. Contact with name and flight for details! Empty Calories & Co. (@emptycaloriesco) for providing utterly mouth-watering treats for those in attendance. Everything looked and tasted scrumptious. Yum!
On November 24th we had seven new referees pass their Provincial referee exam and were able to have three of them – Jennifer-Grace Cruz, CJ Stewart, and Kristy Fisher – take turns in the side chair for 17 Wing. Krista Sanger and Mathew Bowen called attempts from the head chair. We were fortunate to have Cat 1 Referee and MPA Past President, Brock Haywood, serve as a jury to our referees calling the lifts. The jury serves as a useful tool to deal with objections, clarify issues and explain fouls, answer questions, and provide feedback to referees.
On now to the lifting. Where to begin?! We had a total of 36 entrants compete over three flights. In flight A, Johanna Theroux returned to competition for first place in the 72kg Open class with a couple of personal bests and a 372.5kg total. One of our new Provincial Referees, Thea Olalia, elected to lift as an open lifter, weighing in as a light 84kg lifter at 72.8kg. She overcame laughter and a fast “Squat” command in order to go 9 for 9 with a 365.65 Wilks Score – good for the Best Female Lifter Award and first place in her class. Audrey Mifflin secured first place in the 84+ class, recovering from a missed second deadlift, going 8 for 9.
In the M1 72kg class, long-time rivals Janet Loesel Sitar and Amanda Moffitt duked it out once again. Amanda managed to hit a new personal best squat of 95kg and obtained a 270kg total. Janet made the cut down from the 84kg class and was able to secure two new M1 72kg provincial records with a 152.5kg deadlift and 330kg total!
MPA Vice-President, Susan Haywood, competed against herself in the M3 84kg class, and set two new provincial records with a 50kg bench press and 217.5kg total. Our female Bench Press Only lifters, Jessica Antony and Alyssa Amanda Burg, both secured qualifying totals for Nationals and won their respective 84 and 84+ kg Open classes with 67.5kg and 80kg Personal Bests! Congratulations to all of our female lifters!
On to the men. Nathaniel Woodward (and his fan club) showed up as our solo Subjunior competitor, going 5 for 9 in his first meet and earning a 362.5 kg total; setting all four provincial records in the 66kg Subjunior class. Welcome to the sport, Nathaniel! Jordan Smith shook off his nerves and had a fantastic day, setting three records in the 59 Junior class with a 117.5kg squat, 75kg Bench Press and a total of 326.5kg. Jayson Palapuz returned to the 66kg Junior class, setting three records as well. He finished with a 180kg squat, 227.5kg deadlift, and 517.5kg total; managing to achieve an impressive 407.25 Wilks score. Joshua “340” Japson managed to lock out all three of his deadlifts, becoming “Mr. 391” with a 391.73 wilks and first place in the 74kg junior class.
*Edit: Jonathon Leung gets his own paragraph because yours truly is ignorant and left him out! This man went 7 for 9 and upgraded from The 1000lbs Club to the 500kg Club, and earned a gold medal in the 74kg Open class! Pretty impressive for self admitted dehydrated member of #TeamForgotHowToWarmup. Well done, sir!*
Flight B consisted entirely of 83kg lifters! 83kg is by far the most populated set of weight classes in Manitoba Powerlifting today, and featured our most competitive lifting of the day at 17 Wing. We had 6 lifters in the 83kg junior class. Matthew Delaurier was unable to total due to not successfully completing a squat, but he did have the second highest bench press of the grouping with 125kg. Though Nolan Novotny lifted in flight C due weighing in light, fourth place turned out to be a battle. Patrick Barbaro was able to score 427.5kg and Nolan Novotny fell short by just 2.5kg. Thomas Crandall was a step up and took bronze with a 442.5 total. Alexander Palmer improved upon his bests, taking silver with a 557.5kg total and 375.59 Wilks. Our 83kg junior gold medalist, and Best Junior Lifter of the day, Jonah Dabu, scored a 414.31 Wilks coefficient. He broke the squat record with 220.5kg aiding him towards a new record total of 620.5kg!
The 83kg Open class featured the tightest competition of the contest. There were two tough battles between four competitors – one for bronze and one for gold. Victor Aguilar-Bajaras and Skyler Lanting each entered on short notice, as they were initially reserves prior to other entrants having withdrawn their entries. Skyler was likely watching the score board before he hit his third deadlift, finishing with 552.5kg, 2.5 kg greater than Victor’s then-subtotal. However, Victor managed to successfully lockout his third deadlift and take bronze with 557.5kg. The most heated battle of the event was for the gold medal in the 83kg class. Adrian Theroux won the squat battle 225kg to 210kg, Russell Salada won the bench battle with a 120kg to 105kg. Tied at that point, it all came down to deadlifts. Both men entered 262.5kg for third attempts. Russell and his delayed reaction managed to complete his lift for a 592.5kg total, while Adrian did not manage to lockout his third attempt, finishing with 590. Congratulations to both men for their performances and results.
Our 83kg Open Bench Press Only class featured Dereck Illarde and Nhan Nguyen. Both men have been battling back injuries but this has evidently not slowed down their bench press progress, as both men went 3 for 3. Dereck has managed to sharpen his technique and add 25kg to his competitive bench press best since February, finishing with a remarkable 145kg third attempt. Nhan broke the 83kg bench only record pushing the class ceiling to 160kg. The 83 kg classes provide a great reminder that while we don’t often see it at the local level, powerlifting is first and foremost a *sport*. Kudos, gentlemen.
Onward to flight C! Daniel Monteverde was able to rehab a lingering injury in his offseason and return to full meet competition with ferocity. He finished with a 545kg total, going 8 for 9 and taking the first place medal in the 93kg Open class. The 105kg Open class had four competitors within. Burton Duncan was another last minute entrant who finished with 430kg. New MPA Provincial Referee Gord Grimolfson didn’t have the best showing of his career, but he still managed to take a bronze medal with 510kg. Young Jorrel Marasigan opted to enter the Open division in order to face lifters on game day, and he earned himself a silver medal and a 555kg total. Andrew McPherson took the gold medal in his competitive debut. He was able to adapt throughout the day, adjusting some technical issues and finishing with a commendable 580kg total.
Justin Foy sure overcame those butterflies he was experiencing during weigh-ins with fine technical lifting and a 7 for 9, 530kg total; good for first place in the 120kg Open class. Our 120+kg Open men both lifted spectacularly. He passed on two squats and one deadlift, going 3 for 6, but Brett Coulter finally secured himself a total! Congratulations, sir. 17 Wing member Tyler MacInnis wound up being the best Male Lifter and Best Military Lifter of the day, achieving a landmark military record deadlift of 317.5kg, or roughly 700lbs! He squatted 290kg, benched 165kg and totalled 772.5kg, tying his previous best total in this class.
Our 105kg M1 class saw both competitors go 9 for 9. Josh Seeland stood tall in second place, finishing with 552.5kg. Team Canada World Competitor Vince Green increased the class record bench press to 172.5 kg and took first place overall. Last but not least, our feel good story of the day was new competitor David Ouellette. At 61 years young, Dave showed up to help volunteer at Westerns in September, where he was inspired to enter a competition. He began training for the next available meet, the 17 Wing Open, and set his sights on obtaining a Provincial Qualifying total of 362.5 in the 93kg M3 class. He missed his squat opener due to a misstep but went 8 for 9 thereafter, ripping a third deadlift of 155kg – good for a 367.5kg total. See you at Provincials, Dave!
Thank you once more to the 17th Wing Strength Club and the 17th Wing Base for hosting a successful, 12th Annual 17th Wing Open Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship. The MPA and its Executive are ever grateful to our meet directors, competitors, coaches, sponsors, volunteers, officials, families and friends for supporting the MPA and allowing us to grow. Big things are on the horizon for the MPA. Stay tuned to our website for changes, updates, and postings. Our next event, the annual Brickhouse Power Challenge, is being scheduled to take place on February 3rd, 2018 at the King Edward Brickhouse location in Winnipeg. Confirmation details to be posted in coming days. See you there!
Mathew Bowen
MPA President
MPA Provincial Referee

2017 BrickHouse Meet Summary

2017 BrickHouse Meet Summary

This will not be my formerly long and detailed commentary about the meet highlighting the battles and achievements made by every competitor. The nice problem I find myself facing since last year is that our meets in Manitoba are growing and there are 40 – 50 competitors coming out now which makes my former more intimate style of commenting too labour intensive. However, it will still be my primary objective to acknowledge the Volunteers that are helping to make the MPA events successful. So without further ado here we go… Continue reading 2017 BrickHouse Meet Summary

2016 Portage Strength Classic Meet Report

2016 Portage Strength Classic Meet Report

Well the flurry of activity and lifting excitement that was the 2016 Portage Strength Classic has come to an end. I sit here beginning to compose this meet report listening to the echo of Gino Powerlifting on the live feed from the IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships in Killeen Texas where the Master’s Women are presently competing. There is the sustained enthusiastic drawn out call of “World Record” as the plates clang, the lifters strain and the crowd and Gino scream in enthusiastic unison. Much like yesterday at the Southport Recreation Center in Portage la Prairie (although on a smaller scale) the members and friends and family of the MPA participated in the third meet of the year, screaming and cheering for their favourites with a comparable level of gusto as we can observe in Texas.

Travis Mattice and Vince Green did the lion’s share of the work to organize the logistics and the venue. This was our second visit to the Southport Rec Centre and it was again an enjoyable one. Vince and Travis had kept the MPA competition equipment since the Embark Open and brought it to the venue where they set everything up on Friday night.

The MPA is enjoying an expansion of the ranks of our officials this year so with the desire to help comes the delegation of duties. Krista Vanderwaeter, Shawn McCarthy and Mathew Bowen were asked to organize the paperwork for this meet which was the first time for all of them. Most lifters do not see this part of a meet or understand how much work goes into a well-run event however, if this organizational piece is not done, the quality of the meet can suffer. In order to uphold our responsibility to the lifters, the CPU and the IPF it is incumbent upon the officials to prepare the paperwork in a diligent and thorough manner, our “newly minted” Provincial Referees did a great job!

So, I did have a volunteer’s list at the head table but it did not make it back home! Unfortunately, I will miss some very important people who helped out all day and worked their collective buns off. Please send me an e-mail or add the names to the post when it is published. As previously mentioned Travis and Vince did a lot of work yesterday. Setup on Friday night and spotting and loading all day Saturday. The other spotters were…….several lifters from McDole’s Gym who were there to cheer on their fellow gym members, Travis’ son who was taking a video of the meet and changing rack heights, Trent Monk who helped out after benching, Kurtis Tallaire who appeared and then kept the fading crew going with his youth and enthusiasm. There was a young man at the beginning who had heard about the meet and arrived to help out lifting plates. I recall seeing Andrew Langelaar step in and assist for a bit too! On the microphone we had Portage City Counsellor, Strong Man, Arm Wrestler, Powerlifter, MMA Fighter and the originator of the PSC; Ryan Espey! Ryan is a busy man as you can see but he has a great knowledge of strength sports and a fine voice to announce an event. Joining me at the Head Table was Alexis who happened to come along to the event with Amanda Burg and was convinced to assist at the Scoretable for the entire day. Alexis did a marvelous job of keeping the information flowing and tracking all of the attempts handed in and correlating them to the scorecards. Thank you very much for all of your help yesterday as it is not an easy task when you know what is going on never mind when you are learning the ropes as the meet progresses.

Two of our Referees were also competitors yesterday. Krista Vanderwaeter and Susan Haywood competed in the Benchpress and the Powerlifting respectively. Krista set a personal best in the Bench shirt and then donned her Referee’s attire to officiate for the rest of the day. Sue began the day conducting the weigh-ins and then officiated the Benchpress portion of the even before getting into her singlet and knocking it out of the park with a solid 9/9 performance. Shawn McCarthy and Mathew Bowen shared the referee’s duties with Krista and Sue overseeing almost 300 attempts on the day. Great work everyone!

There were 13 women who came out to compete and a good portion of them were there for the first time. One of these was Junior 63kg competitor and Fiancée of Ryan Kolesar one Brooklyn Leverick. It was obvious to me that Brooklyn’s form and precision on the platform were a factor of training with Ryan and cousin Ben Langely in order to prepare. Brooklyn only missed her second Benchpress to post a solid 257.5kg total for the gold! Brooklyn also had the highest coefficient and therefore was the Best Junior Woman Powerlifter on the day.

We had another junior woman competing and she was in the 84kg class. Anastasia Iurovski did very well at her first meet too only missing a third squat and bench for a total of 312.5kg and first place!

There were two Masters I women to battle it out in the 72kg class. Margo Morberg Berry and Amanda Moffitt stepped onto the platform again and both showed improvements to their lifting. Margo trains at the Brickhouse and is showing the fruit of her efforts, squatting 90kg struggling with her bench with one good lift of 57.5kg and showing some very good deadlifting strength with a 130kg best. As most will remember Margo solidly pulled 135kg too but in her moment of triumph she dropped her last pull releasing the bar from her hands before it reached the floor and having the lift turned down by the officials. An adjustment of the training habits should prevent this from happening in the future. Amanda was showing some improvement in technique which helped her to a best squat of 70kg, a bench of 60kg and a 115 deadlift for a 245kg total to Margo’s 277.5. This may have been a personal best for Amanda.

Susan Haywood appeared in her third meet of the year during this her 20th year of competing in the sport of Powerlifting. Sue was looking to have “FUN” and put up a solid total which would give her the provincial records in both the M2 and M3 Women’s Unequipped categories! Sue did not disappoint at all and went 9/9 with a 67.5kg squat, 47.5kg in the bench and 80kg in the deadlift for a 195kg total! I noticed in looking at the Age adjusted Wilks total it was good for a 262.588 which Susan was very happy with. As far as the “FUN” portion of Susan’s goals……………………………I think it was a success as she was laughing, cheering on and helping her fellow competitors with great joy and enthusiasm.

There was a single competitor in the 63kg Women’s Open class and that lifter was Jennie Wilson from Brandon. Jennie had competed for the first time at the Embark Open and made the drive with a new wild colour for her hair and a good performance on the platform. Jennie moved 102.5kg in the squat and went 2/3 in the bench with a best of 65 but had trouble moving more than 102.5kg for her deadlift. Jennie took two tries at 110kg but it proved too heavy on this day. I believe some time working on the pull from some blocks will aid the initial effort and help to get that deadlift moving off the floor.

The 72kg Women’s Open class had two competitors. Johanna Theroux continues to refine her technique and improve her lifting with what I believe is her third overall competition. Johanna was challenged by first time lifter Kyla Lambert. This was a close one in the squat as both ladies opened with 95kg. Kyla then went to 102.5 to Johanna’s 100. On the third attempts Johanna asked for and lifted 110kg to Kyla’s 107.5 for a 2.5kg lead. Johanna’s forte is the Bench and she happens to be the current Provincial Record holder for this class. Johanna opened up with 70kg which was 30kg more than Kyla’s first attempt. The gap widened as Johanna pushed up all three attempts for a best of 80kg to Kyla’s opener of 40kg. The deadlift only widened the gap further as Johanna finished off with 142.5kg to 115kg for Kyla. Giving Johanna her second Gold in this class with a 322.5kg total to Kyla’s excellent first time outing of 262.5kg for the Silver.

The Open 84kg class had three competitors vying for supremacy and it seems all three had an off day on the squat! Only 3 of the 9 attempts were successful for Megan Swidnicki, Dominique Slobodzian and Jessica Antony. Megan was able to get in her first squat of 110kg to Jessica’s 85kg first attempt and Dominique fighting a bout of the nerves needed three tries to eventually be successful with 82.5kg. The bench went a little better with Megan extending her lead with 72.5kg, Jessica pressing 60kg and Dominique successful with 47.5kg on her third. The deadlift proved to be much better for all three ladies as Megan showed some impressive strength finishing off with a 162.5kg/357lb Deadlift and a 345kg total for the win. Dominique steadily built on her total surpassing Jessica with a 137.5kg third attempt which equaled Jessica’s total and beat her on bodyweight! Jessica pulled 122.5 for a 267.5kg total and third place. Well done ladies! In addition, Megan was the Best Open Women’s lifter on the day!

Audrey Mifflin and Sarah Farr scrapped it out in the Women’s Open 84+ category. Although, “scrapping it out” is not a fair description as both of these ladies are very easy going individuals. This was Sarah’s first official powerlifting meet and she has been training at the 17 Wing Strength Club with Krista and Rob Snow to prepare for this. I’m not sure where Audrey trains but she proved to have a good base. Audrey was 7/9 on the day missing her second bench and waiving her third. Sarah went 9/9 and steadily built on her total smiling, dancing and having fun the whole time. Audrey had the advantage in the squat with 112.5 to 102.5 for Sarah. Sarah gained some back some ground on the bench pressing 67.5kg to Audrey’s 60kg. However, Audrey likes to deadlift it seems and she pulled a 155kg deadlift for a 327.5kg total and the win! Saran finished with a 120kg deadlift and a 290kg total for a very respectable second place finish.

There were five Junior Men lifting in three of the weight classes yesterday. Michael Chan was alone in the Junior 83kg Unequipped class; there were three lifters in the 93kg Junior Unequipped class and a single 120kg competitor.

Michael Chan has demonstrated some serious strength for a young man as evidenced by his 415 Wilks Coefficient Total, which by the way was the highest Wilks on the day! This was achieved by a 190kg squat a solid 145kg bench (best of all the Junior lifters) and again a 272.5kg Deadlift to top it off and a 607.5kg total to top it off! Very nice lifting by Michael on only his second competition.

There were three lifters in the Junior 93kg class. Olimar Gutierrez was back for a second time from his debut at the Brickhouse Gym Meet in February. He squatted 212.5kg to take the lead but only pressed 82.5kg waiving his second and third lifts due to an injury. This was unfortunate as Olimar possesses a very good Benchpress as he was close to pressing 400lbs in the Brickhouse Meet! Perhaps it was a strategy to allow his fellow lifters a glimmer of hope? Was this what Kurt Pili and his coaches were thinking when they noticed they were tied at the sub-total with 295kg each? Teagan Friesen was not far behind with a 167.5kg squat and a 97.5kg bench for a 265kg sub either. Mmmmm! Let’s see what the deadlift holds….well, all three did very well in the deadlift without a missed attempt! Olimar finished with 250kg; Kurt with 225kg and Teagan with 210kg. Totals revealed that Olimar was in first with 545; Kurt won second with a 520kg total and Teagan was third with a 475kg total.

Brandon Sutherland was competing against the bar and his own expectations in the Junior 120kg class. Brandon was finding this a challenging day as he was 4/9 on the day. Brandon’s greatest success was in the squat where he managed two successful attempts with a best of 190kg. Brandon benched 140kg and pulled 240kg for a 570kg total. I see a lot of potential in Brandon’s lifting, he will need to work on getting more successful attempts on the board to demonstrate his progress.

The 74kg Men’s Open Unequipped class is set to become a very competitive one in Manitoba. Adding Kevin Le and Jonathan Leung to the talent pool can only bode well for the future of the competitiveness in this class. Kevin Le managed a 5/9 day but that include two unsuccessful (barely on the 2nd attempt) at the Provincial record deadlift. Kevin’s went 3/3 on his squats with a 190kg best, a single successful bench of 130 and a 235kg deadlift for a 542.5kg total! Jonathan Leung solidly and methodically built on his total by not missing a lift and finishing with 472.5kg via 182.5, 105 and 185 for the lifts.

There were four lifters in the Men’s 83kg Open class. This class showed some very good lifting and a savvy third deadlift selection for a medal as part of the highlights. At the end of the squats the four lifters were separated by only 25kg. Dino Camire was on top with a best of 200kg, Henry de Guzman was next with a 195kg squat followed by Daniel Collette with a 180 and Daniel Santos with 175kg. The bench proved to be a challenge for all but Daniel C. who went 3/3 finishing with 117.5kg. Daniel S. finished up with 102.5kg setting the stage for the “Battle of the Daniels” in the deadlift. Henry only needed his first bench of 132.5kg to have the best bench of the class. Dino pressed 127.5kg and then took a HUGE jump to 142.5 which was not in the script for the day. The deadlifts proceeded with great success as there was only a single attempt missed for all four men. Dino pulled the largest deadlift for a 562.5kg total and the win just a week after a Bodybuilding competition. Well done Dino! Dino’s performance was good enough to narrowly edge out Devin Normandin for the Best Male Open Powerlifter of the meet too. Henry pulled his third attempt at 227.5kg to lock up 2nd with a 555kg total.

Now, back to the battle of the Daniels. With the first deadlifts Daniel Santos pulled even with Daniel Collette by pulling 190kg to 170kg. Now both men were at a sub-total of 467.5kg. On seconds, Daniel Collette pulls 180kg for a subtotal of 477.5kg Daniel Santos pulls 205kg to take a lead in the subtotal of 482.5kg. Daniel Collette goes up another 10kg to 190 and is successful for a 487.5kg total. Daniel Santos puts 212.5kg on the bar as he weighs more than Daniel C. and therefore he has to total more in order to jump to 3rd place. Well, Daniel Santos did it and he moved into third with some deft number calling and a total of 490kg for the Bronze. A well fought battle for a placing in the meet.

The Men’s 93 kg Open class had two competitors and with a few more successful attempts this could have been a much closer affair. Devin Normandin went 3/3 in the squat to finish with 200kg to the 185 for Timothy Galang. However, Timothy missed attempts at 200 and 215kg which if he had been successful would have pushed Devin a little more. Both men had good benching sessions not missing a lift. Devin improved his lead with a 20kg higher bench of 165kg to Tim’s 145. The Deadlifts also proceeded without failure with Devin pulling 242.5kg to 230kg for Timothy. Devin wins with a 607.5kg total to 560kg for Timothy.

There was another weight class with four competitors in the 105 Open Men’s category. The squats would prove to be close as three men were within 5kg of each other after the dust settled. Jordan Wolfman had the best attempt at 210kg; Mike Noone was next with 187.5kg; Daniel (yes another Daniel) Monteverde was good for 185kg; and Gord Grimolfson was in there with 182.5kg at his first meet. This group collectively were successful with 50% of their benches. Daniel was on top with 130kg; Gord was next with 117.5; Jordan with 110kg and Mike with 105kg. The deadlifts proved interesting with Mike pulling 185kg for a 477.5kg total and fourth place. Gord and Daniel had a battle for second with Daniel going 3/3 and finishing with 207.5kg and a 522.5kg total. Gord had to re-take his second pull at 220kg so I believe that prevented him from pulling the 5kg more he needed on his third to take the win. Gord finished with 520kg. Jordan proved that having a good deadlift helps to win contests as he pulled 227.5kg for the win with a 542.5kg total.

Mathieu Kuhn was alone in the Open 120kg class. This was Mathieu’s first meet back in Manitoba since being re-posted here. Mathieu had competed years ago at the 17 Wing meets and is a MPA record holder in the Military class of the Benchpress. Mathieu had a good day going 7/9 with a 220kg squat, a 150kg bench and a 230kg deadlift for a 600kg total. Well done!

Danil Naumov was alone as well in the 120+ Men’s Open class. He very conservatively lifted a 215kg squat, a 125kg bench and a 210 deadlift for a 550kg total. I believe with Danil’s build he is capable of some large numbers if he puts his mind to it. C’mon Danil, let’s see what you can do next time.

We had three individuals compete in the Benchpress portion of the 2016 version of the Portage Strength Classic. We were playing with as many as 5 – 6 lifters for the Benchpress but there were withdrawals for various reasons. In the end injuries dictated who was going to test their bench and it was up to Amanda Burg and Trent Monk to see how much they could do without a Bench Shirt in the Unequipped division. Amanda pressed a good second attempt at 72.5kg for the win in the 84+ Women’s Open Benchpress class. Trent was nursing a hamstring injury and he mustered a 100kg first attempt for the first place in the 83kg Men’s Open Unequipped Bench. Krista Vanderwaeter proved that she is a benching demon in her Blue Katana shirt and her personalized foot blocks as she went 3/3 pressing 107.5kg and not only taking her class but also the trophy for the best Benchpresser at the meet. Congratulations Krista!!

Well, these reports are taking me longer to complete so I may try to change my format with our meets growing the way they do. It was a wonderful day of lifting in Manitoba! Our sport is growing as there were many first time lifters again at this meet. The crowd was vocal and encouraging to everyone and they stayed for the entire day!! Thank you to Travis, Vince and their respective families for taking on this meet and making it a success. Thank you to all of the spotters and loaders who helped out and pitched in yesterday. We cannot do this without the help of volunteers. Thanks to the Referees and the other people who pitched in or offered to in order to make this meet successful. We’ll see you on the wood at the Provincials in September.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

2016 Westman Embark Open Meet Report

2016 Westman Embark Open Meet Report

Saturday April 2, 2016 turned out to be quite a day for the powerlifting community of Brandon Manitoba. This was the first time that the MPA has had a powerlifting event hosted in Manitoba’s second largest city…….the “Wheat City” (a theme that will be elaborated on later). By all accounts it was a successful event as the performances by the lifters was an excellent representation of how our sport is growing. The spectator turnout was very good as Embark Fitness 365 our venue and the facility owned by Carrie White proved to be a cozy, energetic and buzzing facility yesterday as 32 Powerlifters and their training partners, friends and family descended to the building at 101 Industrial Drive in Brandon Manitoba for yesterday’s event.
This event was the brainchild of Amanda Moffitt, a long time Benchpress competitor in our sport and Mathew Bowen, a young lifter who is grabbing life by the horns and wrestling with it with enthusiasm. Amanda has been making the drive to Winnipeg in the treacherous spring conditions for years and thought; “why not lift at home?” Mathew is one of our most recently certified Provincial Referees. He is also just graduated from University, competed at his first Nationals, earned his first Manitoba record for the squat (and announced the successful attempt when it was surpassed at this meet) and he chose to move the day before the event!!
As with most events there is a lot of behind the scenes activities that occur to ensure the meet is organized, well run and runs with as few glitches as possible. Amanda did a lot of the leg work of connecting with Carrie, arranging for chairs and curtains. Mathew was connecting regularly with Susan Haywood discussing the entries, paperwork, trophies etc.
The MPA competition equipment needed to be transported from the 17 Wing to Brandon. On Thursday March 31st Krista Vandewaeter, Rob Snow and yours truly met up and schlepped the weights onto my truck and Rob’s van. On Friday April 1st Ryan Kolesar and Ben Langley picked up the remainder of the weights and brought them out to Brandon. Friday was a flurry of activity as the trucks were unloaded and the venue arranged after Carrie’s last class of the day at 18:30 hrs. Understand that Carrie had to post to her gym members that she was closed on Saturday! Amanda, her husband (name?) and her brother (name?) helped with the unloading and set up.
On Saturday morning everyone was there bright and early for weigh-ins. The officiating duties were being handled by Rob, Krista and Shawn McCarthy (another newly minted Referee). Sarah Farr training partner and travelling companion of Krista (also a BIG fan of David Bowie apparently) was there to assist with the setting up of the head table and then worked the entire day running the score cards. Sarah’s presence and personality made the long day enjoyable for everyone. The attempt cards and scorecards were handled flawlessly and she kept her cool throughout the day. Sarah was also one of the last to leave as she was vacuuming the gym while Carrie was mopping after it was all over.
Rob, Krista and Shawn each took turns sitting in the head chair throughout the day. This was only the second time in recent memory where this writer was not sitting in the referee’s chair. The officiating was consistent and provided an excellent opportunity for all to build on their experience in the chair.
I know the next line is often a theme of mine in these reports but …we cannot do this without volunteers and the most important people on the platform are the spotters and loaders!! We had a good mix of experience and new blood at this competition. Portage la Prairie was well represented by the Meet Directors for our next event (The Portage Strength Classic) in the persons of Vince Green and Travis Mattice. Both were fresh off an excellent performance at the Nationals and handled some of the heavy lifting throughout the afternoon. Kurtis Tallaire was there too! Brining his enthusiasm, speed and sense of humour to the platform. Devin Laferriere worked very hard throughout the day as well. There were several gentlemen from Brandon that Mathew had recruited Eduardo, Ronnie, Matt, Elliot (Amanda’s better half I believe). I think it was an eye opener for the first timers when they realized how hard spotting and loading was/is. As mentioned on the Head Table was Sarah Farr – time cards and timer, Mathew Bowen – announcing (as well as number calling for one of his lifters), Travis Campbell sat in at the computer while I was coaching Susan other than that I was running the lifting program and doing some timing, etc. Lana Lorenco was there to assist as well both during the set up on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday. Mathew also secured some sponsorship in Katy’s Cookies as samples and gift bags were supplied for the winners of the classes. In advance, I would like to apologize if I have missed anyone’s name. Please reach out to me and I will make the necessary acknowledgements if I have overlooked anyone.
Onto the meet! I will try to keep it briefer as there are a lot of competitors to keep track of. The women made up Flight A and the lightest lifter was Jennie Wilson in the 63kg class. Jennie had a very good day going 8/9 only missing one squat. She had a nice cheering section of Nieces who were yelling and encouraging “Auntie Jennie” onto to success. Jennie totalled 272.5 for the Gold.
The 72kg class had a sequel to the battle in February at the Brickhouse meet. Kristine McLean and Johanna Theroux went head to head in February and again here in April. During the first encounter Kristine came out on top, at this meet the positions were reversed and Johanna was the winner by 2.5kg. Kristine has the bigger squat, but Johanna has the stronger bench, and yesterday they were equal on the deadlift which left Johanna’s bench as the deciding factor as she held the 2.5kg lead she had at the subtotal through to the end. Congratulations ladies! I’m sure you will entertain us with more close contests in the future.
Megan Smith has a solid debut in the 84kg class missing only a single bench to achieve a 240kg total and first place. Well done Megan!
Alyssa Amanda Burg and Lexie Elias were set for battle in the 84+Kg Women’s Open class. Both ladies also competed in Regina at the Nationals. Amanda achieving a Gold in the Benchpress and Lexie fought it out in the very competitive 84+ Women’s Open class placing well. Yesterday, Lexie had the advantage in weight on each of the lifts totalling 410kg to Amanda’s 340kg total. Both only missed two lifts to get there and Lexie was pleasantly surprised that she had won the Gold after the dust settled.
There were four Benchers at this contest. Two were Unequipped and two lifted Equipped and each one was in a weight class on their own. Co-Meet Director Amanda Moffitt was going for a Provincial Record in the 72kg Women’s M1 Benchpress. Amanda was successful with two of her three attempts for a 57.5kg total. Susan Haywood was looking for redemption from her performance at Nationals. There was a solid game plan with Sue opening in her T-shirt and then donning the Bench Shirt to take a crack at her own M3 84+ record. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as there was difficulties touching the bar to her chest. So, a total was achieved but her goal was not met. John Skeavington risked an almost due pregnant wife’s ire as he came and lifted well in the Men’s Open 105kg class going 3/3 and taking home the Gold with a 112.5kg bench for the new baby to be. Robert Waller was stepping over to the “Dark Side” by lifting for the first time in a Bench Shirt. Rob did well achieving a 157.5kg total in the 93kg Open Men’s class and qualifying for Nationals. Rob was the Best Benchpresser and achieved the “Wheat Thins” award to go with it!
We had a good mix of Junior lifters at this competition. There was some solid competition in several classes. The Best Junior Lifter or “Mini Wheat” was none other than Ben Langley!! Ben was on fire in the 74kg Men’s Junior Class and was fulfilling the anticipated battle between another 74kg Open lifter Nhan Nguyen. Both gentlemen had been using Social Media to call each other out and challenge each other to higher totals. Ben went 7/9 totalling 637.5kg and achieving a Wilks Formula Total of 466.778!! Ben’s last deadlift would have given him possibly the highest Unequipped Wilks in the Province but it proved a little too heavy.
There were three lifters in the 83kg Men’s Junior class. Riley Bertrand, Mikal Thrones and Michael Chan. There was some excellent lifting by all three. I believe Riley destroyed the aforementioned 83kg Open Provincial Squat record with a very easy 220kg after some nerves and forgetting the signals on his first attempt. Riley played it conservative on his Bench and took a single deadlift due to a nasty scrape on his thigh that was bleeding through the medical tape. My understanding is that Riley did enough to qualify for the Westerns which was his goal. Mikal squatted well but ran into some difficulty in the bench and then pulled opener at 227.5 but re-aggravated an injury preventing a second pull, he waved his third for a 542.5kg total and a second place. Michael Chan also missed his first squat but then settled down until missing his third bench at 145kg, he was good for 140kg on his second. The deadlift proved to be Michael’s lift as he solidly went 3/3 finishing with a strong pull of 275kg and a total of 607.5kg and a 413 Wilks at his first meet! A very good weight class of lifting!
The 93kg Men’s Junior Class had two lifters Nicholas Thrones and Teagan Friesen. Interestingly, both young men had difficulty with their respective benches. Nicholas getting his first and subsequently missing the next two. Teagan really needed his third bench to stay in the meet and when he sorted out the technical glitches he got it! Deadlifts proved easier as Teagan pulled 3/3 for a best of 187.5 and a 440kg total for the Silver. Nicholas pulled 237.5kg in the deadlift and totalled 547.5 for the Gold.
The 105 Junior class had three competitors. Ali Jasim, Theodore Farough and Dominic Picard. These three chose their attempts wisely as between the three there was only a single failed attempt in the 27 attempts. Ali missed his last bench with Theo and Dom going 9/9. Dominic was the winner with a 602.5kg total to Theo’s 460kg total and Ali’s 452.5. An excellent display of lifting and I think it bodes well that we have competitive Junior classes in Manitoba now.
There were also two 120kg Junior lifters in Colby Falk and Brandon Sutherland. Again, as in the 105 class above there were few misses with each lifter missing only a single bench. Colby had the edge in the squat which proved enough to stay ahead of Brandon’s stronger Bench and Deadlift. Colby earned the Gold with a 610kg total to Brandon’s 580! This too should be a rivalry to watch in the future.
In the Men’s Open Unequipped classes there was also some excellent first time competitors showing off their hard work. Nhan Nguyen was “alone” in the 74kg class buts as previously mentioned he and Ben Langley have been pushing each other to better performances and have been trading the MPA Open records back and forth for the past year. Nhan looked to be slightly off yesterday as he struggled in his squat only getting his opener. Benches were easier and he was able to pull 2/3 of his deadlifts for a 612.5kg total and a 443 Wilks which made him; “Cream of Wheat” as the best Open Male lifter of the meet.
The 83kg Open class had FIVE (5) lifters vying for a spot on the podium. Chad Walls had gained some weight and confidence to lift at his second event. Chad improved on all of his lifts totalling 452.5 and fifth place in this full class. Adrian Theroux came to lift at his first meet sporting a fiery red beard and some solid training to help him go 8/9 and totalling 565kg for fourth. He was not far away from the podium as there were two lifters above him with identical 572.5kg totals! Dino Camire and Reuben Doerkson finished with identical totals. Dino had a 2.5kg lead after the squats and a 7.5kg lead after the benches. Reuben was the lighter man and he pulled 7.5kg more than Dino to snatch the Silver medal by tying and beating Dino by being the lighter man. Quin Ferguson returned to the platform sporting a “devil may care” haircut and a smart mustache. Since last year’s Nationals in St. John’s, Quin has been injured. Quin went 7/9 achieving a 605 total and a 417 Wilks for the Gold medal in this close weight class.
The 93kg Men’s Open class had two newcomers battling it out in Tynan Friesen and Devan Normandin. Tynan went 8/9 missing only his first Bench for raising his head off the bench. He totalled 537.5kg for the Silver. This was an excellent first performance for Tynan, brother Teagan and their gym mates. Devan displayed some serious bench chops by succeeding with 160kg on his third for a 577.5kg total.
John Williams had some real challenges with the technical aspects of the lifting yesterday. John was alone in the 120kg Men’s Open Unequipped class but could not secure a squat to the satisfaction of the judges. He also found the bench a challenge as he took three tries to nail his opener. John then made two solid deadlifts before failing with his third. Therefore, John did not achieve a total and did not place. I am sure that he will learn from his errors and return to the platform to show us what he is truly capable of. Good luck next time John.
Jericho Belmonte needed three tries to get his opening squat before he settled down to take control of his nerves and achieve a total and the Gold in the 120+ Unequipped Open Men’s category. Jericho looks like he has a lot of potential and a good sense of humour as he completed a lovely “hair flip” (Avi Silverberg should have been watching) during the final deadlift of the day where Jericho pulled 250kg for a 587.5 kg total.
We only had one Equipped lifter in the powerlifting event and it was Jeremy Lundgren from Saskatchewan. Jeremy has been a long-time friend of the MPA and has come here to compete in the past. He was able to squat 260kg, bench 197.5 before being humbled by his deadlift only succeeding with his first at 240kg and failing with 250kg twice. This was good for a 697.5kg total and the win. Jeremy was close to a 400 Wilks as well. The sky is the limit Jeremy……………………….you decide.
So there you have the synopsis of yesterday’s events. Tear down was quick with help from everyone and another powerlifting convoy took the equipment to Portage la Prairie for the 2016 Portage Strength Classic on June 18th. Again, I cannot express enough thanks to the owner of the venue Carrie White for allowing the MPA to use the facilities at Embark Fitness 365 for a very successful first time meet in Brandon. We will see you on the wood in Portage.


2016 Brickhouse Power Challenge Meet Report

2016 Brickhouse Power Challenge
Meet Report

This was the first time we have held a meet at Brickhouse Gym’s new facility on Route 90 here in Winnipeg. Paul Taylor and his staff did a wonderful job of setting the gym up for a day of Powerlifting. For this first meet of the year here in Manitoba we had 12 competitors and 9 of them were first time lifters!! We had an excellent turn out of volunteers for this meet and as is my custom I would like to list them first before getting into the details of the meet.

Rob Snow made himself available for a couple of Paul’s helpers when the equipment was picked up from the 17 Wing. He also assisted in getting the platform set up on Friday night so everything was just so.

On meet day Rob Snow, Krista Vandewaeter and Susan Haywood handled the officiating duties. Rob and Krista are Provincial level Referees with Rob studying up to take his National Referee test in Regina next week and Krista recently becoming a Provincial Referee. At the Head Table was yours truly running the scoresheet and announcing. I received very competent assistance from a new recruit courtesy of Bruce Markham from Gaby Valmont. Bruce had been helping Gaby and her boyfriend John Percy (who worked his buns off spotting on Saturday) with their training at the gym. He convinced them to come and see what a meet was like. Gaby handled the Lifter’s Cards and attempts and did very well.

On the platform we had Colby Falk, John Percy, Rob Waller, Jarrette Beck, Shawn McCarthy, Ryan Kolesar and Mathew Bowen as Platform General. These gentlemen worked very hard to ensure the bars were loaded properly and the lifters were kept safe while pushing themselves to the limit. I do not believe there was a misload during the event which is always an excellent indication that the team is working well. A HUGE thank you to these gentlemen for a job well done. I believe that Shawn, Ryan and Mathew are lifting at Nationals next week, which to me makes their effort a very special one indeed. Thank you from the MPA Executive!

Margo Morberg Berry who happens to train with Paul at Brickhouse decided to test herself at this meet. Margo is a Masters I lifter as well which makes this all the more impressive. To start your competitive lifting career in your fourties is quite a testament to your grit and determination. Margo lifted quite well managing an 8/9 day only missing her second squat which she was successful with on her third attempt with 80kg, Bench was good for 50kg and a 120kg Deadlift for a 250kg total and first place in the Female M1 72kg weight class.

Kristine MacLean and Johanna Theroux were able to go toe to toe in the Female Open 72kg class. Both ladies went 3/3 in the squat with Kristine ahead with a new Provincial Record Squat of 115kg to Johanna’s 90kg squat. The Benchpress showed a change in fortunes as Kristine really was struggling with her technique or signals as she missed her first at 52.5kg, her second at 62.5kg and then needing it for the third we got the crowd behind her and she made the second try at 62.5 look easy to stay in the meet. Johanna was obviously waiting for the Bench to showcase her skills as she too broke the Provincial Record with a 70kg first attempt and a 75kkg second try. Her third at 80kg proved to be just a little too much but she is the new Provincial Record holder for Benchpress in this class. Both ladies were successful with all three of their deadlifts. Kristine opened up 2.5kg heavier than Johanna with 112.5kg. Johanna wanted to make a move on the 15kg deficit she had and jumped to 125kg. Kristine was able to keep pace with 120 only losing 5kg of her cushion. For third attempts Johanna took a 7.5kg jump to 132.5 and Kristine was unaware that her coach CJ Stewart and Bruce Markham conspired to boost her total by going up 10kg to 130kg which she did with ease. When the dust settled Kristine was the winner with a 307.5kg total and a 312.5 Wilks Coefficient to secure the class and Best Female Lifter Award. Johanna too pulled her third at 132.5 for a very respectable 297.5kg total and almost breaking the 300 Wilks barrier in her first meet. Nice lifting ladies!

Alyssa Amanda Burg who also trains at Brickhouse seemed to have healed from her back injury from late last year. Alyssa (or Amanda is you are a friend in the crowd) was fresh off of a first place finish in the Benchpress at the Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships last December in Moose Jaw. Alyssa was up against Jessica Antony who had decided to lift at the Westerns too as her first meet. The squats were completed without issue as Alyssa finished with 117.5kg for the lead to Jessica’s 85kg. The Benchpress saw both ladies getting two of three lifts and both missing the same weight of 62.5kg. However, Alyssa missed this on her first attempt and Jessica missed it on her third. There was a 10kg separation in the bench with Alyssa finshing with 67.5 and Jessica with 57.5kg. This gave Alyssa a commanding 42.5kg lead at the sub total. Deadlifts went well for Jessica who completed all three attempts finishing with 122.5 and a 265kg total! Alyssa pulled 147.5 and 152.5 on her second but stalled out with 157.5. She totalled 337.5kg and was close to a 300Wilks for First Place in the Female Open 84+ weight class.

Chad Walls came out to try his hand at competitive Powerlifting and was the lone individual at the Men’s Open 74kg weight category. Chad was quite conservative with his opening attempts as you will see. Chad opened with 75kg in the squat and then made two 25kg jumps to finish with 125. A similar pattern followed in the Bench and Deadlift as Chad opened with a 65kg bench, jumped 30kg this time to 95kg and finished with 102.5. There was a 60kg differential between the opener of 100kg and the third of 160kg. Overall Chad did very well and totalled 387.5kg. I think we shall see some bigger numbers next time now the first meet jitters are out of the way.

Dan Collette was the also by himself in the Men’s Open 83kg weight class. Dan lifted well only missing his thirds on Squat and Bench. Dan finished with a 150kg squat, 112.5kg bench and he was able to enter the 400lb Deadlift club by pulling 182.5 for a max effort on the third pull. This gave Dan a 445kg total and a 304 Wilks.

The two strongest lifters at this contest were both in the 93kg weight class. But, Olimar Gutierrez was lifting as a Junior and Oladele Akano was lifting in the Open category. Olimar proved that he had put in the work as he did not miss a lift going 9/9 at his first competition. Olimar Squatted 200kg and then put on a Bench Clinic as he pressed 175kg on his third. So now after squatting over 400lbs and pressing almost 400lbs Olimar was able to pull 227.5kg or 501lbs to tick off that box and total a very respectable 602.5kg total and a 389.9 Wilks at his first meet!! I hope that Olimar continues with his training as the future is looking good for him.

Oladele returned almost a year after his first foray into the sport last February to put together a 9/9 day as well. Oladele squatted 220kg, benched 167.5 and pulled a very impressive beltless 275kg deadlift for a 662.5kg total and a 417.9 Wilks!! Oladele pointed out to me that he felt he had not done too bad last year as he finished second to the eventual National Champion Dan Lamoureux at his first meet. What he also did was to increase his total by 45kg in a year which is very good progress indeed. Oladele took home the Best Lifter Award with his 417 Coefficient.

Dominic Picard was another Junior who just happened to get his picture in the Free Press this Saturday by Trevor Hagan. You see, we had a photographer snapping all sorts of pics of the lifting for a photo collage and Dominic’s determined squat look made the cut. Dominic was lifting in the Men’s 105kg Junior class. He had some challenges in the squat as he missed the first and third squats but was able to get his second at 205kg. The Benchpress went a little better with a best of 137.5kg on the second and a miss at 140. Deadlifts were clear sailing for Dominic as he steadily built on his total managing to finish with 220kg and a 562.5kg total!

Mark Colley seemed to have the largest fan contingent in the crowd. They were vocal, loud awnd all Team Colley! Mark was lifting by himself in the Men’s 120kg class. The squat proved to be a challenge as Mark needed all three tries to be successful with 190kg. He then reversed his travails by benching a solid 1475kg for his opener and then struggling with 157.5 on the next two attempts. It was just too much on this day. The nerves seemed to be settled by the time Deadlifts started as Mark went 3/3 with 212.5, 232.5 and 237.5 for a 575 total! Nicely done Mark and cheering section!

Daniil Naumov was the only man in the Open 120+ category. He put together a 6/9 day and also had his picture in today’s paper. Daniil managed a 190 squat missing 205 on his third. Benchpress proved to be a challenge as Daniil was good for his opener at 120kg but could not press out 130 in the next two attempts. Again though Daniil provided me with the only example of a Sumo Deadlifter as he pulled all three attempts finishing with 200kg and a 510 total.

We were fortunate enough to have the CCES attend the event and do some in meet testing as part of the CPU Doping Program. This is a very important aspect of our sport as the MPA is the Provincial representative of the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) which is the National representative of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). The IPF is the “Gold Standard” of Powerlifting around the world for the consistency of our officials and the fact that the IPF affiliates all follow the WADA Doping Control standards which are identical to the Olympics.

Hats off to Paul Taylor Co-Owner of Brickhouse Gym for hosting this event in his fine new facility. Thank you to the volunteers, the lifters and the spectators which made this event a very well run and fun event for all. Our Vice President Bruce Markham payed the spotters and loaders a very high compliment by mentioning that they were well organized, quick and professional during this event. Thank you all as the meet could not happen without your efforts and continued support.

Our next event will be in Brandon at the 2014 Embark Open. The Entry Form is on the internet both on the CPU website and the MPA website and Facebook Page. We will see you all again on April 2nd in Brandon. Be sure to watch the 22 MPA lifters as they step onto the National platform at the 2016 CPU National Powerlifting Championships from February 15 – 20th in Regna Saskatchewan. I’ll see you on the wood!

Yours in strength,
Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

2015 MPA Provincials Meet Report

2015 MPA Provincials
Meet Report

Well, it certainly has been a very busy 1 ½ weeks! Last Friday February 20th the schlepping began. Rob Snow had just finished a nice double at 160kg in the Bench when I showed up and we began toting the weights from the 17 Wing Strength Club to our waiting vehicles. This took the afternoon as two trips were necessary to get all of the competition equipment to Brickhouse Gym on Gertrude. I had already loaded my truck with the chairs and curtains to cordon off the Lifter’s area for the meet. Time was also of the essence as I was due to pick up CPU Secretary, Records Chairman and Webmaster Mike Armstrong whom we brought in as another Referee so anyone wishing to break a Canadian Record had the requisite officials to make it legal.

Paul Taylor and Brickhouse Gym co-owner JT were accommodating in allowing the MPA to move the equipment into the facility the night before the contest. They are a commercial gym and they do run classes and have paying gym members who want to work out too!

Saturday morning came quickly and we were up and out the door shortly after 7:00. Rob Snow was there again to take charge of setting up the platform and meet area. Patrick Cazeau was assisting as well as a host of others as the weigh in proceeded.

Once weigh-ins were completed we were at 28 Competitors for this year’s Provincials. We ran three flights to keep things flowing smoothly. There were some real workhorses doing the spotting and loading at this contest so I would like to personally thank these individuals for volunteering for THE most important job at a Powerlifting contest and that is Spotting and Loading. The hardest working men last Saturday were Patrick Cazeau; Patrick worked his butt off all day and must have sweated out at least 2 litres of water by the end of the day. Jordan Guilford drove all the way in from Brandon (Shilo) to help and was willing to inform lesser Deadlifters about “tongue power” if they needed it. Kurtis Tallaire was doing his version of the Energizer Bunny all day by keeping a high level of energy and positive attitude flowing in spite of some sleep deprivation. Poor Kurtis was unfortunate in that his car had been towed from the Impark Lot beside the gym. He did not let this dampen his mood though as he bailed out his card and got his Nationals entry signed before the day was done. Paul Taylor oversaw the entire event ensuring his gym was represented well and everyone had what they needed, and Devin Laferriere willing stepped in to help out when anyone needed a break. Rob Snow stepped in when needed and I know there were at least two other Brickhouse Gym members who I seem to remember spending some time helping with this very important job. Unfortunately I do not have their names so if Paul can add this information after reading we can thank them properly for the hard work they did.

On the computer was Chris Clement. Chris has helped out on the computer at the head table for several contests and his expertise using Excel Programs has been to our benefit. Krista Vandewaeter and Jannelle Van Den Bosch (The Dutch contingent) aided Chris by handling the lifter’s attempts and score cards. Bob Mann came out of retirement and warmed up his vocal pipes rather than the pipes on his Harley to do the announcing for us the entire day.

Rob Snow filled in where needed throughout the day. He had already worked very hard moving the gear and setting up the venue. Our Vice President Bruce Markham acted as an Expeditor/Technical Controller for the meet to keep things moving along efficiently for the many new lifters who were present.

As mentioned we brought in Mike Armstrong a Category I Referee from Calgary to help officiate. Joining Mike were National Referee and my better half Susan Haywood. I was the other official for the day.

Once the lifting began we started to see some of the excellent young talent that is coming up the ranks here in Manitoba. There were quite a number of first time lifters but there were some experienced competitors as well. What follows is a synopsis of the day.

We only had one Junior Female lifter but darn she is a good one! Hailey Kostynuik lifted at every competition in Manitoba last year and was showing some consistent steady improvement in each of her outings. Hailey spent most of 2014 setting and then breaking her own Provincial Records and today was no different. What was different is that Hailey has started to make some very good progress in her training and appears to be gaining confidence in her abilities. Hailey had the largest jump in all three of her lifts which is quite mind blowing when you add everything up. Hailey improved 30kg on her best Squat finishing with 172.5kg. Added to this was a 7.5kg on her Bench and 20kg on her Deadlift for a total improvement of 57.5kg on her best total!! That was done with a 97.5kg Bench, 185kg Deadlift and a whopping 455kg total. This broke a 14year old Equipped Provincial Standard in the process. Congratulations Hailey on your best meet and performance ever.

With Jannelle helping out at the head table there were two 57kg Open Women competing against each other. Jessa Nguyen and CJ Stewart had a good battle between them and if all three ladies step on the platform together in the future it will be a really good competition. Jessa was better in the squat with a 110 Squat to CJ’s 92.5. However, CJ had a solid bench performance to take the record with a very nice 62.5kg press to Jessa’s 52.5 bench. That left Jessa with a 7.5kg lead going into the deadlift. Here Jessa proved to have the advantage pulling 127.5 to CJ’s 115. So, Jessa extended her lead and finished with a 20kg higher total at 290 to 270kg. This gave Jessa the Provincial Squat and Total records and CJ secured the Bench Record however, Jannelle must have been taking notes as she retained the Deadlift record for the time being. So, you can understand my anticipation to see these three throw down at the same time.

Caitlyn Clement was alone in the Women’s 63kg weight class. Caitlyn had an excellent day going 8/9 missing only her third Benchpress to set all of the Female Military 63kg Manitoba Records. This was done with bests of 82.5, 47.5, and 110kg for a 240 total! Caitlyn is a fierce competitor and was determined to reach her goals on this day.

Terri Fordham returned to the platform for the first time since last year. Terri had a very good day as she improved on all of her Provincial records in the Women’s M1 84+ category with the exception of the Benchpress. Terri took two tries at 80.5kg for the National Record but was unsuccessful due to some shoulder problems. This was too bad as Terri’s Provincial Record exceeds the National record by 2kg. However, the necessary officials were present here and all of the conditions were there to establish a new record. It was not meant to be as Terri went 7/9 with 112.5, 70, and 130 for a total of 312.5kg.
There were two 84+ Open Women going head to head last Saturday, Alyssa Amanda Sankar and Samantha McFarlane. Unfortunately, we did not see Samantha’s full potential as she injured herself on the second squat where she was successful with 132.5kg; this affected her third squat of 142.5 as she could not come up with it. Alyssa was successful with her first squat of 107.5 but could not get another squat passed. Alyssa made up some ground on the bench going 3/3 and finishing with 57.5 to Samantha’s first attempt of 65. The injury played a factor here as Samantha could not bench her remaining attempts and therefore opened up cautiously with her Deadlift at 60kg. She did have a 35kg lead at the sub but that was wiped out with Alyssa’s opener of 130! Alyssa kept pulling her second and thirds for the win with a 307.5 to Sam’s 300kg total. It appears that Sam and her coaches tried to push things a little out of reach with a third attempt of 120kg which was too much with an injury. Perhaps a lighter attempt would have been enough but Alyssa had the last pull and would have only needed to pull to match as she was the lighter lifter. Well done Alyssa for the win and the title of Provincial Champion.

The Men’s Junior 83kg weight class had a nice tight competition and an internal “Battle of the Brothers” going on as well. Just to provide some prospective all of the existing records for this class were broken on Saturday and three of the four competitors exceeded the previous total record!! Now that is some good, good liftun! Squats were very tight with only one attempt being missed out of the twelve tries in this class. Nicholas Thrones came out on top with at 197.5 Squat, followed by Henry de Guzman at 195, Mikal Thrones at 190 (but he went for it with a try at 200!) and Brandon Espiritu went 3/3 finishing with 155kg. The Benchpress saw some failed attempts. Henry was the better bencher with a solid 127.5 second Bench. Mikal was next with an opener of 115 for his only successful bench. Big Brother Nicholas needed two tries to be successful with his third at 112.5. Brandon went 2/3 finishing with 97.5kg. So at the sub-total Henry had a good lead at 322.5 with Nicholas and Mikal following with 310 and 305 respectively. Brandon was having a good first meet with a 252.5 sub. The Deadlift has a way of settling all of the questions and it played out again for this class. Consistency will certainly help with your lifting and both Brandon and Nicholas went 3/3 in the deads. Brandon had a best pull of 165 for a total of 417.5kg. This was a great first performance as he was 8/9 on attempts. Henry was doing his best to keep the lead with two good pulls and a best at 220kg. This gave Henry a 542.5 total but he was going for the win as his 230 attempt would have won the class if successful. Mikal Thrones was able to get his opener at 227.5. Now this was the highest opener but as I am wont to do with new lifters I would have said, “It’s not where you start but where you finish that matters”. So Mikal jumped to 242.5 on his second which was unsuccessful and tried 245 on his third for the win but could not lock it out! Mikal would need to settle for Bronze with a 532.5 total. As I said earlier, consistency pays off and Nicholas had altered his deadlift form to try a modified sumo pull at this contest. He was able to finish with 237.5 which gave him the win with a 547.5 total! This was a great weight class battle and I’m sure all four competitors will improve at their next outing. But, for now, Nicholas has the family bragging rights with the Gold!

There were three Junior 93kg lifters going for gold but the competition was not as close as the 83kg class. Taylor Abolade gave up his spotting and loading duties to compete and he did very well with a 6/9 day improving as he moved through the contest with one good squat, two good benches and all three deadlifts for a nice total of 587.5 via 202.5 Squat, 125 bench and a 260kg deadlift that left Taylor scratching his head as the referees’ lights were slow to show the three whites that he earned (they were still showing red when turned on from the last lifter). Christina Eisma was in the Silver medal position with 160, 102.5 and 180 totalling 442.5kg. Ace Gervacio had some squatting trouble but managed 110, 87.5 bench and 190 for a total of 387.5 for the Bronze.

Carey Link was unchallenged in the Junior 105 class. Carey had a very good day going 8/9 missing only his third squat and breaking his own Provincial Bench record and totalling 597.5kg.

There was a single competitor at the Junior 120kg class as well. Chris Godin went 6/9 having some challenges in the bench just getting his opener at 135 but pulling all three deads finishing with 250kg deadlift and a 610 total at his first contest. Nice job Chris!

We had another Junior 120kg lifter but he was lifting with Equipment and it too was his first competition. Mohamed Jasim had some difficulty hitting depth on his squats but some more weight on his third attempt was enough to get him low enough to break parallel and to stay relevant in the competition. There were more troubles in the Bench as Mohamed was successful on his first but missed the next two. The nerves must have settled down by deadlifts as Mohamed was able to go 3/3 and pull 237.5 for a 565 total!

There were two Masters 1 competitors and they proved that “age & treachery shall overcome youth and enthusiasm”. Vince Green was back for his second contest at the 105 M1 Men’s class. Trevor Winfield was lookin large and in charge in the 120+ M1 Men’s class.

Vince had a solid day breaking three of his Provincial records in the process. Vince was 7/9 missing a 235 squat for the record but benching 162.5 and pulling 235 for a 617.5 total for a new record. I’m sure we may see Vince compete in his home town of Portage la Prairie in June to try and extend his numbers.

Trevor proved that he is again one of the strongest Masters lifters in the country. Trevor had a 260kg squat a Canadian Record Bench of 227.5kg (501lbs!) and his first ever 272.5kg (600 ¾ lbs) for a new Provincial Record total of 760kg!! A very solid performance from one of our best and least recognized lifters in this province.

The Open Men’s classes provided some solid lifting too. Mac Cuevas was alone in the 66kg class. He lifted 6 of his 9 lifts 145 squat, 87.5 bench, and 182.5kg deadlift for a total of 415kg for the Gold.

Nhan Nguyen lifted for the second time here in Manitoba but for the first time as a Manitoba resident. Nhan is a very strong technical lifter and he was able to break three out of the four 74kg Open Men’s Provincial records. Nhan had some depth issues with his opening squat but sorted that out to finish with 212.5kg. In the Bench Nhan was good for 127.5kg and a second deadlift of 237.5 was good for a 577.5 total and the Gold! Nhan and his wife Jessa certainly brought home the gold on the 21st.

The Men’s 93kg weight class had four competitors who were vying for supremacy. None could hold a candle to Dan Lamoureaux though! Dan had a stellar day of lifting by missing only his third attempt on the squat at 260kg. He squatted 250, 180, and a huge increase to his deadlift of 287.5kg for a 717.5kg total which was good enough for the Gold and the Best Lifter of the Meet!! This too was 100kg more than the Silver medallist’s total!

The Silver Medallist was first time competitor Oladele Akano. Oladele was 7/9 in his first outing missing a squat and his third bench but pulling a nice 260kg Deadlift for a 617.5 total! In third and the Bronze was Mathew Bowen. Mathew had dropped a weight class and was putting together a good meet. Mathew only missed his final deadlift putting together a nice squat of 200kg a 130 bench and a 227.5 deadlift for a 557.5 total and third place. Jarrett Beck obviously had a plan and stuck to it as he had a perfect day of lifting going 9/9. Jarrett’s form was very precise and he executed his lifts with good technique for a newcomer. Jarrett went 182.5. 115 and 217.5 for a 515 total!

Sam Martz lifted alone in the Open 105 class. Sam calmly tossed his golden locks to the side as he squatted 212.5, benched 162.5 (missing it on the second and recovering nicely for a second successful try on his third), and a 240kg deadlift totalling up 615kg.

There were two 120kg men duelling it out. Patrick May and David Kham lifted for glory. Patrick squatted 217.5 to David’s 165. Benchpress had similar results with Patrick pressing 152.5 to David’s 112.5. This gave Patrick a very comfortable cushion of 92.5kg at the sub to the first timer David. Both men pulled well not missing an attempt with David finishing with a 210 pull for a 487.5kg total. Patrick pulled 257.5 for a nice 627.5 total and the Gold.

First time lifter Dakota O’Blenis was also alone in the 120+ class. Dakota squatted well managing a respectable 232.5kg for his first contest. There were some difficulties in the Bench and Deadlift as Dakota only managed one legal lift in each, finishing with a 570 total.

So that wraps up the lifting! This was a very successful meet with excellent performances from the lifters. As well, there was a significant amount and welcome help at the venue for the set up and tear down. Everyone helped stack the MPA and rental equipment up at the end of the gym and drifted off into the evening to celebrate as Meet Director and Brickhouse Gym Owner Paul Taylor got is pump on with some Chest supported rows.

Over the next few days I moved the gear back to the 17 Wing with assistance from Bruce Markham, Rob Snow and Tyler Kolesar. I appreciate the camaraderie and assistance while doing these tasks that are necessary for a successful Meet. Many thanks to Paul Taylor and his gym members from the Brickhouse Gym who helped make this meet a success. Thank you to all of the volunteers again for your time and effort.

We have some lifters training for the CPU Nationals in St John’s Newfoundland in April. If you know them personally may I suggest helping them in the gym so they can have a successful training cycle which will allow them to represent Manitoba to the best of their abilities come the second week of April. Good bye for now, I’ll see you on the wood in June.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

2014 17 Wing Powerlifting Championship Meet Report

17 Wing Powerlifting Report

Well another successful meet has come and gone. This was the fourth meet of the year here in Manitoba and it was full of new lifters, excellent lifting and a plethora of records that fell to the efforts of this crop of iron warriors. In fact there were 82 MPA records that fell last Sunday! I was under the impression that we would have a few less records fall given the number of competitions and a natural levelling off of record breaking after the new weight classes had been in effect for awhile. However, I think this speaks to the level of new competitor that is coming into the sport. I’ve noticed that a lot of the new competitors are entering these meets and they have decent technique which translates into strength. It must be a function of the new media era where information is readily available to any interested party.

As, is my habit I will start by thanking all of the volunteers that donated their time and energy to make this a successful event. A HUGE Thank You goes out to Caitlyn Clement who acted as the meet director for this event. Caitlyn put her military training to good use by organizing every aspect of this event. Caitlyn has taken over the reins of the 17 Wing Strength Club and organized this event to comply with the new rules and guidelines that clubs who are affiliated with a military base are subject to. Caitlyn was also supported by the founder of the 17 Wing Strength Club Rob Snow. As most of you know Rob and his family have returned to Winnipeg from the East coast and we are very happy in the Powerlifting community to have him back. Rob applied his usual schmoozing tactics to secure a very nice package of supplements and goodies for the lifters and volunteers who were at this meet.

Backstage we had a couple of veterans assisting in ensuring the meet ran well. The past President of the 17 Wing Strength Club Al Bugden assisted the large group of first time lifters in submitting their attempts on time and helping them figure out their attempts in Kilograms. Bruce Markham our MPA Vice President (aka – “The Cerebral Assassin”) acted as Technical Controller for the meet assuring that all lifters were properly attired and ready to lift when their name was called.

On the platform we had the hardest working individuals of the meet. That would be the Spotters & Loaders. These four men worked their collective asses off to have every weight and rack height ready for every attempt of the meet. The four are; Ryan Mitchell, Matthew MacMillan, Chris McMillan and Tyrone Afram. These guys were exhausted by the time the Deadlift rolled around so it was a good thing that the bar was on the floor. If you know them personally take a moment to say thank you. If you run into them over the next while offer them your gratitude and maybe a complimentary drink of their choice. Thanks to all four of you and congratulations on having no misloads!!

At the head table working the computer and filling out the Scorecards were Matt Clanison (sp?) and Caitlyn’s husband Chris who is a whiz with on the computer and has helped us out on at least one other competition this year. This is a challenging job and these two did the job of four making sure the meet ran well.

We can not have a Powerlifting Meet without Officials to judge the lifting. This ensures the integrity of the sport, the validity of the records helps everything flow smoothly no matter if you are lifting locally here in Manitoba or at the World Championships somewhere. The integrity and impartiality of our officials helps with the consistency of an IPF sanctioned meet no matter where it occurs. At this event we had Susan Haywood a CPU National Referee and two Provincial level Refs in Tamara Cunningham and Rob Snow. They sat through every attempt and called the rules fairly throughout the day.

The state of women‘s Powerlifting in the MPA is improving and growing each and every competition. This meet was no different as we had nine women competing again. It was a mix of four newcomers and four returning female lifters. Interestingly eight of the nine women were in the 84 or 84+ weight classes. Hailey Kostynuik was at her fourth meet of the year and she proved that she is still making gains as Hailey improved on all of her previous bests which just happens to be the best in the Province. Hailey is a Junior lifter but she was one of two women with the largest total. Hailey struggled in the squat getting one squat at 142.5kg, followed by two benches and two deadlifts for a 397.5kg total and all of the records for a Junior and Open 84+ woman in the province.

There were three newcomers who all lifted in the Woman’s Open 84+ weight class. Samantha McFarlane was sailing along with a perfect day entering the deadlifts. I’m not sure what the issue with her first and second attempts was but she missed 125, 145 and then needed her third at 150kg to stay in the meet. Well, she was able to sort out the technical problem and pulled her third for a 350kg total and 1st place! Kara Gray and Kristi Aiello were duking it out for second and third place. Kara was ahead by 7.5kg at the sub total and improved on that with a 147.5kg pull to Kristi’s 135. This gave Kara a comfortable 20kg lead at the end 307.5kg to Kristi’s 287.5. All three ladies performed very well for their first meet!

There were also three competitors in the 84kg weight class. This battle saw the return of Kelsey MacGillivray to the platform after some time off to see the world. Krista Vandewaeter was showing improvement and dropping bodyweight too. Newcomer Alyssa Amanda Sankar showed real promise with a solid 8/9 performance totalling 282.5kg for third place. Krista had a good performance in the squats finishing with 120kg, followed by a single successful Bench of 57.5 and a 140kg deadlift for 317.5kg total and second place! Kelsey did not show any platform rust as she went 9/9 shattering her Provincial Bench Record with a nice 100kg press. Kelsey, like Hailey totalled 397.5kg but her Wilks Coefficient was the best for the women at 357.75.

There was one 57kg competitor but she had a fantastic day of lifting. Jannelle Van Den Bosch came into this meet with a very focused training regime and some serious goals to fuel her desire for a great performance. Jannelle also was able to go 9/9 and improved on every one of her lifts garnering the Provincial Records in the class for her efforts. Jannelle Squatted 100kg almost benched her bodyweight at 52.5kg and pulled 127.5kg for a 280kg total and second place amongst the women with a Wilks of 326.704!! Congratulations Jannelle you worked hard and did very well.

When the entries were received it was looking like there was going to be a big battle in the 83kg and 93kg Men’s weight classes. Now when the weigh ins were complete there had been some movement but these two classes provided the anticipated battles.

We will begin with a new lifting family that has emerged on the local Powerlifting scene this year. There are three of them and when you see them warming up and lifting you really need a program to tell who the players are. These three are comprised of a pair of brothers and a cousin. The three of them are making inroads on the MPA record books in the lighter weight classes as they build on their lifting resume. This was the second competition for all three. Tyler Kolesar was alone in the 59kg weight class and he put on quite a show. Tyler too was able to go 9/9 on the day with the following as his best lifts 137.5, 102.5, 182.5 and a 422.5 total which all were new MPA records!! Brother Ryan lifted in the next higher weight class at 66kg. Consistency was the word of the day as Ryan also was a perfect 9/9 with bests of 162.5, 105, and 202.5 for a 470 total!! Ryan also earned a Deadlift record for his efforts.

Benjamin Langley is the younger, bigger cousin of Tyler and Ryan. Benjamin was lifting alone as a Junior lifter in the 74kg weight class. Benjamin went 7/9 only missing his last tries in the Bench and Dead. However, all of Benjamin’s lifts were record breakers and I think he surpassed Hailey with the most records broken at this meet with 21 in total! Benjamin was able to set the Junior, Open and Military 74kg records with some Equipped and Benchpress Single lift records to flesh out his record haul. I was unaware that Benjamin was a Military lifter until Caitlyn brought it to my attention. This was a banner day for the Kolesar brother’s and Cousin Benjamin. I did hear that all three are interested in going to Nationals in April as they have qualified. This should certainly bode well for Manitoba Team points at the Nationals next year.

So now we come to the one of the hotly contested weight classes of the day, the 83kg class. There were two Junior 83kg lifters in another pair of brothers Nicholas and Mikal Thrones. I observed these two trading brotherly challenges during warm ups. Nicholas proved to have a better day on the squats with a 177.5kg lift to Mikal’s 160kg. Both lads had missed heavier attempts at 187.5 and 185 respectively. Nicholas extended his advantage in the Bench by pressing 112.5kg on his second and waiving his third. Mikal pressed out 107.5kg on his third. This left Mikal 22.5kg behind at the sub total but he had a plan. That plan was to re-enforce the old adage, “the meet doesn’t start until the bar hits the floor”. It was not meant to be as Mikal was successful with his first but unlucky with his try at 240kg which would have given him the win and family bragging rights by equalling Nicholas’ total but beating him by being the lighter man. Nicholas just steadily lifted within himself and was successful with all three pulls finishing with 217.5kg and a 507.5 total. This should prove interesting as these two face off against each other in the future.

The remaining three 83kg competitors all accomplished something that I do not think I have ever observed before. That is, they all exceeded the existing total record for the weight class!! This is quite something and it demonstrates how good the lifting was on the 23rd. Quin Ferguson led the charge with a 200kg Squat. Vince Salemi was close behind with 192.5 and Victor Aguilar Barajas was in third with 172.5kg. Not a missed squat amongst them! The Bench proved a little more challenging with Victor establishing the new Provincial record with a 140kg 2nd attempt. Vince was good for 132.5kg on his second too for silver in the Bench. Quin had some difficulty, only managing his first at 115kg. But, that left the Deadlift which Quin proved adept at in June by setting a new Provincial record back then. All three men were 3/3 in the Deadlift with Quin on top with 250kg, Vince and Victor neck and neck at 232.5 and 230kg. The aforementioned totals shook out with Quin on top 565, Vince second with 557.5 and Victor in third at 542.5kg all of which exceeded the previous total record. Vince also happens to be a Military lifter and he broke all of the Military records for his efforts. So, as you can see this battle proved to be worth the hype!

The 93kg class had five competitors. Now not everyone who declared they were lifting at 93 was there but it still proved close and competitive. Michael Reimer was a first time lifter training with Ram Fitness. He had a 7/9 day needing two tries at 225kg to garner the best squat. Andrew Roncadin was also lifting at his first meet. He had an excellent day going 9/9 and Squatting a PB of 195kg. Shawn McCarthy also squatted 195 but missed 200 on his third. Casey Paul was really enjoying himself lifting well (8/9 too) and grinning the entire day. Casey squatted 172.5kg. The fifth competitor was Jesse Jamison who is a veteran lifter who decided to drop a significant amount of weight to enter the 83kg class. He reached a plateau at 83.6 making him the lightest man in this class. Unfortunately for Jesse the combination of the weight cut and a virus left him calling it a day after being successful with a second try at 165kg. He looked ghostly when he wished me luck and drove himself home to, “probably throw up”.

That left the remaining four men to fight for supremacy in the 93kg class. Michael extended his lead with a 2nd Bench of 145kg. Andrew pressed out another PB of 132.5 with Shawn on his heels with 130kg on his second and a miss at 137.5. Casey rolled along with a 2nd press of 85kg. The Deadlift saw all four lifters make all of their deadlifts. Michael pulled 247.5kg for the highest total of the day at 617.5kg and first place. Andrew pulled 237.5kg for a 565 total and second place. Shawn pulled a best of 230 kg for a 555kg total and Casey was in fourth with a 195 pull and a 452.5kg total. So, this was another excellent competition within the competition.

Kyle Thompson was looking for redemption after not achieving a total in Dauphin earlier in the year. Kyle was alone in the Junior 105kg class and went 4/9 with two squats, one bench and one deadlift totalling 530kg via lifts of 192.5, 132.5 and 205. Kyle was pleased with the total.

There were three competitors in the Open 105 class. Paul Taylor owner of the Brickhouse Gym, Dr. Robert Waller training under the tutelage of Guy Page at Acceleration Fitness and Mathew Bowen who is a student at Brandon University. These three men all lifted very well with only two missed attempts out of 27 lifts collectively! Paul squatted 212.5, Bob – 200 and Mathew was at 192.5kg. All three men benched 127.5kg with Paul missing his third at 130! So, at the subtotal they were separated by their squat performance alone. Paul proved to have the largest pull finishing off with a 260kg/573lb Deadlift and the third highest total on the day of 600kg. Bob went 3/3 finishing off with a nice 242.5kg pull and a 570 total. Mathew missed his third pull but was successful with 227.5kg on his 2nd for third place overall with 547.5kg.

Patrick May was lifting alone in the 120kg Open class but he only missed a third attempt Bench to have a nice day of lifting with a 212.5kg Squat, 147.5kg Bench and a 252.5 pull and a 602.5kg total. It was a nice solid day of lifting for Patrick.

I was the final competitor and I too was lifting against myself. This was my second competition since tearing my quad tendon in 2012. I did have some goals the first of which was to squat 200kg. The squats went well and I did this on my third. I knew the bench would be a challenge as my right shoulder is suspect and weak. I opened light and then went to 107.5 for a good lift. This was 7.5kg below my best last November. I tried 112.5 but could not complete the press preferring to not blow out my shoulder. I had some confidence going into Deadlifts before the meet however; I slightly strained my right hamstring on the second squat which affected my drive off the floor. My starting position was less than optimum which contributed to my lack of success. The result; was a successful opener of 230 and two misses at 240kg. So I totalled less than last year at 537.5 and managed to improve on the Squat record. Not the day I had hoped for but I am still walking, talking and lifting so that is always a good thing.

After the awards and clean up we were greeted with some serious freezing rain on the windshield. I believe everyone made it home safely and the 2014 edition of the 17 Wing Powerlifting and Benchpress Championship was history.

I would like to thank again Caitlyn, Rob the volunteers, Referees and the staff of the 17 Wing facilities for making this meet a success. Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to support their favourite lifter and had to peek in through the window in the hallway to see the meet. I’ll see you on the wood in 2015. It should be an interesting and full year ahead of us.

Also lifting alone in the 84kg Women’s M1 Class was Janet Loesel Sitar who was back for her second meet this year. Janet had a solid day going 6/9 and improving on all of the MPA records in her class! This is quite an accomplishment in just her second competition. Janet took two attempts at 107.5 in the squat to get it on her third. Her Bench was looking good for 62.5kg best and she achieved a 300 lb Deadlift with a 137.5kg pull to finish up the contest and give her a 307.5kg total. Impressive lifting Janet and I apologize for missing your performance in my original report. Continue reading 2014 17 Wing Powerlifting Championship Meet Report

PCF Meet Report

Prairie CrossFit Powerlifting Open

Well the Prairie CrossFit Powerlifting Open was a resounding success. Last Sunday we gathered in a packed Prairie CrossFit Gym co-owned by Derek Wickham and Brad Gerbrandt. I don’t know if they had decided on the division of labour prior to the competition but Derek competed and Brad was the Platform General and spotted and loaded all day…..maybe Derek had it easier? Derek and Brad did a great job of hosting this event. They convinced some of their gym members to volunteer and boy did these gentlemen and ladies work hard!

Spotting and loading as I have said in the past (and I repeated more than a few times during the meet) is the hardest job there is at a Powerlifting Meet. We had a hearty four CrossFitters who were sure that they could handle the volume of work necessary to spot and load for 28 Competitors. These four were: the aforementioned Brad Gerbrandt, Zack Goodz, Adam Strome and Kevin Bradshaw. These gentlemen had never volunteered at a Powerlifting competition before but they were not shy about lifting heavy things for long periods of time. All four worked their collective buns off and did a wonderful job on the platform. They caught the weight when they had to and supported the lifters in a friendly, tireless, supportive manner. Congratulations gentlemen on a job well done!

An equally important job that most people do not consider is the efficient running of the meet. The MPA recently invested in a lap top and projector to aide in this endeavour. I repeat it here for our future meets, the reason for an entry deadline is to allow the Meet Director/Technical Director suitable time to organize the lifters into flights, fill out the Score Cards, print off and prepare the attempt cards etc. The division of the lifters into flights takes some time and forethought in order to have lifters in the same age and weight categories lift together to foster competition and to provide the opportunity to get the best performances for everyone. All of this takes some hours of time invested in the effort to assist the meet in running smoothly.

We had two new volunteers running the Head Table on Sunday. Both Sherri Clark and Heather Bogacki are Prairie CrossFit members who were willing to help. Both of these ladies had a 5 min. crash course from me about the general expectation of how the Head Table should run. Sherri and Heather did a wonderful job of running the computer, taking attempts and announcing in a hectic loud environment. There were no errors on the data entered on the spreadsheets or the scorecards which is a huge accomplishment. Sherri and Heather were quick studies and were able to keep the meet running smoothly and efficiently throughout the day. Congratulations ladies on a job well done and Thank You for your time and efforts!

The Officiating contingent was ably handled by Susan Haywood – CPU National level Referee, Rob Snow – Provincial level Referee and yours truly, Brock Haywood – IPF Category I Referee. Rob had achieved his Provincial Referee’s status in Nova Scotia while he was posted and living there. His return to Manitoba is exciting and will be a huge benefit for the MPA in the future. I know I can speak for all of us who knew Rob and Cathy prior to their reposting to Greenwood that we are quite happy to have them back in the ‘Peg.

Our sport of Powerlifting is seeing a growth spurt this year. Since the inclusion of Unequipped lifting (which gets us back to our roots about finding out who is really the strongest) the sport of Powerlifting has been growing steadily. In Manitoba this means that we have gone from 10+ years of annual memberships that were around the 30 – 35 mark for the year to 2014 where we had 53 members prior to this contest and there were 13 more CPU cards sold for this meet bringing our total membership up to 66 Members!!! This shatters our previous membership totals and it is very encouraging to see the sport grow, to see new people discover our sport of the “odd lifts” and embrace it like a post meet pizza.

Now onto the synopsis of the lifting, there were six women lifting at this meet. We had two ladies going head to head in the 57kg weight class, one in the 63kg class, a new Junior lifter in the 72kg class and two returning veterans in the 84+kg weight class. The battle in the 57kg class was between Caitlyn Clement and Jessa Jane Nguyen. I believe this was Caitlyn’s third competition this year with us and this was Jessa Jane’s first meet in Manitoba. Caitlyn went 7/9 missing only her third squat and third bench. She was able to improve on her squats (75kg) and deadlifts (100kg) and a total of 220kg to give her new MPA Military records improving on her previous marks. Jessa Jane proved to be a strong competitor managing an 8/9 day out squatting Caitlyn by 20kg and pulling 10kg more for a total of 247.5kg for the win.

Linda Falcao Cardoso was a new lifter who was in Dauphin watching the action. Linda had a little trouble with her squats missing all three attempts. She continued on getting two benches and two deadlifts. Linda wanted to see where her strength lay and she expressed that she was happy with her efforts in spite of not obtaining a total. Better luck next time Linda!

In the 72kg Women’s Junior class we had a very determined young lady lifting for the firs time, Tasnim Banuga was able to squat 105kg missing her second and third with a higher weight, she then had a struggle in the bench need all three tries to get 57.5kg. Tasnim then showed she has the potential for some larger numbers by opening up with 137.5kg in the deadlift, missing 145 (just over double her bodyweight) and then pulling it on her third for a 307.5kg total and a first competition Wilks of 304. This was a good inaugural performance. I’m sure that Tasnim will improve on this in the future.

Kelli Linforth and Hailey Kostynuik were both in the Women’s 84+kg weight class but Kelli is an Open lifter and Hailey is still a Junior. Both ladies improved upon their previous efforts this year. Kelli had a 6/9 day missing her thirds on all three lifts which indicates to me that she was pushing her limits and testing to see what she could do. Kelli totalled 307.5 which I believe is a PB. Hailey was competing for her third time this year and she continued her onslaught of the MPA Record Books by improving on her Squat, Deadlift and Total for new MPA records. Hailey Squatted 140kg, Benched 85kg and missed 92.5 before going 3/3 in the deadlift finishing off with 162.5kg and a total of 387.5kg. This was another solid performance from Hailey.

The encouraging thing that I have found with the new Powerlifters entering the sport is the number of Junior lifters who enter and are representing themselves very well for seemingly coming “out of the woodwork” as it were. What I have noticed with the information age of the Internet, YouTube etc. is that these new lifters are demonstrating some really solid lifting form for training on their own or at least without a mentor from the sport. Jayson Palapuz was one such lifter who was entered in the Men’s Junior 66kg weight class. Jayson missed his first squat but increased his second by 2.5kg to get 147.5 and a third of 155kg. In the Benchpress, Jayson missed 90kg on his first then pressed on his second attempt and then jumped 7.5kg which proved to be too much on his third. Deadlifts however were another story as Jayson nailed all three finishing off with 190kg and a 435 total at his first meet.

The 74kg class had two competitors but they were in different age categories. Both were new to lifting here in Manitoba. Nhan Nguyen recently moved here from the USA to marry Jessa Jane. Nhan was a well built lifter who obviously had previous experience. Nhan squatted 200kg struggled a little on the bench being successful with his opener only of 120 and then put on a deadlift clinic first pulling a miss loaded bar successfully but he was awarded an attempt with his originally requested weight of 215kg, this too was successful along with a second of 237.5 and a third of 242.5 for a whopping total of 562.5 and a 409 Wilks as a Junior!! Nhan and Jessa indicated they are staying here in Winnipeg so the 74kg MPA records will fall when he is a resident and officially a CPU member in the future.

Cody Dietrich was good for 6/9 attempts missing his third squat and second and third attempt benchpress but like Nhan he was able to pull all three Deadlifts for a 477.5kg total and I believe a new MPA record in the deadlift with his 212.5kg final pull. This was a good debut performance from Cody.

The 83 kg class had three competitors however, first time lifter Victor Auilar Barajas tweaked an injury during warm ups for the squat and thus withdrew from the competition. Victor chose to Benchpress and opened with an easy 130kg and then took a second attempt of 142.5kg which was good enough to break a MPA Benchpress Single lift record. Hector waived his third and then seemed to pack his gym bag and head home as he did not stay long enough to receive his medal.

Derek Wickham and Quin Ferguson battled it out for bragging rights in this weight class after Victor withdrew. Quin had some difficulty completing his first two squats while Derek quietly succeeded in all three attempts finishing with 170kg. With the crowd behind him Quin rallied and was able to squat 175kg on his third. Both men benched their first two attempts well with Quin extending his lead by 7.5kg over Derek. On the third attempt Derek failed with 115 and Quin pressed 122.5kg so now it was a 17.5kg lead for Quin at the sub total. Both men were able to lift all three of their deadlifts with Derek attaining a PB (I believe) of 215kg and Quin pulling 245 to increase his lead and earn the gold. There was some excellent lifting from the co-meet director and Quin.

The 93kg class had five lifters in total two were Juniors and three were Open category lifters. The Juniors were Kurtis Tallaire and Scotty Downs. Kurtis had a good day going 8/9 and totalling 492.5kg. This included a 182.5kg Squat, 100kg bench and a 210kg deadlift (no flatulence on that one). Scotty had the support of most of his family to cheer him on and his older brother Ben lifting in the same session. Sporting a new look right out of the pages of GQ Scotty had shed his long locks for a very flattering haircut. Is there a parallel to Samson here? I’m not sure but Scotty struggled with some of his lifts only going 4/9 on the day with two squats, one bench and a very nice opening deadlift of 262.5kg this was good enough for a 582.5 total and the win but some weight was probably left on the bar for Scotty on Sunday. My guess is that he had some specific goals in mind and went for them but they were just out of reach on the day.

The Open 93kg class saw some good lifting and weight choice by both Jesse Jamison and Robert Waller. Jesse went 8/9 only missing one squat that found him on his heels and going over backwards when he lost balance. He was alright though and it certainly woke the spotters up! Jesse finished squats with 205kg to Robert’s 177.5. Jordan Guilford was back after his debut in Dauphin. Jordan missed his second attempt and finished with 215kg for the lead over Jesse by 10kg. Benchpress saw Robert take two attempts and wave his third. He finished off with 120kg. Jesse showed some solid lifting technique and went 3/3 in the Bench finishing up with 127.5kg. it was a long slow press but he stuck with it and locked the weight out. Jordan was only able to get his first attempt at 130kg but this gave him the lead at the sub total with a 12.5kg cushion between him and Jesse. Robert was obviously having fun and was in at the sub with 297.5kg. Both Robert and Jesse were able to go 3/3 in the Deadlift but Robert held the upper hand here finishing off with a very nice PB of 227.5kg. Jesse was in with 210kg and was able to lock up the silver with a 542.5 total to Robert’s 525. Jordan pulled 230 and 242.5kg before finding 250 a bit too heavy. He finished with 587.5kg total and the win!

There were four lifters in the 105 weight class. Kyle Thompson was the lone Junior lifter and was sailing along with his attempts until the deadlift. Kyle by his own admission got a little too cocky and opened up with a PB on the Deadlift. This was a mistake as all three times he tried to pull the 230kg it would stall out just above his knees. It is always hard when a lifter bombs out but Kyle had a positive attitude about his error and he should be better prepared for his next competition.

Vince Green was back to compete for the second time this year and he demonstrated good lifting technique getting 222.5, 157.5, and 212.5 for a 592.5kg total and bragging rights as the strongest old guy at the meet with a 358 Wilks. I believe that Vince broke the Provincial record he set at the Dauphin meet as well.

Two newcomers to the sport John Skeavington and Sam Martz duelled it out for the top honours in this class. John was good for two squats finishing up with 152.5kg. Sam, who was voted “Best Hair” at the meet, was good for all three squats finishing up with 195kg. Both men went 3/3 in the Bench with Sam showing some picture perfect form and out benched John by 50kg, 155 to 105! The deadlift proved to be a little closer with John pulling two attempts for 192.5kg and Sam also pulling two and missing the third with a 222.5 final pull. So, Sam emerged on top in this duel 572.5kg to 450kg.

There were also five competitors in the 120kg weight class. One Junior lifter, three Open Unequipped lifters and one Open Equipped lifter. Drew Sedor was back for more from Dauphin as well. Drew went 5/9 missing one each of his squat and deadlift and missing 132.5kg twice in the bench. Drew totalled 547.5 for the gold in the 105 Men’s Junior class.

Patrick May, Jordan Lavalee and “Last Minute” Kyle Joynt were going head to head. Unfortunately for Kyle he could not register a legal squat and therefore did not obtain a total. If he had been successful with his opening squat he would have totalled 637.5kg and easily have won the class against the two first timers Patrick and Jordan. What I did notice in Kyle’s lifting was his improved Benchpress and his already strong Deadlift, if he could now work out the squat issues he will hit some very respectable numbers. Jordan Lavalee too had some trouble in the squat managing his first attempt at 157.5 before finding his limit at 167.5. Jordan then showed some smart lifting and finished off the day not missing another attempt and totalling 467.5kg. This was not enough to secure the win as Patrick May quietly and steadily lifted his way to an 8/9 day with a best squat of 190, bench – 140 and a deadlift of 240 for a 570kg total in his first meet and the win. Congratulations Patrick!

Guy Page was back in the gear to lift 2/3 in the Squat surpassing a 21 year old Provincial Standard by pushing up 305kg. Guy was experiencing some elbow pain and chose not to put on the bench shirt. Guy benched 140, followed by 155 without too much difficulty and only faltered on the third of 165kg. Guy then dove into the Deadlift pulling 310kg and missing 320 on his third for a 770kg total and a very nice Wilks of 442. If Guy had been successful on either his bench or his deadlift he would have erased another Provincial Standard that is presently 24 years old! I think this is not far off.

The 120+ category had two lifters competing; one was a “Baby Master” and first time lifter Patrick Cazeau. The other was reigning 120kg Men’s Open Unequipped National Champion Ben Downs. Patrick had a very positive attitude throughout the day. He lifted quite well squatting 145 but needing two tries to get it, then missing 185kg. Benchpress went smoother as he was successful with two attempts finishing off with 160kg which is impressive if you saw how long Patrick’s arms are and how far he had to lock out the bar. Looking at Patrick’s frame it was apparent he may have some talent in the deadlift and this proved to be true. Patrick opened with an easy 265kg and then pulled 290kg just as easily but he was so in control that he set the bar down like it was a tea cup not the 639 lbs that it was. Patrick then tried 302.5 but this was too much and he smiled his way off of the platform with a very respectable 595 total for his first meet.

The rumour was that Ben had been hitting some BIG numbers in the gym and there was an expectation that he could/would have a very good day of lifting. Ben obviously knew where his strength was as he went 8/9 only failing to pull his final Deadlift. Ben opened up with 272.5kg/600lbs, he followed this up with easy lifts (well they looked easy Ben) of 290 and 300kg/661lbs. Ben then opened up the Bench with 182.5, 192.5, and 195/429 for a 495kg subtotal. Ben then demonstrated his prolific pulling prowess with 320, 342.5/755lbs and the miss at 355kg/782lbs!!! Ben totalled a huge 837.5kg Unequipped and had a 474 Wilks!! When I was checking the records I noticed that Ben had improved his total from November of last year by 52.5kg!! THAT, ladies and gentlemen takes hard work and dedication in the gym.

So, as you can see the Manitoba Powerlifters are a strong and improving bunch. The good folks at the 17 Wing have agreed to host a fall competition. The date has yet to be determined. Caitlyn Clement is the new head of the 17 Wing Strength Club as Al Bugden has passed on the reigns to her. Fortunately, the 17 Wing Strength Club has its founding father returned to Winnipeg as Rob Snow and his family were re-posted to Winnipeg from Nova Scotia. Military Powerlifting is growing in Canada and we are privileged to have their help and support here in Manitoba.

See you on the wood in the fall.

Brock Haywood

Power in the Parkland Meet Report

2014 Power in the Parkland
Meet Report

Wow! What an event the 2014 Power in the Parkland turned out to be. As I have mentioned previously this was the largest local competition in MPA history with 30 Competitors. We were poised to have as many as 35 however, there were a few people who could not make it, were sick, or just did not show up on the day. There were also an unbelievable 90 MPA records that were set on June 14th in Dauphin. I seriously thought that we were going to see the records setting taper off but there were some new lifters in the lighter weight classes that pushed some existing records and replace the Provincial Standard with some legitimate numbers.

Ed Dufour, Travis Bloomer and Kyler Tencha were the co-meet directors for this event and they did another great job getting everything ship shape for this competition. The venue at the Parkland Crossing has worked well for the past five years and it proved capable of handling this volume of lifters as well.

Ancient prophecies speak of the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding down on their horses to devastate mankind. We too had “four horsemen” but they were not of the apocalypse but of the “liftalypse” type and they were not there to devastate but to spot, load and support the lifters. Their hard work was a HUGE contributing factor to the success of this meet. Travis Bloomer, Kurtis Tallaire, Kyle Coffey and Mitch Caruk spotted and loaded the entire event without respite and only the 15 min. breaks between the lifts. They loaded and unloaded the bar 270 times moving tonnes of weight and having one of the greatest volume days of lifting that I’m sure they could never have imagined. I don’t know if they have recuperated just yet but they surely earned some respect from everyone who was present. When you see them again stop and thank them for their efforts, this is small compensation for the work they did last Saturday.

At the head table we had Chris (Caitlyn Clement’s husband) working the computer and the electronic scoresheet. Chris has saved our bacon the last two meets as he is well versed in using Excel Programs which made everything a little easier when we encountered some difficulties Kyler Tencha was trying his hand at announcing and did a great job keeping the meet flowing and everyone informed. There was a young lady at the head table assisting Kyler with the score cards however; I do not have her name. Thank you for your help.

Ed Dufour handled schlepping all of the equipment from Winnipeg to Dauphin. He also provided a computer after his lap top was stolen and we could not find a viable solution with the other options that were tried. Ed, Hazel and Collin played the consummate hosts and provided a wonderful spread of sandwiches, snacks and drinks for the lifters and the volunteers. I know that not everyone gives this much thought but there is a lot that goes into running a successful meet. There is a lot that goes on prior to the contest day that is not considered or perhaps even taken for granted. You only realize how much is involved when you make the decision to become a meet director. This is why I mention the volunteers first and foremost in my reports, for without volunteers……………the meet may not happen.

Jesse Jamison was not present but he kept his word and helped to get the MPA lighting system functional for this event. We did have a shut down when things overheated but it fired up again after about 10 – 15 attempts and we were on the lights. The Refereeing duties were handled by Susan Haywood, Ed Dufour and Brock Haywood this time around.

Lifting was good at this meet and we were blessed with nine women competing in a nice spread of the weight categories. There were two juniors, a master, and six open female competitors vying for position.
• Maria Schigol was a Junior competitor from Saskatchewan lifting for the first time. She had a good day going 8/9 with a 220kg total in the 72kg class.
• Hailey Kostynuik was back for more after her debut in February. She went 9/9 in the 84+ weight class and displayed fewer nerves this time around and calmly improved on each of her lifts to set Junior, Open and Benchpress records. She also totalled 385kg and had a 313 Wilks to earn herself the Best Lifter award for the women.
• Terri Fordham decided to come and join the insanity and start her lifting career after reaching the Masters 1 age category. Terri appeared to be coached by Guy Page so my guess is that she trains at Acceleration. Terri went 6/9 with a 305kg total in the Women’s M1 84+ category. It was a very nice first contest!
• Tania Vrga was another first time competitor in the Open 52kg weight class. Tania represented herself very well as she went 8/9 totalling 225kg with only one missed bench on a technicality….she forgot to wait for the signals and decided to blast up 52.5kg only to be met with red lights and some self recrimination on the platform. Tania informed us that she is the owner of Winnipeg CrossFit (I do hope I have this correct) and thoroughly enjoyed her first Powerlifting contest.
• The 57kg class had two competitors Jannelle Van Den Bosch and Caitlyn Clement. Jannelle had some difficulties this day only becoming successful on 5/9 of her attempts. This was good enough for the gold as she totalled 242.5kg for a comfortable 30kg lead over Caitlyn after the chalk dust settled. Caitlyn faired better with her attempts going 7/9 and a 212.5kg total. This was an improvement on Caitlyn’s first meet in February so she did achieve some of the Women’s Military Records that she set last time out.
• Jill Bright put in a solid day of lifting in the 63kg weight class going 8/9 with a 255kg total. Jill also trains at Acceleration and appears to be benefitting from that training environment as her lifting is technically sound and strong.
• Newcomer Savanna Zebrasky was flawless in her debut performance with a 9/9 day, a 305kg total in the 72kg weight class along with a 308 Wilks which was pushing Hailey for the top honours. Savanna was very strong in he lifts and displayed good form for a first contest. Expect bigger things from her if she chooses to continue competing.
• Amy Sedor was the first member of the Sedor clan on the platform. This was Amy’s first meet and she did very well going 7/9 with a 257.5kg total in the women’s 84+ weight class.

The Men (who did not spot & load)

• There was a single Sub-Junior lifter at this meet. Darius Martens was lifting against himself at this his first contest. Darius was in the 83kg class and given that he is a Sub-Junior, I believe that with continued training and hard work he should fill out the 93 or 105 class in the future. There is a good future for Darius too as he lifted well getting two squats with a best of 152.5kg. There were some problems on the bench where he missed the first attempt lifted the second and the missed the third. Darius was successful with 110kg in the bench. The Deadlift went better as Darius went 3/3 pulling 192.5kg and totalling 455kg.
• Benjamin Langley was the lone Junior 74kg competitor but he certainly came in prepared to lift! Although it was Ben’s first meet he put up solid numbers 192.5kg Squat, 122.5kg Bench and a 210kg Deadlift for a 525kg total, and a 378Wilks for the Best Junior Lifter of the meet on his first time out! Congratulations Ben!
• Scott Downs was back to showcase the family deadlift again. Scott was alone in the 93kg Junior Weight class. Scott had a 7/9 day and just missed a PB Deadlift of 277.5kg. This was good for a 590kg total and the second best Wilks for the Juniors at 373
• There were three competitors in the Junior 105 class. Carey Link was back on the wood after having a rough go at Nationals. Carey’s lifts were on par with his previous performances but maybe a plateau has been reached? Carey was good for three squats, but only took a single bench attempt and then was 2/3 in the Deadlift for a 585 total and first place. Kyle Thompson was battling it out for second spot with a 5/9 day and a 240kg total. Kyle was having a little trouble with his bench but was able to get his opener of 130 on the second try and then maintain his lead over Drew by out pulling him by 7.5kg and tugging up 227.5kg in the Deadlift. Drew Sedor was out for his first Powerlifting competition and lifted very well going 8/9 with a total of 532.5kg for third place in the weight class.

There were two M1 competitors and a “Baby M2” in the form of Scott Crowhurst. All three men demonstrated that “Old Guys Rule” with very impressive lifting on display.
• Vince Green purposefully and methodically lifted his way into the MPA record books with a 9/9 day. This was accomplished with a 207.5kg Squat, a monster unequipped Bench of 160kg and a 220kg Deadlift for a 587.5 total. Very nice lifting Mr. Green!
• Trevor Winfield may seem to be a bit of an enigma. OK, he really is an enigma! Trevor is one of the strongest men in the Province and he really proved that on Saturday Squatting 240kg, Benchpressing 230kg (507lbs) on his first attempt and then just missing 242.5kg on the second and waiving his third. Trevor then proved that he was not just a Bencher by pulling 3/3 in the Deadlift finishing with 265kg (which looked effortless) and a 735kg Unequipped M1 total and a 419 Wilks! Then, in typical Trevor fashion he packed his gym bag and silently left the competition before collecting his hardware. Trevor for those of you who do not know has consistently displayed the strongest unequipped Benchpress in Canada for the past three years. Yet, he is not satisfied which is why I think he will put up even larger numbers the next time he chooses to compete. Trevor had the highest Wilks of the meet and was the Best Masters Lifter and the 1st place finisher in the Men’s M1 120+kg class.
• Scott Crowhurst returned to the platform after competing last in 2012. Scott was now a “Baby M2” lifter and demonstrated that he had not lost any strength since his last outing. Scott was 5/9 with a 567.5kg total in the M2 105 weight class.

The Open Men

• Tyler Kolesar was the lone competitor in the 59kg weight class but just like his cousin Ben Langley and his brother Ryan he came prepared to lift and lift well. Tyler went 8/9 at his first meet and broke the Canadian Deadlift Record (Unofficially) to boot! The Deadlift was a monstrous 177.5kg which exceeded the existing record by 5kg but cannot stand as a CPU record since this competition did not qualify for Canadian Records to be set. Tyler totalled 400kg and broke a few Manitoba records though and I’m sure he will establish his record at a meet in the future.
• Ryan Kolesar was the lifting as well in the 66kg weight class. Ryan also went 8/9 in his inaugural meet Squatting – 152.5kg, Bench – 97.5kg and Deadlifting 200kg for a 450kg total! I find it very encouraging to see the level of lifting in our province that is on display by the newcomers. This speaks well for the future of Powerlifting in Manitoba.
• Shawn McCarthy and Brennan McIntyre of Dauphin battled it out in the 83kg Weight class for descendants of Celtic ancestors. Shawn emerged victorious in this face off missing one attempt in each of the lifts for a total of 532.5kg. Brennan was able to demonstrate good form in totalling up 475kg going 7/9 on his attempts.
• The Men’s 93kg weight class saw three lifters battling it out. Jordan Guilford, Paul Taylor and Robert Waller all were first time competitors here in Manitoba. Both Jordan and Paul missed their opening squat leaving Robert with the early lead. However, on second attempts Robert missed 177.5 while both Paul and Jordan increased their attempts despite the early miss. Paul was successful with 187.5kg and Jordan pushed up 192.5kg. I’m not sure if this was the debut of “The Tongue “or not but when Jordan made a good heavy lift he celebrated with a Gene Simmons like display of his tongue which was a crowd pleaser. Third attempts saw Robert struggle again with 177.5kg for a miss. Paul was good for 195kg for the temporary lead and then Jordan was good on 202.5kg. This took us to the bench. Robert was able to show some benching acumen and was good for 120kg on his second. Both Paul and Jordan were only able to get their first attempts with both at 125kg. So at the sub we had Jordan with a 7.5kg lead over Paul and Robert was trailing 35kg behind Paul. As usual the deadlift would determine the winner. Robert was successful with 182.5kg, Jordan took 215kg and Paul showed he was not going away with a 222.5kg open attempt. This pulled Paul to within 5kg of Jordan. On the seconds all three were successful with Jordan putting some distance on Paul with a 232.5 pull to 230. Third attempts saw Robert miss with 200kg giving him a total of 480 and the Bronze in this class. Paul was good for 237.5kg for a final pull giving him 557.5 and second place. Jordan was good for 240kg and the win with a total of 567.5kg. This was a good battle in what is traditionally a strong weight class.
• The 105kg class also had three competitors vying for bragging rights. Travis Mattice, Mathew Bowen and Devin LaFerriere. Travis has been putting up some solid training numbers following the 531 format. I was aware of his progress through his workout log on the MPA Forum. This was Mathew’s second contest this year as he had lifted in the February meet. Devin has been training consistently and was back to check his strength. Squats went well for Travis getting all three and putting up an impressive 227.5kg squat. Mathew was successful for two squats earning 167.5kg for his best. Devin was having some difficulties being successful only on his first for 140kg. So heading into the bench Travis had a significant lead of 60kg over Mathew and 87.5kg over Devin. Travis kept right on rolling along with a 165kg bench on his second and a miss at 173kg (to take the MPA record from his meet director Ed Dufour). This gave Travis a sub-total of 392.5. Mathew also went 2/3 in the bench finishing with 115kg and a sub of 282.5kg. Devin’s rough day continued with a success on his opener of 100kg for a subtotal of 240kg. Travis was “Golden” in the Deadlift getting all three attempts with a best of 247.5kg and a winning total of 640kg, a Wilks of 389 to earn the Best Open Lifter award. Mathew was 2/3 on the Deadlift pulling 215kg and missing the landmark of 227.5kg. Mathew’s total was good for the Silver at 497.5kg. Devin began to get some traction and was successful on two of his deadlifts finishing with a best of 212.5kg and a total of 452.5kg.
• The 120 class had the veteran Mathew Sedor pitched against a newcomer John McGrath. Mathew lifted as a Junior for years and now is back as a well muscled and formidable specimen. This writer’s first impressions of John are that he is tall, quiet, and capable of having some very good numbers in the future. The unusual circumstance of this battle was that both lifters obviously knew their individual capabilities, had a goal in mind and stuck to their plan as both men were 9/9 on this day. Mathew finished the squats with a best of 225kg and John had 175kg. In the bench Mathew extended the lead with a 162.5kg bench to John’s 132.5kg. In the Deadlift John’s biomechanical advantage for this lift became apparent as he pulled all three attempts with ease finishing off with 240kg and a 547.5kg total for the Silver. Mathew’s final deadlift was 260kg for a total of 647.5kg and the win. I believe both lifters may have attained their goals for this meet.

Well there you have it, a play by play of the 2014 Power in the Parkland. Congratulations to all of the lifters for lifting well. There were no injuries and everyone appeared to be having fun. Thank you again is extended to all of the Volunteers. We will see you on the wood at the Prairie CrossFit Open in August.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee