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Records now updated through the 2017 Westman Classic

Great work everyone! Looking forward to updating this again after Provincials and Westerns, too.

I have the certificates from the previous update and will be sending this new stack off to the printers soon; they all will be available at Provincials.

If you know you won’t be at Provincials or Westerns at all or cross paths with me (Shawn) at a gym, please send us an email with your current address so we can send those out. We have some addresses from registration forms, CPU memberships, etc, but people move 🙂

Provincial Records Updated

I have reviewed the records from the Provincials and I believe I have the records properly updated. If anything has been missed or there is need of a correction please contact us and let us know.

The MPA has a new Records Chairperson since the AGM. Shawn McCarthy will be taking over these duties and may be reorganizing the way the records are kept.

There were at least 26 Women’s Unequipped records broken at the Provincials which is fantastic! We also have our first records set from a female Sub-Junior which is exciting.

A determination will be made about the records certificates as we need to get caught up on printing these off as well. Stay tuned…

An update to the update as there were two performances from the Westerns that I had missed. New Records for Brooklyn and Ryan now noted. (12/4/16)bh


Records Update

Susan Haywood was the lone Manitoba competitor that made the journey to the 2015 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Vancouver BC from December 1 – 6, 2015. Susan was making an attempt at some Canadian Records but fell short on the day. She did however achieve Gold in the Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift and Total in her age group and weight class and set some Manitoba records in the process. The Equipped records were updated accordingly.


Records Update Info

I have just completed reviewing the MPA Record books to see what the lifters accomplished at the 17 Wing Meet. Here is the tally:

36 – Unequipped Records broken
27 – Equipped Records broken
17 – Benchpress Records broken
80 – Total Records broken at this meet. The quality of lifting is impressive as the Equipped Records were exceeded by Unequipped lifters!!

Here are some of the notable record breaking performances:

Ben Langley broke Marc Filiba’s 14 year old Equipped Record and equaled Dwayne Feakes 25 yr old Equipped Provincial Standard total of 607.5kg.

Ryan Green exceeded a 22 year old Equipped Bench Provincial Standard set by Rick Dawes.

Janet Loesel Sitar broke an 8yr old Equipped Provincial Standard in the 72kg M1 Women’s class.

Of course, I cannot fail to mention Hailey Kostynuik who exceeded all of her previous Junior and Open Woman’s Records in the Unequipped and Equipped categories.

Congratulations to all of the lifters for their efforts whether a record has fallen or not. As long as you compete and strive to make yourself better you all are winners.

Brock Haywood

Records page & Update info

I updated the records page with the records that were broken at the Prairie CrossFit Powerlifting Open.

Also, the CPU and the MPA are now able to provide online Registration. Click on the Registration Link that is on the home page and follow the instructions. Online Registrations will run for one year from the date of purchase therefore the lifters who presently have a 2014 CPU card do not need to purchase another one until next year, when you do it will be valid for one year which will be visible on the card.