Changes to Bylaws from AGM

There is a lot that happened this Saturday at the annual MPA AGM.

  • We elected a new Executive (see the “Contacts page”)
  • New standards to qualify for Provincials (this will be posted very soon and the Bylaws updated
  • The addition of a new position to the Directors of the MPA in the form of Past President (please see the Bylaws when uploaded)

We are at the beginning of a new era in the MPA.  This is exciting and also a little intimidating.  Our sport is growing and on Saturday the MPA took a step into the future with the next generation taking the reins.  We are in good hands and it is my ongoing hope that our sport will continue to grow in popularity and the MPA will continue with the attributes that have made us who we are today.  That is, we will continue to help eachother grow and learn in our chosen sport, represent ourselves well in the  larger sporting community and remain open and welcoming to all those interested in powerlifting and getting stronger through consistent planned drug free training practices.

Brock Haywood

MPA Past President

IPF Cat I Referee


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