Course Conductors for CPU Coaching Program

Below is a communication from Ryan Fowler the Chair of the CPU Coaching Committee. I am pasting it here and on the MPA website for information for anyone interested. Please be aware that regionally, Manitoba will only have one trainer to start with. I have the application which interested parties can e-mail me for.

Hello Provincial Presidents,

As you are aware, the CPU has been working on the development of the CPU Coaching Program and it is currently in its final stages of completion. A number of individuals from across the country have been involved in the editing and vetting of the document that was prepared and we are now moving in the second phase of development. The second phase will be focussed on selecting, training and educating the course conductors in each of the provinces in order to start delivering the program after the 2017 National.

It is our intention to run a small clinic (~3-4 hours) at the 2017 CPU National Championships for all selected course conductors so they are familiar with the processes, documentation and requirements of the program. Once this clinic is complete, we are anticipating that the program can start to be delivered.

The CPU is asking for your assistance in the process of selection of the appropriate course conductors in each of the provinces to help administer the program. The administration of the program is a remunerated position and we are wanting to build a National standardized program that is delivered by experienced members of the CPU that can use their knowledge on expertise in the sport to get the required information out to new coaches.

We have created a minimum standard for the individuals that we would like to select to represent the program and ask that you get nominations from your province for those that meet these standards and those that would be interested in becoming part of this exciting new program.

Please have any and all interested individuals fill out the application form attached below and send back to Ryan Fowler and Michael Souster. Email addresses are listed on the application form.

We look forward to building a great coaching program with the help from your province and leading coaching that can bring a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to those new powerlifting coaches in Canada.

Ryan Fowler / Michael Souster

In order to be an eligible candidate to become a course conductor, the following criteria must be met:

• Have a minimum of 5 years coaching experience in Powerlifting within the CPU;
• Have coached/developed athletes that have competed at the world championship level;
• Have excellent communication, presentation and listening skills;
• Have previous adult education experience;
• Be a respected member of the CPU powerlifting community
• Applications are due January 7, 2017.

The CPU Course Conductor will be responsible for delivery of the CPU Level 1 Coaching Course. There will be 3-4 hour training session at Nationals in 2017 in which the course conductors will be introduced to the Level 1 manual and training will happen around conducting the course. A time and date for this is still being worked on.

We are determining the number of course conductors Nationally. Some provinces may have more than one, some may have none based on lifter population. This means the course conductors will need to be available for a minimum of 3-4 courses per year. A course is going to run 2 days in length, so interested individuals need to be able to commit to that time availability. Moving forward, there will also be the potential to become an Evaluator which would mean more time spent evaluating trained coaches.

I hope that clears up some of the expectations.
Ryan Fowler

5 Course Conductor Application Form (1)

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