Descriptions of MPA Executive Positions

Below I have copied the descriptions of the Executive positions within the MPA. These are open for nominations for all positions as this is an election year. I am doing this for clarity so the potential candidates understand what the expectation and responsibilities are.

2.1.0 President
2.1.1 The President is the primary point of contact for any outside agencies currently working in association with the MPA or that wish to form an association with the MPA.

2.1.2 The President is the only Director who, with approval from the Board of Directors, can enter into agreements with outside agencies.

2.1.3 The President is responsible for the following:
a) Directing the debate and keeping order at meetings of the Members according to the traditions and rules of parliamentary procedure
b) Presenting all awards at Provincial competitions. This duty may be delegated to other officials provided that all presenters are dressed in a manner appropriate to the occasion and to their office
c) Producing an informational column, to be written three times per year and distributed to each Member for newspaper publishing and for posting on the MPA website
d) Organizing all Provincial Teams
e) Appointing an interim Secretary at a meeting of the Members or a meeting of the Board in the event that the Secretary is absent

2.1.4 In the case of equal voting on a motion at a meeting of the Board, the President, as Chair, will vote a second time to break the tie.

2.2.0 Vice President
2.2.1 The Vice President, is responsible for the following:
a) Supporting Provincial Team members by addressing questions concerns and providing guidance before and after National Events
b) Interfacing between Members and the MPA
c) Distributing grassroots programs to clubs designed to increase participation and capacity
d) Developing and implementing team selection criteria, for consideration by the Technical Committee, for athlete participation in Regional and National level competitions and training camps
e) Acting as the “social media face and voice” of the MPA by liaising and communicating with the public, funding partners, and other parties within and outside of the powerlifting community
f) Performing all the duties of the President, including presiding at meetings of the Board or meetings of the Members, the absence of President.
g) Other duties assigned by the Board

2.3.0 Athlete Liaison
2.3.1 The Athlete Liaison is responsible for the following:
a) Liaising with all provincial level athletes in support of their individual competitive goals
b) Assisting athletes in learning the rules of competition and assisting in the interpretation of the MPA Constitution

2.4.0 Secretary
2.4.1 The Secretary is responsible for the following:
a) Assisting the President in carrying out and conveying the wishes of the Board to the Secretary of the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)
b) Taking and keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Board and meetings of the Members
c) Handling all official MPA correspondence
d) Giving due notice to all Members of a meeting of the Members
e) Updating the MPA Bylaws following any amendments and forwarding a copy to the MPA webmaster for posting on the MPA website within 30 days of the amendments being approved
f) Maintaining and updating the MPA’s policies and procedures as required

2.5.0 Treasurer
2.5.1 The Treasurer is responsible for the following:
a) Supervising the management and the disbursement of funds of the MPA
b) Keeping proper accounting records which will be annually verified by an independent auditor
c) Providing the Board of Directors, monthly bank reconciliations including itemized monthly cash disbursements and deposits along with quarterly financial statements (that include an income statement and balance sheet) to be provided to the Board of Directors within the following month end.
d) Presenting an audited report at the Annual Meeting

2.6.0 Officiating Chairman
2.6.1 The Officiating Chairman may attend meetings of the Board of Directors but is not a Director and may not vote at meetings of the Board.

2.6.2 The Officiating Chairman is responsible for the following:
a) Testing of Provincial Referees
b) Maintaining constant communication with the CPU Officiating Chairmen concerning developments which involve referees and changes to the technical rules
c) Submitting an annual report at the Annual Meeting
d) Conducting an annual Provincial Officiating Clinic for all potential and current referees.
e) Approving the Provincial Referee’s Written Examinations that are being used by all Members
f) Having the final authority on matters involving interpretation of the Technical Rules, with the option of contacting the CPU Technical Committee for clarification when necessary

2.7.0 Records Chairman
2.7.1 The Record Chairman is responsible for the following:
a) The Records Chairman shall maintain communication with the MPA Webmaster to keep online MPA Provincial Records up-to date.
b) The Records Chairman shall be responsible for receiving record applications.

2.8.0 Registration Chairman
2.8.1 The Registration Chairman is responsible the following:
a) The Registration Chairman shall maintain an up-to date list of all provincially-registered members with current contact information.
d) The registration chairman shall liaison with the providers of the electronic membership system and the National Registration Chairman to resolve any registration issues.

Brock Haywood
MPA President

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