Important Future Dates

  1. June 22 & 23, 2019 – 2019 MPA Provincial Championships – Winnipeg, MB (Airport Holiday Inn)
  2. August 9 – 2019 MPA Referee Clinic, Brandon, MB
  3. August 10 – WHEAT MEET IV – Brandon, MB (North End Community Centre)
  4. September 6-8 – CPU Western Championships – Saskatoon, SK
  5. October 5 – Shake the Interlake – Selkirk, MB (Iron Image)
  6. October 19 – 2019 MPA AGM – location TBD
  7. Nov 2 – 2019 Bench Press Only Provincials – Winnipeg, MB (Acceleration Performance)
  8. Dec 14 – PL Event TBD
  9. Feb 1 – 2020 Brickhouse Power Challenge
  10. March 2-7, 2020 – CPU Nationals 2020

2 thoughts on “Important Future Dates”

  1. First time competitor here. Dont know where to begin but I found this page of future meet dates and would like to join one. How do I register/what do I need to do to enter a meet? I’ll be coming out to watch Provincials this upcoming weekend to learn a little more. Thanks

  2. Come to the Meet Jason and introduce yourself to the executive. They will be able to direct you about where you can start to get involved. Depending upon where you reside it would be a good idea to begin to train at a Powerlifting friendly gym. Then you can begin to build relationships that will help you in the sport. Ask questions, be curious. Since our sport has grown quite a lot in the last while there are a lot of newer lifters who are learning themselves. Seek out the more experienced individuals so you are not misdirected by hearsay. Check out the Facebook page and the CPU website as well, . Meets in Manitoba will be posted here and on the CPU website.

    Good Luck!

    Brock Haywood
    IPF Cat I Referee
    CPU Officiating Chair
    Past President MPA

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