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  1. Some Sad News

    We were just made aware that a former MPA member and competitor Jacques Jubinville passed away in October. Jacques’s family reached out here on the MPA website about some of Jacques’ trophies and a couple of powerlifting belts that he had.

    The MPA will be re-using these trophies and acknowledging Jacques as a former MPA member and competitor. The belts, at his family’s request are to be passed on to a lifter or lifters who are starting out and could benefit from receiving this all-important training tool.

    Jacques was a 125 + Athlete and essentially was the MPA’s first legitimate “Super Heavyweight”. Jacques trained at the old MPA Gym at the Transcona Country Club and the Thames Street location.

    Although Jacques had not been involved in the sport for some years, he is fondly remembered by those of us who knew him when he trained and competed in the very tight MPA powerlifting community from the early 90’s.

    Brock Haywood
    IPF Cat I Referee
    Past President MPA

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