MPA President’s Update from CPU AGM

MPA President’s Update from CPU AGM

I will make every attempt to just feature the highlights as all of this information is available on the CPU website for any member to review at their leisure. Below are some of the items that I feel may directly affect our MPA members.

• To all of the MPA lifters who recently competed at the Nationals – some of you will have qualified for international competition. Please pay close attention to the requirements for the International events you may be interested in.

From the CPU President’s Report at the AGM
• Toronto Pro Show – there are 25 spots open for CPU competitors details will be on the OPA and CPU websites. This show is similar in nature to the Arnolds and may receive an IPF sanction in the future from the NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation).
• SBD Athlete Sponsorship – Effective March 1st SPD will sponsor members of Team Canada competing in the Open Category at the 2016 Classic Worlds. Athletes at this meet receive a full SBD lifting kit.
o Also, Classic Open Team Canada athletes who medal at the 2016 Classic Worlds are eligible for performance awards as follows:
 1st place: 1250 GBP (Great Britain Pounds)
 2nd place: 500 GBP
 3rd place: 250 GBP
 Best Lifter, 1st place: 1250 GBP
 Best Lifter, 2nd place: 500 GBP
 Best Lifter, 3rd place: 250 GBP
• Adoption of the CAPD and WADA Code in 2016. This will be managed by the CCES.
o Note: The three tests conducted at the Brickhouse Power Challenge were all negative i.e. passed!! Congratulations to those individuals!
• 1st University Powerlifting World Cup

AGM highlights

• National Referee candidates may be certified at Regional Championships if they meet the stated conditions
• A new officer position was added to the CPU Executive – Championship Secretary. This is a huge job that requires many hours of work for our International teams.
• All of the CPU officers will receive yearly stipends for their efforts.
• There is now another Regional Championship the Central Canadian Powerlifting Championships. This will cover Ontario and Quebec. However, any CPU member can lift at any Regional Championship and all new lifters who have achieved a qualifying total for Nationals in 2017 are required to lift at one of the Regional Championships this year. If they do not, they will not be approved to lift at Nationals
• There is now a minimum qualifying Wilks that all Open level classic competitors will need to achieve in order to be considered for the National team at International events. Note: this rule presently will only apply to Open Classic competitors.
o International A Team Open Female Classic – 390 Wilks
o International A Team Open Male Classic – 440 Wilks
o International B Team Open Female Classic – 350 Wilks
o International B Team Open Male Classic – 400 Wilks (The full rule can be found on the CPU website section 17 of the Constitution.
• As things were at this year’s Nationals you will only be able to have two coaches backstage with you at the Regional or National Championships.

• The 2016 Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships will be on August 19 – 21, 2016. The venue will be at the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops BC. Host hotel will be the Hampton Inn by Hilton Kamloops located at 1245 Rogers Way Kamloops.

• 2016 Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships will be on September 16 – 17, 2016 in St. John’s NL. The venue and meet hotel will be the Comfort Inn Airport 106 Airport Rd. St. John’s NL.

• 2017 CPU National Powerlifting Championships was determined last year and will be in Saguenay QC. (See CPU website for details)

• 2018 CPU National Powerlifting Championships was awarded to Calgary AB. and will be in the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino which is the same venue where the 2018 IPF Classic Worlds will be hosted.

• The CPU has partnered with Peak Power Sport Development to deliver a coaching certification program for the CPU. Details of this will be shared and released on the CPU website.

For the specifics of the particular sections of the CPU constitution that were changed at this year’s AGM please visit the CPU website and read through the changes if you are interested.

The MPA sent a record number of lifters to this year’s CPU Nationals in Regina. The SPA and the organizing committee did a phenomenal job of hosting this event and raised the bar for the rest of the country. For those of you who attended this year as your first Nationals you were treated to a world class event. Here is a list of our MPA lifters and how they did;

Krista Vandewaeter F-O 84 Equipped Bench – Gold
Rob Snow M-M1 120+ Equipped Bench – Gold
CJ Stewart F-O-U 52 Powerlifting – 4th
Jannelle Van Den Bosch F-O-U 57 Powerlifting – 13th
Jocelyn Blake F-O-U 84 Powerlifting – Bronze
Hailey Kostynuik F-O-U 84+ Powerlifting – Gold
Lexie Elias F-O-U 84+ Powerlifting – 8th
Janet Loesel Sitar F-M1-U 72 Powerlifting – 4th
Susan Haywood F-M3 84+ Equipped Powerlifting – DNF
Mikal Thrones M-J-U 83 Powerlifting – DNF
Scott Downs M-J-U 93 Powerlifting – 5th
Nicholas Thrones M-J-U 93 Powerlifting – 11th
Kurtis Tallaire M-J-U 93 Powerlifting – 13th
Ryan Kolesar M-O-U 66 Powerlifting – 4th
Mathew Bowen M-O-U 83 Powerlifting – 8th
Shawn McCarthy M-O-U 83 Powerlifting – 11th
Travis Mattice M-O-U 105 Powerlifting – 4th
Taylor Abolade M-O-U 105 Powerlifting – 8th
Tyler MacInnis M-O-U 120 Powerlifting – 6th
Vince Green M-M1-U 105 Powerlifting – Bronze
Rob Snow M-M1-U 120+ Powerlifting – Gold

20 Competitors lifted 21 times earning 4 Gold medals and 2 Bronze and four 4th place finishes. Some of our lifters were fighting off the flu yet they still lifted. I know some Manitoba records were broken. Hailey wowed everyone by squatting another unofficial World record, destroying her competition by totalling an incredible 102.5kg more than the second place finisher. I hope you go to Texas for the Classic Worlds.

Our next event is filling up in Brandon. This will be our first time hosting an MPA meet in Brandon so come on out to lift, watch or more importantly volunteer. See you on the wood.

Brock Haywood
MPA President
IPF Category I Referee

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