Next MPA Competition

Prairie CrossFit is going to host a Powerlifting Competition on August 24th here in Winnipeg. I will be posting up the Entry Form and Poster soon.

Following the return of the “Snowdaddy” to Winnipeg, the 17 Wing may play host to another Powerlifting competition in the Fall.


6 thoughts on “Next MPA Competition”

  1. Hey my name is nhan and I have a couple question about the competition in August. I just recently moved to Winnipeg from Boston and I just want to know if I have to be a resident to be able to compete and if I can please provide me with for info about the meet. Thanks

    Nhan Nguyen

  2. Are you here for work purposes Nhan on a temporary basis? Have you competed back in Boston in the USAPL? If you have and are a current member you would only need to bring your USAPL membership card with you. I’m thinking if you do not have a membership from home but will be returning there later this year and wish to compete at home I would suggest going online and purchasing the USAPL membership is the website address.

    If you will be staying in Winnipeg for a longer period of time we can sell you a CPU Membership card in order to compete. However, I will check our Constitution just to make sure I won’t be violating any of our own rules in doing so.


  3. hi, i am looking to compete, but this will be my first time. can you give me a list of things to do like any registration fees or anything like that?

  4. yeah one more question. on the entry form what does single even and double event mean?

  5. Single event is if you are competing in only the Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) or in the Benchpress Single lift competition. Both indicates that you intend to compete in both of these competitions essentially benchpressing six times on competition day.


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