Notice to ALL 17 Wing Lifters

Attention All 17 Wing Competitors:

When you come to the 17 Wing on Saturday morning (before the 08:00 Weigh In time) please be prepared. This means the following:

2. Check your Rack Heights and enter your starting weigh in Kilos on this form
3. Have your CPU Card, CCES Certificate and Photo ID out and ready to be
verified by the Referees doing both the Equipment Check and the Weigh In.
4. Have all the equipment you wish to wear on the platform ready for inspection.
That includes your powerlifting gear, socks, shoes, and yes your underwear
(briefs only no leg allowed, bras must be non-supportive)
5. When weighing in, hand your Athlete Weigh In Document, CPU card, CCES
Certificate and Photo ID to Referee. Now strip to your socks & underwear or
nude and step on the scale. Once your weight is agreed upon get dressed, get
your attempt cards and go and eat.
6. Re hydrate, eat, warm up and have some fun lifting heavy stuff.

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