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I have just completed reviewing the MPA Record books to see what the lifters accomplished at the 17 Wing Meet. Here is the tally:

36 – Unequipped Records broken
27 – Equipped Records broken
17 – Benchpress Records broken
80 – Total Records broken at this meet. The quality of lifting is impressive as the Equipped Records were exceeded by Unequipped lifters!!

Here are some of the notable record breaking performances:

Ben Langley broke Marc Filiba’s 14 year old Equipped Record and equaled Dwayne Feakes 25 yr old Equipped Provincial Standard total of 607.5kg.

Ryan Green exceeded a 22 year old Equipped Bench Provincial Standard set by Rick Dawes.

Janet Loesel Sitar broke an 8yr old Equipped Provincial Standard in the 72kg M1 Women’s class.

Of course, I cannot fail to mention Hailey Kostynuik who exceeded all of her previous Junior and Open Woman’s Records in the Unequipped and Equipped categories.

Congratulations to all of the lifters for their efforts whether a record has fallen or not. As long as you compete and strive to make yourself better you all are winners.

Brock Haywood

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