Reminder on Nominations for MPA Executive Positions

Below is copied from the Constitution. I have received some nominations but they are missing the communication from the Nominee (4.4 a) which would make it official so I can post it here and on the MPA Website. Please see below if you have nominated someone or intend to nominate someone to sit for election at our AGM.

Election of Directors
4.3 Nominations Committee – The Board will appoint a Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee will be responsible to solicit nominations for the election of the Directors.

4.4 Nomination – Any nomination of an individual for election as a Director will:
a) Include the written consent of the nominee by signed or electronic signature;
b) Comply with the procedures established by the Nominations Committee; and
c) Be submitted to the Registered Office of the Corporation seven (7) days prior to the Annual Meeting. This timeline may be extended by Ordinary Resolution of the Board.

4.5 Nominations from the Floor – Nominations for elections of a Director will only be accepted from the floor if there is not a candidate meeting the requirements defined in Section 4.4.

4.6 Incumbents – Individuals currently on the Board of Directors wishing to be re-elected are not subject to nomination.

Brock Haywood
MPA President

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