Westman Rocked: Wheat Meet 3 Report

Westman Rocked: Wheat Meet 3 Report


The 3rd annual Wheat Meet was held on April 21st, 2018 at Crossfit Rocked in Brandon. There were 40 lifters overall, with the vast majority taking part in the full meet.

While overall the event was a great success (and went off very smoothly), there are a few things that deserve to be touched on.


There were some comments regarding the lack of volume coming from the sound system. This was unfortunate, but would have been much worse were it not for Abi Simms and her ability to get the amp to produce any sound at all.


Spotter/loader Silas Lee was pulled suddenly from the platform when a neighbourhood child injured himself and required first aid – which Silas was able to provide after Jaydan Sisson located a first aid kit. Way to go above and beyond, guys.


Cameron Chorney was allowed a 4th lift in bench press (which he successfully completed) owing to an officiating error.


There were a total of 16 records set, with many lifters setting a record and then immediately breaking it.


Records were broken by:

  • Sophia Page Morberg-Berry has set the bar being our first ever 63-F-SJ-U lifter.
  • Nathaniel Woodward broke all his own records in the 66 M-SJ-U.
  • 16 year old Austin White put up the best wilks of the day with an impressive 431.58 as well took the Ontario 105 M-SJ-U records for squat, deadlift and total.
  • Jordan Smith broke the 59 M-J-U squat and bench.
  • Kurt Kornelsen chipped the 83 M-O-U bench record by 1 kg.
  • Mark Oxer put up a 112.5kg bench to take the 83 M-M1-U record.
  • Beth Thompson set a new military record with her 67.5kg bench in the 72 F-M1-U bench only.


Tasnim Banuga took the best female Open prize with a 375 total. Best male Open was awarded to Kurt Kornelson who hit a 615 total.


As with any event of this nature, a large degree of credit for the success is due to the volunteers who worked both behind the scenes and on-site to allow for a thoroughly positive experience. On behalf of the Wheat Meet team, I would like to thank and recognize the following people:


Setup and Support:

Jenn White, Jenn McMillan, Kristy Fisher, Lana Lorenco, Daniel Lorenco, Lowden Lorenco, Cloe Lorenco, Jerrod Moffitt, Abi Sims, Lenny Wells, Skyler Wilson, and Sylvie Dubé-Forslund


Spotters / Loaders:

Jennie Wilson, Matt Wilson, Brennan McIntyre, Silas Lee,               Kody O’blenis, Michael Arient, Rodman Batson, Leanne Toews, Michael Thompson, Garret Taylor, Kurtis Tallaire and Brian Hay.


Head Table:

Joey Simms, Elliott Oleson, Danielle Goldstien, Lexie Elias and Audrey Mifflin.


Further acknowledgement and gratitude is due to the various sponsors who supplied products and/or services that served to enhance the event:


  • Crossfit Rocked
  • One Family Fitness
  • Apex Elite
  • Frazer Sneath
  • Peak Performance and Athletics
  • Popeyes
  • Goodlife
  • YMCA
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Tommy Gun Barbers
  • LVD
  • Robertson Career College
  • Sport Chek


Thank you again to all sponsors, volunteers and participants who came together to make this a great event and an enjoyable experience.


Amanda Moffitt

Meet Director

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