2024 MPA Powerlifting Powerlifting Provincial Championships Registration Form

2024 MPA Powerlifting, Bench Press & Para Powerlifting Provincial Championships

Date: February 2-4, 2023 (2nd only if needed)

Location: 17 Wing Building 90 (3Y5, 680 Whytewold Rd, Winnipeg, MB)

Meet Director: Alyssa Amanda Burg

Contact: Manitobapowerlifting@gmail.com

Registration Linkhttps://manitobapowerlifting.ca/shop/

Volunteer Link

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: January 5, 11:59 pm

Registration Cap: There is no registration cap for Provincial Championships. 

To register, you must have hit an MPA qualifying total in any CPU event. MPA Qualifying Totals

Deadline to Change Weight Class: January 19, 11:59 pm

All Participants are subject to WADA/CCES drug testing compliance.   The CCES True Sport Clean Module for Powerlifting must be completed within one year prior to the event.  If you last completed the CCES learning module over 12 months ago, you must now complete a refresher course.
To buy a membership in the Manitoba Powerlifting Association and the Canadian Powerlifting Union, and to learn about the Canadian Powerlifting Union Anti-Doping Policy, go to this link https://www.canadianpowerliftingunion.com/true-sport-clean-e-learning  On this webpage, there are links that will take you through membership registration, and a link that will direct you to the correct CCES learning module. 
Bring a print-out or screenshot of the CCES course completion certificate and CPU membership card to the meet. You will not be allowed to compete without them.
All participants must comply with the list of approved equipment:  https://www.powerlifting.sport/rules/codes/info/approved-list
Approved Manitoba clubs and apparel: https://manitobapowerlifting.ca/mpa-clubs