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(updated December, 2023)

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Independent Meet Sanctioning:

MPA Independent Meet Sanctioning  – website summary

Your MPA liaison for planning and executing your meet is the MPA Vice President.  Contact info:

Independent meet directors who wish to run an MPA sanctioned meet must apply for sanctioning through the MPA sanctioning procedure, as described in the Meet Director Guide.  Independent meet directors must have MPA memberships in good standing, valid from the application submission date to at least 30 days post event date.  Any of the available types of membership (athlete, coach, referee, etc.) are acceptable.

In a sanctioned meet, the independent meet director takes charge of the advertising, recruitment, setup and execution of the meet. MPA will supply its equipment and referees on meet day, and may provide support, referrals, and assistance for set-up. Merchandise, sponsorships, donations, entry fees, admission fees, and exposure are some of the ways by which directors can profit from an independent meet, if they choose.

Independent meet directors are required to use MPA Competition Equipment, and the MPA charges both non-refundable mandatory fees and fees for optional additional equipment and services. 

MPA Fee structure:

  1. Mandatory – MPA Equipment and Technology fee – $300
  2. Mandatory – A sanctioning fee of $100 per session + $20 per entry*
  3. Mandatory – CCES Fees $15 per athlete for drug testing.
  4. Optional MPA Technology administration fee – $200
  5. Optional MPA Livestream Setup and Support – $200
  6. Mandatory – A $500 Damage Deposit (refundable after event pending no damages or lost items).
  7. Mandatory – Referees will be paid the corresponding fee per session as outlined by the MPA Referee Policy by the meet director(s) on the day of referee service.


  1. The MPA Equipment and Technology fee covers the rental of the MPA competition equipment including: 2 competition racks, MPA referee equipment, a screen for white lights/red lights, curtains and stands etc.  See Meet Director Guide for details.
  2. The sanctioning fee covers the cost of ensuring that the competition will adhere to MPA, CPU and IPF Rules, as well as the cost of MPA insurance.

*Bench Press Only meets: a sanctioning fee of $50 per session + $10 per entry + $15 per athlete for drug testing applies.

  1. CCES fees are mandatory fees paid by MPA to the CPU to cover CCES drug testing costs.
  2. Setup and support and administration of MPA Technology equipment by an  MPA representative.  
  3. Setup and Support of a livestream of the competition on the MPA Youtube channel.  Contact: MPA Media Coordinator. Voiceover/commentary not provided by MPA. 
  4. The damage deposit will be required prior to retrieval of equipment.  
  5. Referees are to be paid within 24 hours of the event. 

General Requirements

  1. Refreshments must be served for volunteers and referees. 
  2. Prizes: At a minimum, medals or awards are mandatory for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each weight class, gender, and age group. 
  3. All Sanctioning, Equipment Fees, Damage Deposit, and CPU Drug Testing fees must be provided to MPA within 3 days of the close of registration. Failure to do so could result in the loss of sanctioning of the event and any future event. 
  4. The MPA Sanctioning Application includes a questionnaire to be completed and sent to The sanctioning application is subject to approval by the MPA Board of Directors.  Once approved, the independent meet directors will sign a contract with the MPA President, thus completing the event sanctioning. 

Independent Meets must be in compliance with Government of Manitoba COVID-19 Safety Regulations.

All volunteers, athletes, coaches are subject to signing liability waivers.  All persons attending the competitions must sign COVID-19 screening forms prior to admission.

The MPA Sanctioning Application includes a questionnaire to be completed and sent to All proposed items are subject to change and approval of the MPA Board of Directors prior to any event sanctioning, and meet directors will sign a contract with the MPA President completing the event sanctioning. 

Submitting Results

1. Please use the template when submitting the results. Link

2. When using the template, there is no need to separate results by session, 3-lift or single, or classic and equipped.

3. For events with multiple dates, kindly use the first date of the event for all the results.

4. Results in an incorrect format will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted.

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