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(updated December, 2021)

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Independent Meet Sanctioning:

MPA Competitions may be sanctioned to be operated by Independent Meet Directors i.e. funded and managed by members of MPA Clubs.

In an independently sanctioned meet, the independent meet director takes charge of the advertising, recruitment, setup and execution of the meet. MPA will be there to supply its equipment and referees on meet day, and may act as support, referral and assistance when setting up, but aside from that, preparations are up to the independent director(s). Merchandise, sponsorships, donations, entry fees, admission fees, and exposure are some of the ways of which directors can profit.

Independent meet directors must still use MPA Competition Equipment; as such, the MPA charges a non-refundable, mandatory $200 Equipment Rental Fee prior to retrieving equipment. A sanctioning fee of $100 per session + [$20 per entry + $15 per athlete to CPU for drug testing] applies.  For Bench Press Only sessions, a $50 sanctioning fee + [$10 per entry + $15 per athlete for drug testing] applies.

A $500 Damage Deposit (refundable after event pending no damages or lost items) will be required prior to retrieval of equipment at your expense.  An inventory list is maintained by our inventor manager and equipment will be rented out at time of retrieval. 

For Bench Press Only Events/Competitions, a sanctioning fee of $50 per session + [$10 per entry sanctioning + $15 per athlete to CPU for drug testing] applies.

Please make sure the MPA Logo (the one with the Manitoba Powerlifting Association text) is on the poster/banner/shirt in the main image somewhere, or the MPA Button logo with “sanctioned by Manitoba Powerlifting Association” in text somewhere else on the image.  Yes it is subcontracted but we are still holding a proper MPA sanctioned and insured Event. 
Independent Meet Directors must share their proposed entry form to the MPA Board of Directors for approval prior to its release so we can confirm details are accurate with regards MPA standards and Powerlifting regulations.
On the CPU Website (here) you need to submit the upcoming event details once the registration form is ready to go.  They then sanction it on their end and post it on their website for everyone to see as an additional registration link.  

After your event, you must immediately submit your results using this page on the CPU website.

Referees will be paid the corresponding fee per session as outlined by the MPA Referee Policy by the meet director(s) on the day of referee service. Refreshments must be served for volunteers and referees. Additional expenses may include trophies, paperwork, and miscellaneous items. Independent meet directors are to track financial registration information.  Please send referee inquiries to our current MPA Registration Chairperson, Janet Loesel Sitar.

All Sanctioning, Equipment Fees and Deposit, and CPU Drug Testing fees must be provided to MPA one week after registration closes.  

Independent Meets must be in compliance with Government of Manitoba COVID-19 Safety Regulations.

All volunteers, athletes, coaches are subject to signing liability waivers.  All persons attending the competitions must sign COVID-19 screening forms prior to admission.

The MPA Sanctioning Application includes a questionnaire to be completed and sent to All proposed items are subject to change and approval of the MPA Board of Directors prior to any event sanctioning, and meet directors will sign a contract with the MPA President completing the event sanctioning. 

Submitting Results

1. Please use the template when submitting the results. Link

2. When using the template, there is no need to separate results by session, 3-lift or single, or classic and equipped.

3. For events with multiple dates, kindly use the first date of the event for all the results.

4. Results in an incorrect format will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted.

Submit results here: