Records Applications Update

The records application has officially been “fine tuned” and is now up to date. If you have broken records this past weekend and would like to apply for your records to make them official you may now do so. On the main page there will be a tab saying “MPA RECORD APPLICATION FORM”. Please click that tab and click the link to get started. Going forward with records if you have broken a record and would like to make it an official record you will have to go through this process within 7 days following the competition. This is also where you will need to go to request a certificate of your record(s).

Any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me at

2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Meet Report

The dust has settled following the 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge and what an event it was!

This was the first time MPA used an “independent meet director” in Paul Taylor for planning, hosting, funding, and operating an MPA meet – kudos to Paul Taylor, JT Smith and the staff at Brickhouse Gym for planning and hosting a packed event, full of sponsors, fans, food and even a closed circuit television system!  They took care of registration, paperwork, refreshments, supplies and setup and did an excellent job.

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Westman Rocked Entry Form

Event: Westman Rocked Powerlifting Meet
Date: April 21, 2018
Location: 215 6th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Entry Fees:
$85 Powerlifting (3 lift)
$75 Bench Only

Meet fees to be submitted to Amanda Moffitt by cheque, or etransfer.
E-Transfers will be accepted please send to and set the password as “Rocked”

All entrants will receive a meet t-shirt.

Entry Deadline: 7 April 2018

Meet Directors:

Amanda Moffitt

Event page:

Application For Records

At this most recent MPA powerlifting competition at Brickhouse many records have been broken. As of 2018 in order for your record to be official you must apply for it using the form provided on the main page titled “MPA RECORD APPLICATION FORM”. However the form provided needs to be slightly fine tuned before you can start applying for your record(s). I will have an updated application form as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Sincerly, Kurtis Tallaire

Records Chairman

Corrected Final Weigh In Order & Info for Brickhouse Power Challenge 2018

 Weigh-Ins begin at 0900hrs sharp!

You must have 1. Valid Photo ID 2. CPU Card 3. CCES True Clean Module Certificate 4. Athlete Weigh In Document (complete with heights, openers, etc.) at weigh in Or you will not be eligible to compete.  Electronic screenshots will suffice for #2 &#3 if you are unable to print your certificates or cards. The weigh in order is as follows:


Lot# Flight A Name Class Entered
8 Kelcey MacGillivray 84 F-O-U
9 Shannon Mutch 63 63 F-O-U
10 Thea Olalia 72 F-J-U
12 Michelle Curry 72 F-O-U
15 Amy Louden 84 F-O-U
16 Johanna Theroux 72 F-O-U
20 Tamra Irwin 84 F-O-U
25 Regine Mae Tolentino 63 F-O-U
27 Randi Lee Chase 72 F-O-U
29 Janie Jacobucci 57 F-M1-U
34 Kristin Pingatore 72 F-O-U
37 Lisa Green 84 F-O-U
39 Jocelyn Espenell 84 F-M1-U
31 Elliot Hayton 83 M-SJ-U

Lot# Flight B Name Class Entered
4 Sylvie Dube-Forslund 84+ F-O-U
44 Audrey Mifflin 84+ F-O-U
3 Joshua Diato 74 M-J-U
2 Steven Yaschuk 83 M-J-U
5 Mark Anthony Dacanay 74 M-J-U
18 Daniel Mondor 83 M-J-U
22 Hao-Yi Sim 83 M-J-U
26 Bretton Nowrang 74 M-O-U
30 Jerome Restar 83 M-J-U
32 Jeff Mabiling 74 M-O-U
33 Jeffrey Nguyen 74 M-O-U
35 Jose Vincent Laud Cortes 74 M-O-U
36 Joseph Dabu 83 M-J-U
38 Jonathan Leung 74 M-O-U

Lot# Flight C Name Class Entered
6 TaHa Hijazi 120 M-O-U
7 Kelvin Lai 93 M-J-U
11 Jason Martin 66 M-O-U
13 Alexander Palmer 93 M-J-U
14 Daniel Sirski 105 M-O-U-BP
17 Daniel Monteverde 93 M-O-U
19 Thomas Pachal 83 M-O-U
21 Daniel Collette 83 M-O-U
23 Adrian Theroux 83 M-O-U
24 Jordan Wiebe 93 M-O-U
28 Scott Glenn Jordan Soriano 120+ M-O-U
41 Dakota O’Blenis 120 M-O-U
42 Daniil Naumov 120+ M-O-U
43 Brent Smith 83 M-M2-U


Voting is now open! Send your vote via email at, Facebook private message, or via Instagram direct message:
#1: CL #2: MO #3: SH #4: TP #5: JS #6: JJ
*MPA members only* will be counted in the voting process. Voting will end at 12:00AM Saturday, February 3rd at Midnight. Winner revealed Saturday at Brickhouse.



Final 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Roster

The 2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge Final Rosterl! Any entries sent at this point will be added to our reserve list in case of dropouts.

Flight A Lot #
Janie Jacobucci 57 F-M1-U 29
Shannon Mutch 63 F-O-U 9
Regine Mae Tolentino 63 F-O-U 25
Thea Olalia 72 F-J-U 10
Randi Lee Chase 72 F-J-U 27
Michelle Curry 72 F-O-U 12
Johanna Theroux 72 F-O-U 16
Kristin Pingatore 72 F-O-U 34
Jocelyn Espenell 84 F-M1-U 39
Amy Louden 84 F-O-U 15
Lisa Green 84 F-O-U 37
Tamra Irwin 84 F-O-U 20
Kelcey MacGillivray 84 F-O-U 8
Jason Martin 66 M-O-U 11

Flight B
Jose Vincent Laud Cortes 74 M-O-U 35
Jeff Mabiling 74 M-O-U 32
Joshua Diato 74 M-J-U 3
Mark Anthony Dacanay 74 M-J-U 5
Jeffrey Nguyen 74 M-O-U 33
Jonathan Leung 74 M-O-U 38
Bretton Nowrang 74 M-O-U 26
Sylvie Dube-Forslund 84+ F-O-U 4
Audrey Mifflin 84+ F-O-U 44
Franceska St.Hilaire 84+ F-O-U 40
Elliot Hayton 83 M-SJ-U 31
Brent Smith 83 M-M2-U 43
Kelvin Lai 93 M-J-U 7
Alexander Palmer 93 M-J-U 13

Flight C
Daniel Mondor 83 -M-J-U 18
Hao-Yi Sim 83 M-J-U 22
Jerome Restar 83 M-J-U 30
Joseph Dabu 83 M-J-U 36
Adrian Theroux 83 M-O-U 23
Thomas Pachal 83 M-O-U 19
Daniel Collette 83 M-O-U 21
Jordan Wiebe 93 M-O-U 24
Daniel Monteverde 93 M-O-U 17
Daniel Sirski 105 M-O-U-BP 14
TaHa Hijazi 120 M-O-U 6
Dakota O’Blenis 120 M-O-U 41
Scott Glenn Jordan Soriano 120+ M-O-U 28
Daniil Naumov 120+ M-O-U 42

Team Manitoba Final 2018 CPU Nationals Roster

Female Powerlifting

Ashleigh Wiebe 72 F-J-U
Paige Kernot 72 F-J-U

Clarissa Stewart 52 F-O-U
Jannelle Van Den Bosch 57 F-O-U
Kristy Fisher 63 F-O-U
Jennifer-Grace Cruz 72 F-O-U
Megan Swidnicki 84 F-O-U
Lexie Elias 84+ F-O-U
Hailey Kostynuik 84+ F-O-U

Janet Loesel Sitar 84 F-M1-U
Krista Sanger 84+ F-M1-U

Male Powerlifting

Matt Robertson 74 M-SJ-U

Jaydan Sisson 83 M-J-U
Kurtis Tallaire 93 M-J-U
Nhut (Nick) Tran 105 M-J-U
Andrew Langelaar 120+ M-J-U

Ben Langley 74 M-O-U
Mikal Thrones 83 M-O-U
Henry de Guzman 83 M-O-U
Shawn McCarthy 83 M-O-U
Devan Normandin 93 M-O-U

Brennan McIntyre 93 M-M1-U
Vince Green 105 M-M1-U

David Gurvey 74 M-M2-U

Female Bench Press Only

Jessica Antony 72 F-O-U-BP
Alyssa Amanda Burg 84+ F-O-U-BP

Susan Haywood 84+ F-M3-U-BP

Male Bench Press Only

Mathew Bowen 83 M-O-U-BP
Heinrich Janse van Rensburg 105 M-O-BP


Total 2018 Team Manitoba Lifters: 29

Previous Best (2016): 22

Female Lifters: 14
Male Lifters: 15

Powerlifters (3 Lift): 24
Bench Press Only: 5

Unequipped: 28
Equipped: 1

Sub-Junior: 1
Junior: 6
Open: 16
Masters 1: 4
Masters 2: 1
Masters 3: 1

Mode Weight Class: 83 M-O-U (3 lifters)

New MPA Logo Contest

Attention: MPA is seeking a new logo! All entries accepted; to be submitted to Entry deadline will be January 26th. Submissions will be posted and put to a vote thereafter. The winning design will be unveiled at the Brickhouse Power Challenge. The winner will be rewarded with a prize of a one year new or renewed MPA membership for themselves or another person!

Recommended Features:
1. “MPA” (may also include “Manitoba Powerlifting Association”)
2. Our Provincial brown and gold colours
3. Powerlifting and/or Manitoba related images.
4. Mindful that this is a *logo* to be used as a letterhead/stamp, on referee badges, MPA merchandise, etc.

Good luck!

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