– The 2020 Manitoba Powerlifting Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on October 3, 2020 via Zoom at Noon. Link and other specific details will be announced closer to the date. Submissions for the meeting (see below) are due September 19, 2020. Candidates for election may be nominated and accepted day-of as well.

2020 MPA Policies, Bylaws and Procedures (Version Aug 27, 2020)

– Bylaw and Policy Proposals will be made by showing 1) Changes to the old bylaw (bylaw changes only) 2) Rewritten version of the amended bylaw 3) Rationale for proposing this new or altered bylaw. These may be sent via email or in a document via email to MPA Secretary Thea Olalia theaolalia@gmail.com .

– Nominations for: 1) Executive Member Positions and 2) Committee Chairpersons will be done via email to MPA Secretary Thea Olalia theaolalia@gmail.com . Nominations must be done by a second MPA member and accepted by the member being nominated. Terms of service for Executive Members and Committee Chairpersons are three years in duration.

– Nominations for 1) Male and Female Athletes of the Year 2) Volunteer of the Year 3) MPA Hall of Fame must be sent via email to MPA Secretary Thea Olalia theaolalia@gmail.com. All three of these members will be rewarded with free one year CPU/MPA Membership reimbursements at the time of their next renewal.

– Voting for bylaws/policies, Elections, Volunteer of the Year, Athlete of the Year will take place during.


Mathew Bowen
MPA President