The 2020 AGM held October 3, 2020, saw an election of a new MPA Executive, and election of 4 Committee Chairpersons.

The MPA Board of Directors (Voting Executive) has been elected as follows:

President: Mathew Bowen
Vice President: Thea Olalia
Treasurer: David Gurvey
Secretary: Regine Tolentino
Officiating Chairperson: Janet Loesel Sitar
Registration Chairperson: Lisa Smith

The MPA Non-Voting Executive Members have been elected elected as follows:

Volunteer Coordinator: Jannelle Van Den Bosch
Media Coordinator: Jessica Antony
Records Chairperson: Kurtis Tallaire
Social Media Manager: Amanda Burg

A new position, Webmaster, has been created and will be appointed following a resume submission process in the coming weeks.

Our Committee Chairpersons have been elected as follows:

Medical Committee Chairperson: Summer Pham
Competition Committee Chairperson: Jordan Smith
Coaching Committee Chairperson: Tommy Howell
Ethics Committee Chairperson: Amanda Burg

Those who may be interested in joining committees shall apply via email to President Mathew Bowen at for appointment to committees. All are welcome to apply.


Mathew Bowen
MPA President