Westerns Team Manitoba Head Coach Applications Due July 20th

MPA is now accepting applications to be Team Manitoba Head Coach at the 2019 Western Canadians, September 6 to 8.

The Head Coach will be responsible for:

• Ensuring each team member is prepared for their competition(s) e.g. confirming game plans and supplies are sufficient; aiding in preparation for athletes in need.
• Overseeing meet day assignments of coaches / handlers prior to the contest to ensure all athletes have coaches on day of their competition(s).
• Providing coaching services on meet day or assigning delegate assistant coaches to handle athletes on meet day when personal handlers are not available for Manitoba athletes.
• Liaising with Manitoba athletes regarding information on the event, team activities, competition updates, etc.
• Representing Manitoba as team leader and manager on the national stage.

The Head Coach will be reimbursed with a stipend at a value relative to their availability and attendance, for their time and efforts, and to help cover costs of travel.

Please submit a cover letter and coaching resume to theaolalia@gmail.com. Applications will be accepted until July 20, 2019.

2019 MPA Provincial Championships Meet Report

Mathew Bowen, MPA President and Meet Director, reporting for duty.  What a whirlwind weekend we had! 

Provincials now being prerequisite to higher level competitions, in combination with the ever deepening pool of athletes we have, made this year’s installment of Provincials much more spectacular than ever before.  These Championships felt prestigious, eventful and special.  Our Best Club battle was tighter than last year with a newly renovated rubric.  There were some pretty significant battles for medals, and the lifters vying for best lifter awards (and rewards) added another level of prestige. 

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Important Future Dates

  1. June 22 & 23, 2019 – 2019 MPA Provincial Championships – Winnipeg, MB (Airport Holiday Inn)
  2. August 9 – 2019 MPA Referee Clinic, Brandon, MB
  3. August 10 – WHEAT MEET IV – Brandon, MB (North End Community Centre)
  4. September 6-8 – CPU Western Championships – Saskatoon, SK
  5. October 5 – Shake the Interlake – Selkirk, MB (Iron Image)
  6. October 19 – 2019 MPA AGM – location TBD
  7. Nov 2 – 2019 Bench Press Only Provincials – Winnipeg, MB (Acceleration Performance)
  8. Dec 14 – PL Event TBD
  9. Feb 1 – 2020 Brickhouse Power Challenge
  10. March 2-7, 2020 – CPU Nationals 2020

2019 MPA Provincials Schedule


In order to participate at CPU Nationals, athletes must compete or referee at an MPA Provincials within two years of the event.  For further details on qualifying standards, see: http://manitobapowerlifting.ca/cpu-nats-2020-how-do-i-get-there/
Provincials Media Packages (professional photos, videos of all your lifts!) For sale, courtesy of Chris Ngo of Apex Elite.  Order today!http://www.thecbstudios.com/

Sponsorship Options:http://manitobapowerlifting.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Sponsorship-Package-2019-MPA-Provincial-Championships-1.docx
Volunteering for Provincials:http://manitobapowerlifting.ca/volunteers/

2020 Nationals:CPU Nationals 2020 runs March 3rd to 7th, 2020 in Winnipeg!  Be sure to mark your calendars!  We will be looking for all the help we can get!  We hope to see you there competing, coaching, volunteering and spectating.  

CPU NATS 2020: How Do I Get There?

So you’ve heard the exciting news – CPU Nationals 2020 will be in Winnipeg. You’d love to be a part of it but aren’t quite sure what you need to do to get there. Read on to learn all the requirements to compete at Nationals as an MPA member!

  • Compete at any local meet. This will be your chance to qualify for Provincials and higher-level meets.
  • Compete at Provincials within 2 years of the intended Nationals. MPA’s 2019 Provincial Championships will be held on June 22-23 at Holiday Inn. Registration is open until June 1st, and can be found here. For the qualifying totals to compete at Provincials, click here.  At the discretion of the MPA Board of Directors, referees may officiate and IPF international event competitors may volunteer at Provincials in lieu of competing. 
  • Compete at Regionals within 2 years of the intended Nationals. This is for first time Nationals competitors only. You can compete at any of the Regional Championships but Westerns is often the most feasible for us Manitobans. 2019 Western Championships will be held on September 6-8, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Qualifying totals were raised at this year’s CPU AGM in March and can be found here
  • Achieve the National qualifying total. These were also increased at this year’s CPU AGM and can be found here
  • Volunteer in MPA within 1 year of the intended Nationals. Register to volunteer at Provincials here


I achieved the Provincial qualifying total 3 years ago but haven’t competed since then. Can I still compete at Provincials? Yes. Currently, the MPA does not have a time limit on Provincial QTs. 

Do I have to qualify for Nationals at Regionals? No, these are separate requirements. You must register a total at both Provincials and Regionals, but can achieve your National QT at any prior meet. (Similarly, you must register a total at Provincials to be eligible to compete at Regionals but the Regional QT can be from any prior meet.)

Why were the qualifying totals increased? The membership is simply growing faster than the referees and volunteers can effectively support. Additionally, Nationals is meant to be the premier event in the CPU, so increasing qualifying totals to correspond to the quality of lifting we see today only makes sense. 

If I’ve already competed at Nationals, do I still have to achieve the new qualifying total? Yes. You do not have to compete at Regionals again, but the new QT’s do apply to everyone.

Do I have to compete at the weight class I qualified at? No. After you’ve achieved the qualifying total at the weight class you competed in, you can elect to compete at any other weight class for higher-level meets. 

If you still have any questions, please feel free to send them to us on our Instagram or our Facebook page!

On Sale: Photo/Video Media Packages For 2019 MPA Provincials Athletes


Dear competitors of 2019 MPA Provincial Powerifting and Bench Press Championships,

MPA, in association with Chris Ngo of CB Studios and @EverythingWinnipeg, are offering professional photo and video media package coverage for athletes competing at 2019 MPA Provincials.

Please click on the link above to view some of Chris Ngo’s work, and to find information on media packages and pricing.


Mathew Bowen

MPA President

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE: 2019 MPA Provincial Championships

Google Docs version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HT4c9a-RRUgFYAsbKIk_FHtWgTRAC_9SUp0Mt7xelUY/edit?usp=sharing

To whom it may concern,

Attached is the sponsorship package for the 2019 MPA Provincial Championships. Please review and consider partnering with Manitoba Powerlifting Association for the biggest Manitoba powerlifting of the year.

For all sponsorship inquiries, please contact MPA President Mathew Bowen at manitobapowerlifting@gmail.com

Thank you very much,

Mathew Bowen
MPA President

Movement Powerlifting Classic 2.0 Meet Report

The Movement Powerlifting Classic 2.0 kicked off in high spirits as the first spring event of the year!

After weigh-ins we had 39 Lifters in three flights, including 2 equipped lifters and 1 bench only competitor. We focused flight one on bringing light to the amazing lifters in our sub-junior and masters division, and our third and final flight consisted of our strong female lifters.

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