The 2020 AGM will take place online using the Zoom platform at Noon on October 3, 2020.  Link to the meeting:

2020 MPA AGM Agenda

a)    Call to order

b)    Determination of a quorum

c)    Appointment of scrutineers

d)    Approval of the agenda

e)    Declaration of any conflicts of interest

f)     Adoption of minutes of the previous Annual Meeting

g)    Board, Committee and Staff reports

President’s Report – Mathew Bowen

Vice President’s Report – Susan Haywood

Officiating Chairperson Report – Janet Loesel Sitar

Treasurer Financial Report – David Gurvey

h)    Business as specified in the meeting notice

i)     Elections

Vice President


Medical Committee Chairperson

Coaching Committee Chairperson

Competition Committee Chairperson

Ethics Committee Chairperson

j)     Awards

Athletes of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Hall of Fame

Junior Scholarship

k)    Discussion items


l)     Adjournment